Full Moon Aquarius/Leo

The transiting Sun is now moving through the royal fire sign Leo and the Full Moon in Aquarius opposes the Sun today making for a perhaps detached but high energy where you may feel like fulfilling your ideals an offering to share with others. Full Moon phases are a time to reach the zenith of […]

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In the Stars for July

Sun in Cancer/Leo, Mercury is direct In the Stars for JulyHappy 4th of July, summer heat increases, storms and weather challenges plus the ongoing pandemic. This too shall pass; we are halfway through this year and we have been able to handle the challenges. The Sun transiting in the water sign Cancer can help us with […]

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In the Stars for June

In the Stars for JuneThe transiting Sun is moving through the versatile and intellectual air sign Gemini. This energy helps us to go out, socialize and share information.  The energy of Gemini influences new ideas, versatility, duality, and curiosity. Gemini likes storytelling, writing, knowledge; just a few fun areas that Gemini ruled by Mercury is known […]

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In the Stars for August

  In the Stars for August The summer season continues with sizzling heat waves this month. The transiting Sun is in its own fire sign, Leo. The Sun in Leo increases our fire, enthusiasm, force, and vitality. People born with the Sun in Leo tend to exude power, leadership, and drive. They like to lead, […]

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