Astrology Charts

Natal Charts 

Natal Chart-Learn about yourself with a natal chart your personal horoscope. As we look at the areas in life that are important your Ascendant is the self your persona that you share with the world, your Sun and Moon give important information about how your ego self is focused on your life purpose, feelings and relationship needs. This chart can show the evolution of your self in this life time and delineate some of the gifts, challenges and strengths you have to work with.

Transit Report- Provide a sort of Astro weather of the planetary energies affecting your natal chart. This is a good way to map the energies coming up for a year cycle to know what challenging and beneficial times are coming up with the year.

Compatibility Report-This type of service looks at the interaction of the planets from each person’s chart and displays the areas of compatibility, challenges, harmony and conflict.  A relationship compatibility chart is a great way to learn about the potential challenges and triumphs of your partnerships. With a relationship compatibility chart, you’ll explore two charts and the relationship they form. You’ll learn about the interchange of energies between you and your partner, for mutual love and personality growth.

If you would like a natal chart cast or to know about current life transits to your natal chart, call or email for an astrology readings. Natal charts and Life Transits provide illuminating information about this lifetime.


Natal with Transits  Reading-$130

Relationship Compatibility Reading  2 charts -$150

Relationship Report $20

Transits Report 1 year- $15

Astro Mapping Location Reading with Reports 3 locations  – $75

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