In the Stars for April

in the Stars for April
April’s showers bring May’s flowers, a nice saying for this time of year. Here are the currents in the celestial skies this spring season. The Sun in Aries shines forth with exuberance to meet the day head-on with energetic outbursts this encourages us to put plans and projects forward in our lives. As we awaken from the sleepy slumber of winter.
Aries Sun sign people are dynamic, ardent, passionate individuals. They can be highly competitive, seeking the limelight in any field. Fearlessly, they move about their business pursuing their interests boldly and impetuously as they are headstrong and quick thinking. They are likely to be impatient in wanting fast quick results and may not finish their projects. However, they move forward with confidence to see things through. They can be outspoken, aggressive, and argumentive so they need to channel their anger in a useful way. They like outdoor sports, golf, tennis, and auto racing some do like indoor hobbies. They need to have the persistence to follow through and the ambition to move forward. Some just need a good pat on the back type of supportiveness which they seek from their friends. Happy Birthday, Aries!  This should be a productive month for you since there is only one major aspect to your Sun and that is Pluto in Capricorn which is going retrograde later this month. A big shift and transformation for those born in mid-April as Pluto forms a square to your Sun challenging you to change but you rest assured that you have the time to work on this until October.

The Planetary Energies for April
1 week, starts off the month with the New Moon charging in the fire sign Aries, put your thoughts into action today if you feel bogged down go out and work out the winter cobwebs.  This weekend should be nice and mellow as the moon moves through Taurus allowing us to enjoy the earth’s beauty opening before our eyes, the tree’s cherry blossoms budding with fresh flowers are a sign to see this time of the year.

2 week, a more challenging day on Monday, April 4th Mars and Saturn join in Aquarius this is a highly focused dynamic energy and will influence the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio people.  This can be felt as sluggish energy however mid-week the energy picks with as Mercury in Aries sextiles Saturn in Aquarius. Venus planet of relationship and values moves into empathic Pisces helping others through compassion and this steps up our sensitivity to others in need of help during this time. Friday brings in the 2nd Quarter Moon in the water sign Cancer, deepening our emotions as it trines Jupiter on Saturday the Moon enters fun-loving Leo on Sunday this could be a day we focus on practical thoughts around our values and security as Mercury moves into practical earth sign Taurus on Palm Sunday, April 10th.

3rd week, a sluggish Monday with the Leo Moon opposing restrictive Saturn in Aquarius makes it difficult to balance creativity and reforms. Tuesday is more productive as the Moon shifts into industrious Virgo and the Sun in Aries sextiles Saturn in Aquarius. The Moon in Virgo opposes Jupiter in Pisces the planet of expansion on Thursday, April 14th,  our faith may be tested by the details today. Mars planet of action moves into the intuitive water sign Pisces shifting our energy perhaps we will be feeling more sensitive. Mars in Pisces will affect the Sun signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces natives. The weekend energy picks up as The Full Moon occurs on Saturday, April 16th in the air sign Libra.  This Sun and Moon opposition may help us realize how to find balance in our relationships and to be teamwork orientated and cooperative.  The Moon shifts into the intense emotional water sign Scorpio on Easter Sunday perhaps helping us to resolve deeper issues in our lives.

4th week, this Monday starts out with strong impulsive energy as Mercury joins with rebellious Uranus in the earth sign Taurus, The Sun in Aries forms a challenging square to Pluto in Capricorn. This energy can be upsetting on early Monday morning to start the week. On Tuesday, April 19th, the Moon in Sagittarius squares Venus in Pisces we may be inclined to fuel our goals towards acts of compassion. Then we shift midmonth as the Sun enters the materialistic earth sign Taurus on Tues. April 19th brings mellow energy hence we can calm down a bit and enjoy the security and share the values and concerns regarding the earth’s changes on Friday, April 22 Earth Day events while the Moon is in the serious earth sign Capricorn. The Last Quarter Moon occurs Sat. 23rd in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This is the end cycle for this lunar phase it is a good time to make decisions, finish up projects, or analyze what changes need to be made. Passover ends this Saturday while the Moon transits through the progressive air sign Aquarius which brings in objectivity and is good for promoting celebrations this weekend.

5th week, a dreamy Monday with the Moon in the intuitive water sign Pisces conjoins Mars in Pisces, later in the afternoon charging up our feelings. Mercury in the practical earth sign Taurus sextiles Jupiter planet of expansion in Pisces this increases our ability to move forward with our tasks those motivated towards material growth and expansion. Venus planet of love and relationships conjoins with mystical Neptune on Wed. April 27th, this may be a good day to dream and visualize this world filled with love.  This is a good aspect for any trance meditation, and for tuning psychically into the ethereal vibrations all around us. This aspect is great for any artistic creations, and for falling in love. On Thursday, Mercury planet of communication, in practical Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn on April 28th a good aspect for promoting issues that rely on practical reforms. Significantly this Friday,  Pluto the planet of transformation goes retrograde on April 29th, this aspect will impact the cardinal signs in late degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. This energy continues for a 5 month period until Oct. 8th, 2022. Pluto rules the underworld, death, obsessive energy, rebellion, and destruction to name a few so be aware of what you are doing to affect change in your life for the next 5 months.
On  Saturday, April 30th we have the first Solar Eclipse for this year in the earth sign Taurus, this energy will awaken our vital force, especially for earth and fixed signs like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Virgo, Capricorn natives. Venus and Jupiter join in Pisces on Sat. 30th, the last day of the month bringing in creative and beneficial energies to all.
And that is the report for April’s major stellar configurations.
Peace and blessings