Yahaira Volpe, Clairvoyant Medium Counselor

Yahaira (pronounced Yuh-high’-ruh) is a nationally known clairvoyant medium with over 30 years experience helping people clarify and expand their lives. With the help of our healing spirit guides, Yahaira utilizes her psychic empathic gifts for the betterment of the soul and humanity.

Yahaira’s readings focus on relationships, career, life path lessons “Karma”, past lives, and future probabilities. A psychic reading is a way of looking at ones life experience from the objective level of the oversoul to gain insight into one’s life experience without judgment. Opportunities for change and growth are emphasized in the reading. Readings are useful in that they help us to expand our consciousness and understand what our experience is like and why things happen for the growth of our body, emotions, mind, and spirit in life.

Psychic medium Readings

When I sit for the reading, in prayer, I open up to Spirit and receive clairvoyant impressions such as a vision or images, sometimes words that have relevance to your experience. Together we establish a rapport from the flow of energy that starts to form between us. This information is obtained from your spiritual guides, angels, higher self and those higher beings who desire to assist us in this communication. The strength of the energy during our session is the resonance that we develop with each other. Resonance increases the flow of information between us and allows for greater clarity.

As a client, you relax and ask questions. I will channel information back toward you. Surrendering will provide the utmost value to you. Relax into the situation so that those insights will flow through me (as the channel/reader) and for you, the client.

I may work with the Tarot and an Astrology chart in order to focus the reading in practical ways. I may utilize a natal chart,  and a  relationship chart depending on your questions.  Reiki healing energy passes through our energy centers as I channel the light of the frequency of love and wisdom that we tune into during a reading.

Evidence of Survival-As a medium I can connect with those on the other side helping people make those connections by conveying messages to those on the earth plane. By connecting with the dearly departed souls on the other side, I am able to assist in the grieving process and help people find comfort and peace with this life transition and the nature of the hereafter.

Yahaira is an ordained minister through the Sanctuary of the Beloved, N.Y. and a Reiki Master Teacher and I.E.T. practitioner and Bach Flower Practitioner. She offers Reiki/ I.E.T. Angel sessions and attunements in Sedona and Cottonwood, AZ.  She is a Vedic/Western Astrologer and contributes her astrology report “In the Stars” monthly.


Yahaira directly at:   (928) 203-6461   •   ymvpsychic@gmail.com

Must be 18 + or with a guardian

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