Fall Equinox

  Sun In Libra, the scales of Libra put an emphasis on balance and harmony, equal day hours to night hours. Nature starts to change here in the northern hemisphere. Libra Sun Signs are focused on cooperation, negotiations that provide balance and harmony between groups. They are able to please others as they can see […]

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In the Stars for August

  In the Stars for August The summer season continues with sizzling heat waves this month. The transiting Sun is in its own fire sign, Leo. The Sun in Leo increases our fire, enthusiasm, force, and vitality. People born with the Sun in Leo tend to exude power, leadership, and drive. They like to lead, […]

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Mercury turns direct

Mercury stations direct today in the emotional water sign Cancer, this will help communications, plans and schedules but give it at least a few days to sort things out as things fall into place. Still, our feelings influence our thoughts and action and the Sun in the water sign Cancer trines to Neptune in mystical […]

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 4th

A bright Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn last night still feeling the energy for the next few days. Insights are awareness is always probable under the Full Moon. Capricorn helps us attune to what is practical and the Sun in Cancer to our innermost feelings a balance helps to harmonize this polarity. Happy 4th […]

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In the Stars for July

In the Stars for July July is the mid-point of the celestial zodiac as the Sun transits through the intuitive water sign Cancer until July 22nd  and then it moves into the fire sign Leo where the Sun is the strongest. This year, the 4th of July celebrations features a hot and heavy Full Moon […]

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Sun enters Gemini

The Sun enters the witty air sign Gemini bringing in the energy for socializing, networking, and sharing information. Gemini loves to be playful and active with all kinds of interests so expect to be busier or more restless between now and June 21rst. The New Moon in Gemini continues this trend to start new plans, […]

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In the Stars for March

In the Stars for March The winter season is coming to a close this month as the Sun in Pisces finishes the last cycle of the Sun’s passage through the zodiac. The Sun will enter the fires sign, Aries, on March 19th at the Spring Equinox and we begin a new cycle around the zodiac.Pisces energy […]

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Snow Full Moon

Full Moon in the fire sign Leo opposite the Sun in Aquarius. A bright moon emitting the energy for fun, joy and creativity. This is the high point for the lunar cycle this month a good time to review your plans, projects and come to a balanced state of mind.

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In the Stars for February

In the Stars for February The transiting Sun is in the air sign Aquarius the water bearer. This energy is focused on uniqueness in things and in other others. The symbol of a person pouring what are waves of energy out of a vase this represents the message that all energy is around us and there […]

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New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in the air sign Aquarius starts a new lunar cycle for the next 30 days. This energy starts to increase the flow to launch and grow new projects and plans. Aquarius has the theme of new reforms, equalitarian actions and decisions. This energy helps us break up old patterns and initiate new […]

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