In the Stars for August



In the Stars for August
The summer season continues with sizzling heat waves this month. The transiting Sun is in its own fire sign, Leo. The Sun in Leo increases our fire, enthusiasm, force, and vitality. People born with the Sun in Leo tend to exude power, leadership, and drive. They like to lead, act, and spread their generosity towards those they are fond of. As Leos like to lead, they can take on authority and act with determination and have the courage to achieve their objectives. They can be dramatic, conceited, and pompous; a few of their negative ego traits. Expressing and developing their creativity and their opinions matter to them and so those around them should be aware of this if they are in a relationship with them as Leos must shine and take center stage this is good for leadership and careers in the arts like the theater. Romantic and warm and generous they like to mix socially and always love to be relaxed and have fun. The transit of Uranus in Taurus squares your Sun, this is a strong aspect for those Leos born around the 2nd of August, as they will receive the strength of this aspect which is that it helps through stress to bring, insight, creativity,  revelations, and sudden changes,  so let go of anything that does not work anymore, like those attachments to people and the things you cannot change. Freedom from burdens perhaps guilt is a good way to look at this aspect and the challenges of these times, Happy Birthday Leo!

The Planetary Energy for August.
We’ve got some challenges this month, in this first week of August:  Mercury planet of communications and networking in the water sign Cancer and makes an opposition to both Pluto in Capricorn perhaps more protests and military abuse on or around  Aug. 1rst, and then Mercury aspects Saturn on the 3rd, while we have the Full Moon in the air sign Aquarius.  Then Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces both in water signs adds an emotional and sentimental tone clouding our communications which can be unclear. Sun squares Uranus around Sunday the 2nd increasing unpredictable behaviors and increases restlessness, so be careful while driving. Mercury shifts into the fire sign Leo, no longer opposing restrictive Saturn in Capricorn and transformative Pluto in Capricorn, this will lift up the energy and optimism by mid-week first week of August. However, warrior  Mars planet of action and strategies now in its own warrior assertive, aggressive fire sign Aries will be significant for the next 4 months as it will also retrograde for a few months from Sept. 9th through Nov. 14th as it aspects Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto by a challenging square, so folks are likely to be impulsive, restless, aggressive and self-centered especially those who are not self-aware. All the cardinal Sun signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will feel this more strongly than other signs.  Venus, the planet that represents relationships, love, values, and healing moves into the emotional and caring water sign Cancer, this will help to increase our compassion and may intensity feelings of vulnerability and insecurity especially here in the USA, since Cancer rules our nation’s Sun sign. On the positive side it may perhaps make us more cautious and protective of family, finances home, and loved ones.

Aug. 9th – 15th, Mercury in Leo will square with rebellious Uranus challenging the fixed sun signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius perhaps a wake-up call to all. The Last Quarter Moon is in the fixed earth sign Taurus on Aug. 11th  This lunar phase is good for finishing up projects and making fiery Mars squares Pluto in Capricorn on Aug. 13th, take care while moving about and be cautious as the governmental factions are under change and feel threatened by a stressed-out society. Move with caution and avoid threatening situations. Uranus planet of radical changes will go retrograde Aug. 15th this can intensify the challenges of these times,  to our Taurian belief systems that represent money, security, power status, and control. We are all challenged by the new changes brought by Uranus in Taurus which changes the Taurian values of money, ownership, and wealth ruled by Venus. The fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are mostly challenged by this aspect.

Aug. 16th -22nd. A Sun and Mars trine throw a beneficial aspect to Aries, Leo, Sagittarius natives. Lending more enthusiasm and an increase in your physical drives.  The New Moon on Aug. 18th stirs up the inspiration in the fire sign Leo. Creative ideas are in the air, perhaps new leaders are emerging. New energy and new beginnings for all.   Venus sextiles Uranus forms a beneficial aspect to social engagements. Mercury moves into the analytical earth sign Virgo which it rules, thus stirring up our analytical powers of discernment and attention to details. We start to shift into the earth-based Virgo energy as the Sun enters practical and efficient Virgo on Aug. 22nd. The energy winds down we start to end the summer season and welcome the coming fall Sept. 22nd here in the northern hemisphere.

Aug. 23rd-31rst, a difficult Mars square to Saturn on Monday the 24th, may challenge our actions to be patient. The First Quarter Moon occurs Aug. 25th in the fire sign Sagittarius helps us to be inspired and to put into focus our aspirations and make plans now as Mercury trines Uranus ushering in new creative ideas. Venus in the water sign Cancer opposes Jupiter in restrictive earth sign Capricorn where it really can’t deliver wealth and abundance right at this time. Wisdom may be our greatest wealth and blessings this year until Jupiter moves out of Capricorn and enters Aquarius in Dec. 2020. Aug. 27th, Venus planet of love and values trines Neptune planet of spirituality, higher love, deception, illusions; these two can help you create some beautiful music and artwork if you are so inspired, yet be aware not all are real like looking through rose-colored glasses. Aug. 29th Mercury in Virgo trines expansive Jupiter in cautious Capricorn, this is good energy for philosophical ideas, writing, and truth-seeking and may smooth out any debates or discussions. 30th Venus in the water sign Cancer opposes Pluto in serious Capricorn, this aspect can stir up tensions and oppositions around negotiations and getting practical values for home and security versus dictatorial power plays from those in power. Perhaps an assault on our home values and or security.

These are challenging times, the planets only incline us we use our free will to choose hopefully with sensible values, and wisdom, yet throughout these frayed times full of deceptions and illusions, we can choose to evolve and grow more wisdom and compassion for all.

Peace and Blessings
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