In the Stars for July

Sun in Cancer/Leo, Mercury is direct
In the Stars for July
Happy 4th of July, summer heat increases, storms and weather challenges plus the ongoing pandemic. This too shall pass; we are halfway through this year and we have been able to handle the challenges. The Sun transiting in the water sign Cancer can help us with feelings of compassion for our fellow humanity. The water sign Cancer puts us in touch with the impulse to protect our families and it increases our patriotism for which our country is known to be a fierce defender of our interests here and abroad.
People born during the Sun’s passage through this emotionally sensitive water sign are usually gentle caring and compassionate souls. They want to protect and defend loved ones and their territory. The symbol of the crab represents the hard shell protecting the vulnerable self. They have a great emotional drive and are conscientious taking action only when they feel they are sure about it thus they can be tenuous with their decisions until they feel confident to take action. They can be sharp spoken when angry but this soon dissipates as they do forgive but they don’t forget. They may wear a mask that tries to hide their inner insecurity and hurts. This makes them appear secretive and sometimes self-centered. They are masters of passive resistance. They make great friends and are loyal and trustworthy for the most part, mothering their mates, being good hostesses generally caring and protective towards others. However, at work, they do like to feel appreciated for their caring efforts through monetary means. Happy Birthday, Cancer, now that Saturn has moved away from your Sun you may feel a great sense of relief from worries and burdens. Also for some, Neptune planet of inspiration and delusion trines your Sun adding more spirituality and faith to your outlook, some of you may feel more inspired and creative this year.

Planetary Aspects for July
Mercury is now moving in direct motion in the air sign Gemini which it rules; this strengthens communication and networking this month. Venus planet of love and relationship values moves through the romantic fire sign Leo joining her mate Mars planet of war and action also in the fixed fire sign Leo, perhaps we will see better leadership this month. However, there is a tendency for some to want their own way with relations here and abroad this month.
 Jupiter planet of growth and expansion went retrograde in the mystical water sign Pisces, hopefully strengthening our faith and hope for the future and adding more of a need for selflessness to those water sign natives, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces who will benefit from Jupiter’s transit through Pisces this year and into part of the next.
 However, later this month it goes back over its agenda in the fixed air sign Aquarius for one last review of the Aquarian reforms instituted by the new management of government affairs underway globally that are taking place due to this pandemic those reforms coming in from the Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus square which breaks up the old order this year. This ongoing square aspect affects the fixed Sun signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius natives. Still, it’s a challenging time for some. Neptune in Pisces helps to increase our faith and spiritually but it may adversely bring up more lies, deceptions, delusions, and false prophets from those not wanting to let go of their power greed-based paradigms. The planets in Aquarius that being Saturn and Jupiter will bring in the motivation for a more equality-based paradigm with a new structure that allows sharing for us globally; a supportive paradigm is underway despite the totalitarian impetus by the prevailing order to maintain its power. Reform is the call of the day, particularly with the earth’s resources as Aquarius rules energy, electricity, and magnetics.  Pluto, planet of transformation, death, and rebirth continues its passage through Capricorn breaking up the old structures of organization and governments.
Chiron the asteroid that represents the wounded healer within is moving through Aries this transit is meaningful for those people born during the years of 1918-1926, 1927, 1968-1977 that have this placement in their charts they may be experiencing a search for their true identity, who they are and what is it that others want from them, if you were born during these time check your chart for Chiron in Aries and discover your true self. 

The Lunar Cycle for July
July 1rst, The Last Quarter Moon starts off the month in the fiesty fire sign Aries, we may want to drive forward while this moon activates Venus and Mars in Leo yet Saturn in Aquarius puts a check on any well-meaning ambitions. On Sunday the 4th of July celebrations may be traditional under the Taurus moon which likes comfort and food celebrations yet watch out for those freewheeling energies as the Moon conjuncts Uranus and squares heavy Saturn in Aquarius early Sunday morning. The last quarter moon encourages finishing things up and organizing before the New Moon starts next week.
July 9th New Moon in the intuitive water sign Cancer this is a good day to start new projects those that benefit home and family which the water sign Cancer moon likes.  Mercury planet of communications moves into the water sign Cancer July 11th and this can step up our intuitive sensors with our networking. Share and feel yourself through situations this month.
July 17th the 2nd Quarter Moon arrives in the harmonious air sign Libra. This is a nice day to negotiate organize and re-design your plans or projects see what is growing and shifting today with your business plans.
July 22nd, the transiting Sun enters Leo; the Sun in this fixed fire sign increases the thermal energy in the northern hemisphere. We may, as the lion dictates decide to rest during the heat of this summer. Leo’s energy encourages leadership, power, and generosity.
July 23rd, the Full Moon in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius illuminates the evening sky encourages group celebrations, sharing, and balancing between the directives of the Self within the whole. We are all one and this may be a good time to meditate on this principle.
July 27th, Mercury the trickster of the planets moves into the fun fire sign Leo and this may increase our capacity to have fun and entertain new ideas during the next month’s cycle.
July 31rst, the Fourth Quarter Moon finishes the lunar cycle in the practical earth sign Taurus. This is a good time to finish projects and plans and rest before the start of the New Moon cycle on August 8th.
And those are the star patterns for this month; remember the planets incline us to choose a wise direction.
Peace and Blessings