In the Stars for June

In the Stars for June
It’s getting closer to the hot steamy weather of summer this month of June ends the spring season and begins the summer season on June 21at the Summer Solstice. We can celebrate the return of the Sun in the northern hemisphere as the light increases until June 21rst. The Sun is transiting through the witty air sign Gemini which promotes the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and options through socializing. The good news is Mercury goes direct on June 3rd in the last degrees of Taurus giving us a cautious and practical approach to activities. It will enter into the dynamic positive air sign Gemini which it rules on June 14th  the energy will pick up then, especially if you have had problems with computers, plans, communications, systems breaking down, or things that were ready to break show up for fixing or maintenance. It takes about a week after the planet’s station for Mercury to pick up speed and it will be strong in Gemini.  Saturn lord of karma cause and effect goes retrograde on June 4th this retrograde affects us for the next 5 months to stick to a particular plan. This first week of June appears to be busy with planetary shifts and changes but it’s a slow flow of cautious energy.

Gemini Sun signs people are eager to express their ideas and wit due to being ruled by Mercury. They generally have a strong intellectual drive, love to entertain, and make friends easily. They like to develop a community with shared interests. They may be restless in body and mind and may need physical outlets to balance their body-mind connection, like tennis for instance. Happy Birthday, Gemini, now that Mercury is moving in direct motion you should start to see things running more smoothly this month. This can help you explore your social networks and for some Saturn’s trine aspect will help you with focus and discipline towards your work for the next 5 months.

Venus in Taurus maintains the status quo on finances and security. Venus lines up with erratic Uranus in Taurus on June 11th this could reveal sudden upheavals and changes in values, financial markets, and relationships. Venus shifts into Gemini on June 24th this adds objectivity to relationships and helps with communications.

Optimism picks up this month as Mars and Jupiter in the fire sign Aries help to push new horizons and inspirations with a feisty charge to strategies.

 Saturn will retrograde from June 4th until Oct. 23rd, through the reformist air sign Aquarius for the next 5 months so expect to settle major decisions this month for routines or plans to follow through with or finish up within the course of the next 5 months. If you are an Aquarian Sun sign the pressure to reform yourself, to change, and to augment your inner authority is underway.

Uranus continues in the practical earth sign Taurus and aligns with the transiting North Node in Taurus this month will bring about some shifts to our sense of destiny around our economy. This Uranus transit has been affecting the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. 

Neptune continues its trek through mystical Pisces which it rules, this helps the water signs to be fined tuned psychically. Yet the fuzzy stream of misinformation continues in the mass media. Neptune’s transit through Pisces puts us in touch with the higher dimensions or the lower levels of mental illusions. For those who meditate or do yoga, this is a good time to increase your awareness. Sun signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces benefit the best whereas this aspect is challenging for sun signs Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius natives.

Pluto’s passage through Capricorn now in the last degrees of the sign breaking up limiting structures in the areas ruled by Capricorn like governments, power and corruption are revealed in the USA which is having its Pluto return in the natal chart of the country. In the second house of values which affects economic structures, one example is the rise of cryptocurrencies which are revolutionary and difficult to have governmental control for most who rather understand the barter system of coin. Perhaps not until Pluto moves in Aquarius will we have a better sense of the changes. That will start around January of 2024 Pluto in Aquarius will conjoin with the USA’s natal south node opposite the north node in Leo in the 2nd and 8th houses representing the economic picture for the USA.

The Lunar Cycles for June
The New Moon on May 30th in Gemini charges the first week of June this can be a boost for many who have been affected by Mercury’s retrograde which turns direct Friday, June 3rd. You may want to continue to refine your ideas this month as the energy will get better around June 10th. We will be out of Mercury’s shadow phase which means Mercury picks up its fast pace.

The 2nd Quarter Moon in the analytical earth sign Virgo occurs June 7th, this is a good time to implement your ideas for this month this lunar energy helps us refine our plans, clean up and organize our abodes.

The Full Moon occurs on June 14th in the fire sign Sagittarius, this opposite to the Sun in Gemini shines the light on our ideas, goals, and social networks can benefit as we find commonality with each other. Sharing is a plus on this day. The Full Moon phase is a good time to see the highlight of your work so far this month.

The 4th Quarter Moon occurs June 20th in the mystical water sign Pisces, a good time to finish plans and projects and to feel the inspiration of summer coming up as the Summer Solstice the Sun enters the sensitive water sign Cancer and we can celebrate this high point in the year’s celestial transit of the Sun bring us the light to grow and nurture ourselves and our environment.

We have the New Moon on June 28th in the water sign Cancer a new beginning and a time to feel our way through our family and security concerns with both the Sun and Moon in Cancer. We want to build a better collective force for safety, peace, and security for all which continues to highlight our nation’s concerns with guns and politics, as the Sun will oppose Pluto coming up in mid-July.

And that’s the astrology for this month,
Peace and Blessings Yahaira