Spiritual Medium

Rev. Yahaira Clairvoyant Medium

I am available for in-person appointments in Sedona, and Cottonwood or telephone, Skype, or Zoom readings during this time of isolation. 928-203-6461 skype: yahaira.org

Welcome! I’m looking forward to assisting you on your spiritual journey. During our session together, I will help you clarify and gain insights into your current life experiences, patterns, and lessons.

We will focus on current life issues, including career changes, business advice, love & partnerships, and challenges in relationships with self and others. Information may come in from guides “on the other side”. The guides who come through me include my personal spirit guides, your personal spirit guides, and the dear ones who have passed over, including pets.

In a reading session, I like to combine the natal astrology chart and I have you pick some Tarot cards plus I call upon Spirit for guidance as I get impressions about you and your questions.

My readings will leave you with a sense of clarity and peace. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to use my gifts in service of our mutual spiritual growth. Readings are by appointment only. Please allow 24 hours to email/call to schedule a time for your reading.

Yahaira    •    (928) 203-6461    •    ymvpsychic@gmail.com

Rates for psychic, Tarot, astrology Readings, and Reiki

30 min. $80, 45 min. $120, 1 hour $150, 90 min. 200, 2 hours $250

Prepay a fee of $20 to hold your appointment for Sedona at the Sacred Arts Sanctuary 1785 SR 89A, 1D Sedona. refundable with 24-hour cancellation.

Upon purchase, please add the service you are seeking in the subject line, like -Reading or Reiki, and then the cost, $80, $120, $150 for example. Please send additional information and questions via email, or feel free to call me anytime. Thanks!

Venmo is accepted 928-203-6461 Yahaira Volpe QR Code

Zelle- Yahaira Volpe 928 203-6461 Venmo YahairaVolpe@yahaira56

Office Location: 1785 W. SR 89A, STE 1D, Sedona, AZ only by appointment at the Sacred Arts Sanctuary.  Please give 24-hour notice to schedule in Sedona.

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Yahaira, Thank you so much for your time yesterday with our collective group.  I appreciated your flexibility in spending quality time with all four of us and sending out the recording and charts to us so quickly. You are phenomenal and I look forward to contacting you in the near future. Thank you for the clearing. J.M. San Francisco, CA

I cannot thank you enough for your reading and connection with my parents. To know my mom has found enough peace to be singing and dancing and the prayer you did for her is worth more than I can put into words and the father revealing from the spirit world clears up so much uncertainty I have felt so much of my life. May you have many blessings. E. H.

Hi Yahaira,
I wanted to thank you for sending me the MP3 session that I had with you. You are truly gifted. It was so delightful to meet you. I came into your shop looking for books but the universe had other plans for me. That’s what made it even more special to me. You lifted me up when I needed it most and helped me to remember who I am. Thank you for the encouragement you gave me to follow my heart and to not live in fear. I feel very blessed by meeting you.
I did feel the Reiki aura cleansing. I haven’t felt this good in a long time! Again, thank you. I’m sure I will be talking to you at some point in the near future. Many blessings to you!
Namaste- Linda R.

Good morning. I just want to let you know that everything you told me did work out that way. I did get the job at the bank and I want to thank you very much for all your healings and for all of your help. I just wanted to let you know that. Thank you again for everything. T.C. LA, CA

Thank you Yahaira! You clarified & gave me some Peace!
MJ – Pheonix

Hi, Yahaira I just wanted to let you know that am feeling much better.  I really appreciate the Bach flower essence and the stone as well. Thanks so much, everything. Rendy L

Hi, I just wanted to thank you again for today! I truly am grateful for our brief time together. I do have a question, is it possible to get a copy of my chart or what it means? I felt like it gave so much information.  CB -Los Angeles, CA

Hi Yahaira – Thank you so much for this recording and for the reading.  It was extremely helpful to me!  I am moving down the spiritual path more intentionally now and would love to connect again! B.B. 2017

Good morning Yahaira: I never thanked you for taking the time with me on my visit to Sedona. It was nice meeting you and I enjoyed my reading. I had always wanted a reading but never had the courage before. You made it an enjoyable experience. I hope to connect with you again after my move. Thank you again!  Brenda 4/2014

“Yahaira is a tremendously gifted channel and healer. Her ability to channel angels to help you transform your life is miraculous. When Yahaira facilitated an angel healing for me, my heart and voice opened exponentially. She helped clear out emotional debris that had me tripped up and confused for months. Yahaira’s gentle intuition and guidance put me on a new life trajectory and gave me a huge swell of positive energy. It was remarkable healing. Thank you Yahaira!” —- PW, New York

”I had a session with Yahaira and she was absolutely accurate. She was very kind and sweet trying to get messages across to me that were necessary. I must say at the time I did not fully understand them as it was a hard time in my life and not that I wanted things to be going the way they were, but she was patiently explaining to me the things I was needing to learn and make some sense of it all. In hindsight, I realize what she was saying and that she was completely correct. It is nice to be guided in a kind way through tough times and get a deeper sense of the important things you really need to understand in order to make things better. So amazing the gift she has that can help others through life, not to forget it is also fun fascinating and interesting.” —- J.C. Portland“

I had an incredible experience with Yahaira as my Reiki instructor. She not only ensured that we covered the history and the course material but the intent and the respect on which to approach Reiki. She provided guidance and encouragement, removing my self-doubt and replacing it with faith. I am very grateful to Yahaira for assisting me with my spiritual self-enlightenment and opening my mind to the universe.” —- Wendy, Canada

“Yahaira Volpe has been my trusted advisor for 18 years. She has guided me through every major decision throughout my tenure at Harvard graduate school, my travels throughout Central America, and issues concerning my personal relationships. She has never failed to deliver accurate and timely advice that has assisted and comforted me time and time again.” —- Lisa Collins, Merida, Mexico