In the Stars for March

In the Stars for March 2022
March signals a shift and change in our turn around the zodiac from winter to spring. The transiting Sun is in Pisces, a sensitive water sign that deepens the intuitive processing of our thoughts and impressions during this time. Some people may experience vivid dreams and flashes of intuition.” I believe “is a keyword for Pisces since it is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, faith is central to the energy of this Sun sign. Pisces represents the power that belief has in our lives. It’s a good time to share compassionately with others.
Pisces Sun sign folks are intuitive, compassionate, and service-orientated souls. They are moved by situations around their environment which can make them chameleon-like by assuming the opinions and moods of whomever they are with at a particular time. So they must check on their intuition to know what belongs to them or to others since they are empathic. They respond to joy or sadness with equal intensity as they like to help out where they can. They may be reclusive at times in order to recharge their energy some may feel depleted easily by others. Some may be too sensitive and suffer from victim-like attitudes. In life, they are capable of any job and spiritual paths appeal to them yet they want to follow security first then later offer more of themselves to a spiritual path. However, they prefer to be happy rather than just follow the money trap. They love to tell stories and are natural musicians.  Always romantic they crave love and want to be appreciated which drives their happiness and wellbeing. Happy Birthday, Pisces! The strong vibrations of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will continue to fill you with spiritual vibrations, and your aspirations are high. Be aware of your environments since you are prone to be more sensitive in these next two months. Pay attention to your nutritional choices, this is a time to keep your diet free of over-processed foods.  

The Planetary Aspects for March
1rst week, The New Moon starts off the week with the Moon in Pisces. This is a good time to start new projects and plans. Let your intuition guide you. Venus and Mars both in serious ambitious Capricorn join in with Pluto; more intensity is known about the ongoing war this week.  People may feel anxious and fearful as an increase in mass protests worldwide is observed. The power players and the world oligarchs are showing themselves during this time. As this Plutonian energy unearths their greed and controlling partnerships over resources. Venus and Mars riding together will move into Aquarius on Sat. March 5th. This shifts the energy both these planets are concerned with relationships on a humanitarian scale while transiting through Aquarius promoting progressive ideals and perhaps group work gets initiated or people may join in now to do group work, especially with the pandemic constraints easing up our relations to others are open now. Travel is increasing due to Jupiter in Pisces. This week’s starts lent a time for most to clean up their diets as we ready ourselves for springtime.

2nd week, Mercury enters into the intuitive water sign Pisces, stirring up impressions, increasing our exchanges through images for compassionate discourse, perhaps through the internet. The 2nd Quarter Moon enters Gemini this helps stir up ideas and communications this week. On Sunday the Sun in Pisces conjoins with Neptune this could be a dreamy or confusing day as it stirs up the imagination, not all things are true or they may be nebulous. This is a good time for art and romance this week.

3rd week, March 17th St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are underway as the Moon in Virgo helps with the details, Mercury in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus this aspect can make for sudden changes in moods and on a positive note inspiration. It’s a good day for speeches and public gatherings. The Full Moon in Virgo opposite the Sun in Pisces illuminates this week.  This can be a productive weekend for those doing detailed work and artistic inspiration. If you can volunteer or help those who are victims of war this is a good time to show your compassion. Meditation circles help to send love and light through our faith. The Sun in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn this aspect releases strong energy for willful actions, so temper this energy for the good of all. Pluto continues to generate the force to change outdated governmental structures. On Saturday Venus in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus this energy can be difficult for all kinds of relationships and perhaps sudden news about the economy and security systems however constructive or disruptive.  The transiting Sun enters Aries we have the spring equinox on Sunday the 20th. Mercury in Pisces joins Jupiter in Pisces this is a good aspect for good news, positive thinking, and for creative writers and speakers. This is a good day for spring gardening and for Ostara celebrations.

4th week, midweek on March 22 Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus sudden breaks, perhaps erratic energy stirs this week. However, this aspect can be good for innovative ideas and for inventions. Mercury joins Neptune in Pisces this Wednesday, this can affect our imagination and Pisces natives get that extra dose of inspiration. But if you are making decisions wait a few days as things may not be exactly as you think. The Last Quarter Moon in the fire sign Sagittarius ends this lunar cycle. We may be filled with aspirations and ideals rule the day on Thurs. 24th. But take the next week to weed your garden and finish up projects.

5th week, this week starts the New Moon cycle with the fiery Moon and Sun both Aries urging us to start things and to charge up our energies outdoors. This is a good time to plan your spring projects as we are rebirthing in the northern hemisphere.
And that’s the report for this month, for questions and readings email me
Peace and blessings
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