Sun in Taurus

Sun in Taurus/Gemini, Mercury, and Pluto retrograde, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
In the Stars for May
The Sun is moving through the practical earth sign Taurus. This feels like sluggish, slow-moving energy as Taurus can be comfort-seeking, lackadaisical tending to do practical things that matter the most like tending to gardens, fixing things, and do enjoy the flowers blooming this season. The weather patterns are somewhat odd and choppy with strong winds as the Sun conjoins Uranus which seems to be creating some of the tension in the air, this first week of May we may see more intense weather patterns as the earth is constantly shifting and adjusting itself throughout this year expect an intensification.
Taurus natives are responsible reliable individuals who seek status, material comforts, and pleasure. They make practical decisions and are likely to be slow at times as they chew on their options, so to speak. They attract their opposite Scorpio for intense contrasting personal exchanges. They are purposeful and can withstand difficulties by persevering. They can be stubborn and stick to their plans and are determined and conservative in attitude. Their challenge in life is to be flexible and trusting of others however they prefer to seek material security. Taurus rules finances which they like to accumulate and possess wealth. In love, they can be passionate, loyal, and yet jealous and possessive as is their opposite sign Scorpio. Most are warmhearted and popular with many friends with whom they share their bounty. They can be creative with projects and work well with their hands, like flower arranging, cooking, and gardening. Some are theatrical, talented with beautiful voices and a flair for the arts. In general, they have fine taste in décor as they reach for the best of everything. Happy Birthday, Taurus, move with the challenges and changes brought on by the Saturn Uranus aspect to your Sun. Some of you may want to re-direct your path this year.

The Planetary Aspect for May
Mercury will be in apparent retrograde from May 10th until June 3rd, trekking through the witty air sign Gemini which it rules; this can be a good time for air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius individuals this month. Mercury (the trickster) is all about communications, networks, and how things connect to one another so when it moves apparent retrograde things can break down, contracts are difficult to sign, and it can cause delays and changes with schedules. However, this can be a good time to finish projects. Pace yourselves and be conscientious because things can go awry sometimes. Pluto in the last degrees of Capricorn also turned retrograde so we are in the shift of energies this first week of May. There may be continued upheavals in governments, money, and finances as we move through the next 5 months while Pluto planet of transformation is now retrograde- secrets are revealed. Mostly affected by this transit are Capricorn Sun signs who may have had a total change in their ego ambitions perhaps being reborn during this time.

Venus planet of love and relationships is moving through the intuitive compassionate water sign Pisces and will join with expansive Jupiter and Neptune the first week of May perhaps we will feel dreamy, sensitive, and compassionate towards others.  However, on May 4th, Venus moves into the fire sign Aries this will pick up the energy as we can feel more passionate and energized to get things done and launch new programs.
Mars planet of action and strategies will join with imagistic Neptune on May 15th-24th this conjunction signifies physical and spiritual energies blending to help us evolve but the energy may feel sluggish for this mid-week, any inner work that involves creativity and imagination is best during this time. In general, be aware of the deceptive media that floods the internet during Neptune’s passage through Pisces until April of 2025 when it starts to move through the fire sign, Aries. This transit has caused much of the confusion that people believe to be facts. This passage is as if we cannot tell the truth from the lie. 

On May 11th, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wealth, and wisdom moves into the fiesty fire sign Aries, which can signify a period of outspokenness for our beliefs. Better opportunities and inventions can emerge during Jupiter’s passage through individualistic Aries. This aspect will benefit the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius for most of 2022.

Saturn planet of karma, restriction, and limitation, in Aquarius, will square with the North Node in Taurus a sign of karma signaling changes in our destiny as patterns are due to manifest within the next 6 months. This can affect the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius Sun signs. In general, the ongoing theme of reform to governments affects the collective mind and our ongoing economic and class struggles.

The Lunar Cycles for May
The first week of May the New Moon occurred Saturday, April 30th in the earth sign Taurus a time for tough decisions and or awakenings for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. It is better to start new projects during the  New Moon phase and to develop them at the first quarter Moon which occurs on Sunday, May 8th in the fixed fire sign Leo, a fun day for Mother’s Day activities.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on May 15th and 16th Eastern Time, in the intense water sign Scorpio, this is a powerful Full Moon for Taurus and Scorpio Sun signs. The eclipse can demarcate an awakening time so look out for the shadow as it reveals darker energies that can be transformed and transmuted during this time. This can mark the time in this late spring season when our consciousness can awaken and we can measure our internal growth gotten from the winter’s phase of gestation.

On Friday, May 20th, the transiting Sun moves into the intellectual air sign Gemini bringing in lighter uplifting energy. On Sunday, May 22nd, the Last Quarter Moon occurs in Pisces this is a good time to organize your work and finish projects. The Moon in Pisces favors inspiration, imagination, sensitivity, and compassion for others.

Monday, May 30th,  starts a new lunar cycle, the New Moon occurs in Gemini this Memorial Day will feature networking, fun, witty exchanges a good time for sharing news, information, and intellectual debates.
 Happy May to all,

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