Bach Flowers

Bach Flower Remedies 7 groups Fear Group   Mimulus Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Mimulus Fear Group – Bach Flower Remedies For all known fears, fear of lifts, heights, spiders, water, etc., fear of anything material. Those needing this essence may be timid, shy, nervous, sensitive to crowds, loud noises, bright lights; they may […]

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Bach Flowers and the Planets

Mimulus is a wonderful flower essence to help balance our energy when we are having fears we know about. Planetary aspects from Saturn in Capricorn can help us during this planet’s current transit. Also Cherry Plum for out of control emotions due to Pluto in Capricorn. During the stressful changes, Bach Flowers can help us […]

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Remedies for Emotional Balance

Bach Flower Remedies As we move through life’s many challenges some of us experience stress from the change s within ourselves, the environment and planetary energy. We can look at the natal astrology chart and see which areas can be helped with clearing the emotional body with the use of the Bach Flower Essences. These […]

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