In the Stars for June

In the Stars for June
The transiting Sun is moving through the versatile and intellectual air sign Gemini. This energy helps us to go out, socialize and share information.  The energy of Gemini influences new ideas, versatility, duality, and curiosity. Gemini likes storytelling, writing, knowledge; just a few fun areas that Gemini ruled by Mercury is known for. Gemini people are always looking for new information which they learn easily and as they are disseminators of ideas. They are playful and at times sarcastic. They can see things both ways positive and negatively, this adds to their strong opinions about things. Happy Birthday, Gemini, Neptune continues to challenge some of you who may be experiencing inspired or delusional perspectives. However, Saturn in Aquarius lends a stabilizing influence to your endeavors while Mercury the ruler of your Sun sign is in retrograde phase, its best to research and clean up old projects this month.

The Planetary Aspects for June
This month Mercury in Gemini will retrograde until June 22, until it goes direct it’s a good time for intellectual work while Mercury is in its own sign. However, expect things to go in different directions, misinformation and things do tend to get confused or machinery breaks down during this time. So pace yourself and be flexible. The signs most affected are the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Venus moves through the water sign Cancer this month increasing our capacity to love and nurture family and others.  Venus rules relationships thus we may be more affectionate and caring this month and attached to our patriotic values which are in the foreground for most of us these days; like looking back at our ancestry, patriotic values, of home and country.  Mars planet of action and strategies moves through Cancer along with Venus making for an emotionally challenging time as some folks experience this aspect as being vulnerable around security issues. Mars shifts into a more confident position in the warrior/leader fire sign Leo in mid-June and this will pick up the energy so we can feel more assertive. Later in June, Mars in the fire sign Leo squares both Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus this aspect can stir up boasting, aggression, and earth changes. Venus enters Leo later in the month and joins with Mars already in a stressful aspect to Saturn and Uranus for more testing of limitations and propagating one’s agendas filling relationships with passion or aggression as these two planets together can create tensions.

Jupiter in Pisces, the planet of expansion, growth, and wisdom goes retrograde on June 20th this transit can help us, look inward towards the awareness of humanitarian values vs totalitarian views. Thus, we got so far this year while Jupiter was in Aquarius and now it has a short stay in hopeful expansive emotional compassionate Pisces this month and it will retrograde until Oct. 17th when it will move direct again in Aquarius close to Saturn who is in square aspect to Uranus in Taurus challenging our values around security. These aspects bring to our awareness the ongoing themes of humanitarian versus totalitarian controls which resurface periodically and are reflected by the masses. We continue to see trouble times ahead this summer.

Neptune in Pisces continues is trek through its own sign and goes retrograde June 25th until Dec. 1rst, this energy can help to address our spiritual evolution and can increase artists and our imagination Neptune can through suffering bring in illumination.
Pluto retrograde continues in Capricorn to challenge the status quo around controls, death, life, and transformation are its themes and Capricorn represents ambitions and organizations that control social order. We have 5 planets in retrograde motion this month which can bring about concentrated energy concerning the energies of those planets, this can help us concentrate in our chosen areas of concern this summer.

The Lunar Phases for June
The Last Quarter Moon occurs June 2nd in the water sign Pisces this could be a dreamy day or inspirational as the Moon joins Neptune. This lunar phase is good for finishing up projects and organizing your ideas while you dream of better things.

The New Moon occurs June 10th in the air sign Gemini this is a powerful Solar Eclipse that will definitely affect the Sun signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces natives. It can bring about an awakening to those who are receptive to change. This day will be buzzing with conversations and new information everywhere.

The transiting Sun enters the water sign Cancer on June 20th a day to celebrate the Summer Solstice and its father’s Day, Jupiter goes retrograde and Jupiter rules fathers in the astrology chart and it’s a good time to show appreciation.

Mercury shifts into direct motion on June 22nd. Give this energy at least a week to start moving forward usually there is a jerky stop and start motion to the flow as it readjusts its course.
The Full Moon occurs on June 24th in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn this is a good day to balance between interdependency and one’s own ambitions. Caring and nurturing versus loneliness and isolation are some of the themes. 

And that’s the report for this month. It is a good time to let go and start your vacation, or finish up old projects due to so many planets going retrograde as it could be hard to get things done. There is a time for everything under the Sun.
Happy Summer Solstice, 
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