What I learn about “The Other Side”

If you are wanting to connect with those that have transitioned to another reality /dimension how it works for me is like this;  I get visual impressions, perhaps feelings and I try to describe what they show me, sometimes what they looked like, how they passed, and any other messages. It may not always be that they are available depending on what they are doing on the other side, like a life review with their guidance, or if they are just adjusting to the state of being conscious again without a physical form. As consciousness never ends it is eternal and we return to Source light when we transition from this plane to the next. Think of it as a blissful safe place like a heaven of eternal joy and a resting place between incarnations.

Light Frequency

What it is like to be on the other side?

To this day, I continue to be amazed at how readily available most loved ones that have crossed over, connect with us to confirm they are fine, happy in the light of the creator. They do often offer a message that the sitter will be able to understand as confirmation of their ongoing connection from the other side. This brings us great joy and awareness that we are all one.

Our dearly departed can and will give us messages for our benefit if they can. I am grateful for all I learn from my siblings even when we don’t get along which was the challenge with my younger sister who recently passed on. I was worried and stricken with grief and guilt since we did not have the best farewell possible since she was under duress from her illness and it was a difficult time for all as we took care of her.  However, I waited to hear from heaven and see how she was doing and after a month of her passing, she visited me in a dream. In the dream memory, I recall that we were happy like friends sharing ideas and energy as we did as sibs off and on throughout her life when we were not at loggerheads about issues. In the dream, she appeared in her normal body looking very happy and light wearing her holiday vest which was her custom to dress up during the holidays. She said that she was happy and had grown spiritually on the other side. She pointed to my abdomen area indicating, I surmised, that I had gained some weight. Since she passed, I did gain a few pounds by eating comfort foods.  As we chatted like good friends,  I then asked her what heaven was like, and she offered that it was like space and then she opened her arms and flew away.

Wow, I am still processing the meaning of that message as space is where all things come from and I take it to mean that space is infinite, boundless and full of potential.

RIP Claudia!

I was doing a reading for one of my clients. Her mother just recently passed away she had a long 2-year bout with cancer in her bones and her husband had just died of a heart condition all within the last 4 years of her life.
In our session, She stated that when she was alive she was afraid of dying and would lie there wondering what it would be like to leave the body. She knew her husband was waiting for her on the other side. She sometimes mentioned to her daughter Paula who was taking care of her in her home, that she felt his presence and the presence of her mother close to her. When she came through she said the other side is like multiple veils of light that she was with her Soul body the larger part of her essence and she seemed to know more than she did in her personality as Juana. She was coming across as wise and certain of her self; this was not one of her personality traits while living. She was tied to her husband authority over her. Now over there on the other side, she was full of love and wisdom and also self-love which she seemed to lack in her life. The veils of light allow the soul to communicate the value of emotions and intentions. To me, they appeared very white with a hint of pastel colours.

In another recent communication with Mike who had taken his life by taking an overdose of drugs. His first words to his brother were, “please forgive me for being so selfish and self-centred in that I worried everyone. Please forgive me.” He showed us that he had not quite actually passed over. The Angel of the Light the guardian who comes to show the soul the way was not there yet I had to help to invoke its presence then it was there. I had to get Mike to see that through his forgiveness he could move forward and let go of the incarnation. He said he was in a waiting area. He felt like he was in a purgatory yet it was self-imposed not imposed by any other authority. He was most happy to communicate with his brother and gave evidence that it was truly he speaking. He gave me psychic impressions about two women who had been important in his life one a good person with short light brown hair who was trying to help him and the other a dark long-haired women who urged him on to his self-destruction. His brother confirmed the women he described from the other side.

In the past as a child and as an adult, after I opened up to my spiritual calling, at night I would have spirit visitors come to me this always happened especially when I moved into a new home and also when I visited other’s friend’s homes. I was ghost busting without knowing I was doing that. This happened when I visited Manchester by the Sea in Mass. when I visited my friend Sonia. I was sleeping it was around midnight I started hearing like a whole parade of people marching outside the home and what I saw when I looked psychically was an impression of all the residents of the area circa 1600’s all dressed up in their finery walking the town at night, they were all in white light. I could “see” they were all the old colonists.

Then later that same night I was awakened by an older woman who was dressed in the period clothing of the aristocrats around 1600’s and she sat in the chair in front of me and said in a very refined queen’s English “would you like to have some tea”. I shot up out of bed and went to get my friend who was sleeping in the other room and tell her about her ghost landlady. That home was a very old colonial structure that she lived in and the town was haunted at night.  She, fortunately, moved out of there the following month and I never visited after that event.

When I moved to the southwest, I had a lot of spirit activity came into my room while living in Flagstaff, AZ. One night, a small native boy around 8 years old wore a white canvas type cloth shirt and pants as we see in the Mexican Spanish War. He showed me images of how he was hung on a tree and tortured by these sadistic Spanish soldiers during the 1800s. I became acutely aware of his pain and felt a tension in my chest and body as the images poured into my mind as I was seeing the torture. Quickly, I prayed to the Christ light to take him out of his pain and move him along to the other side. And I did a clearing on the energy around the place where I was living. He was likely a Navaho. The white clothing was symbolic that he was in spirit. Those nights were filled with other spirit visitors mostly hang on entities that wanted to be helped on to the other side. I would clear them and send them off through prayer and invocation of the light to surround them. They knew I was an open channel and came in like they were lining up along the hallway to my room. It was scary for me to be in this position of attracting this type of connection with them. I would wake up almost in a trance seeing them feeling their energies receiving their stories. It was draining and uncomfortable. I would wake up in a panic. Finally, I got some help from a Master Homeopath who gave me a remedy that helped me to sort of shut down my field so that I could get some sleep. Nowadays I don’t have as many problems with mediumship as I did in the beginning; now I understand so much more about the dimensions.

Two Souls

In one of my “crossing over sessions” I was just finishing up with the dearly departed’s message when suddenly this beautiful powerful angel presence appeared as if coming in through an etheric window and said, “I am Sandalphon” his energy was a pinkish abstract angel shape and the most peaceful yet powerful presence of spiritual love I’ve witnessed it blew me away in awe and reverence for this sacred blessing.

On a trip to Vermont with my partner back in 1984, we visited his sister’s home for Christmas. She had said she felt the house was haunted by a young girl. That night while sleeping I was awakened by a force in the room. I woke up and looked at the end of the bed was an angel with brownish hair, wrapped in light linen and with a flame torch in his hand offering for me to take it. I was in shock and shook my head saying you do not exist. I don’t remember anything else except waking up the next morning the light on the mantle over the fireplace was left on even though we had shut off all the nights before bed.

On another occasion, I recall being awakened about 2 am one morning and as I opened my eyes I saw a huge angel of light with a resplendence of light beams and shafts moving through my bedroom and it emanated a powerful energy resonance throughout the room. It was indicating that I was being guided and watched over. I felt in awe and in shock that I was being awakened by this strong angelic force.

Angel Sandalphon

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  1. I enjoyed reading this snd visualizing your experiences. Very comforting. I have had a reading or seen you for a few years but I’m coming to Sedona this Fall. Hoping to see you then.

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