In the Stars for July

In the Stars for July
The transiting Sun is in the water sign Cancer, Happy summer solstice everyone. Cancer is also the Sun sign of our nation’s birth coming up on July 4th, which marks the 246 birthday of our democracy. It is an ongoing challenge for fairness and justice in this developing democracy as we see currently, the challenges to the autocratic rulers and structure will continue. Our values and laws are challenged with Pluto’s return in Capricorn to the USA chart in the second house which signifies family values. And Cancer Sun signs are very protective of family and patriotic towards the welfare of the country here and abroad. However imperfect we are at it, the effort continues, Happy 4th of July!
Cancer sign Sun people are sunny caring people who will protect family and friends. That is why the symbol is the crab which works hard sidestepping danger to protect its inner vulnerable self. They can be secretive but only to protect others from being hurt, so sometimes they wear a mask. They can clam up being defensive when they are not sure of their feelings. Cancer is an intuitive water sign that gives and needs nurturance from their friends and mates. They are warm and affectionate and at times self-sacrificing. They are tenacious and can be imaginative since the Moon rules this water sign. Intuition, inspiration, and creativity are natural to most. Some may currently have dreams and visionary inspirations while Neptune trines their Sun. Jupiter’s transit through Aries throws a challenging square to your Sun for those born mid-June. The next few months will helps you get on with the things you want or need to change, it is a good time for growth.

The Planetary Aspects for July
Mercury is moving direct through its own sign Gemini, and then will move quickly through the emotional water sign Cancer, this aspect can cause a lot of emotionally motivated challenges to our rationale but is good for intuitive or artistic pursuits. It will shift July 20th into the fire sign, Leo, for the rest of July lifting and increasing the intellectual debates, stepping up creative ideas towards a new direction in leadership around the 12th of July. But watch out for individual arrogance during this time as our viewpoints are likely to be self-centered.
Venus planet of love and relationship values moves through friendly witty Gemini which can keep us light-hearted about our friendships while encouraging communications. Then it shifts into the emotional water sign Cancer around July 19th. This can bring up sentimental feelings and values however Mars, Venus’s consort, the god of war, energy, and action, will be moving through the slow practical earth sign Taurus for most of July stirring up the materialistic values for most. A strong restlessness can influence us in the last weeks of July as Mars joins with rebellious Uranus around July 27th. So be aware of your energy, as this can make some folks accident-prone, and rebellious about money, values, and the economy as Taurus rules financial security and materialism. Taurus energy seeks to secure things and derive safety and comfort from the things that are owned. We may yet see more changes and innovations with currencies.
Jupiter in the fire sign Aries has been expanding our energy and charging up our aggression around our values in our homeland as it squares into itself in the natal USA chart and to transiting Venus in Cancer. This energy promotes new challenges to our spiritual, philosophical, and moral religious expressions within partnerships and commitments as natal Jupiter is squared by transiting Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter rules law and children and in Aries, this can create new inventions, a time to expand personal opportunities for most. The cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn benefit from Jupiter’s aspects this month for those born early in their Sun sign’s 1-10 degrees decan.
Saturn the planet of karma and restrictions continues to move through Aquarius which it co-rules with Uranus, bringing up the need to reform our collective’s progressive goals. Saturn can bring the lesson of learning the hard way through the imposition of punitive laws for women’s rights in this country now since the USA‘s Moon is in Aquarius. This aspect can be difficult for the fixed signs:  Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius sun signs. Yet it signals a time to mature and allow the deep changes to come from within yourself while Saturn and Uranus square one another.
Neptune in Pisces influences people whose Sun sign is in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. This planet stirs up our imagination to the point of delusions or higher spiritual levels as we can witness false gods among some as Neptune can blur the line between illusion and reality. Neptune in Pisces retrograde is opposing the USA’s Neptune in Virgo in the house of higher law, philosophy, and education. There is a review and evolution and evaluation taking place in the higher levels of Law.

 Pluto in Capricorn continues to bring about rebellion and usurping of governmental use or abuse of power and control. The cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn Sun signs are challenged by this transit. We reap what we sow as a nation during the next 6 months.

The Lunar Cycles for July
The New Moon energy came in Tues June 28th in the water sign Cancer while Neptune went retrograde can make for an emotional moody start to this month’s energy. The Moon will be in the practical and critical earth sign Virgo on the 4th of July perhaps people will be focused on the details of their celebrations or demonstrations of criticism around the country’s direction.

First Quarter Moon occurs Wed. July 6th in the harmony-seeking air sign Libra this square to the Sun in Cancer encourages us to decide on our plans and projects. Libra energy seeks harmony and balance for our communications and relationships. Decisions on how to move forward our in effect during this week.

The Full Moon occurs July 13th in the serious earth sign Capricorn; it’s a heavy day full of lunar aspects to the planets, Mercury, Chiron, Uranus the Sun, Venus Neptune, and Pluto, plus Mercury squares Chiron, Venus trines Saturn, Mercury sextiles Uranus, and Venus squares Neptune. So stay focused on your work or go for a hike and you can get through this day. The balance lies in our emotions having a practical outlet.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs July 20th in the fire sign, Aries, this will charge up as the Moon squares the Sun in Cancer a good time to make decisions and organize your work. This is a finishing-up type of energy as the transiting Sun enters the fire sign, Leo, on July 22nd. Leo will charge up the energy and vitality for most fire signs; Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius natives.
The New Moon arrives on July 28th in the fire sign Aries and increases our energy and heat in the northern hemisphere. Jupiter, the planet of expansion moves retrograde for the next 4 months.  This transit will bring about a review time for most of the things we learned in the last year 2021- 22 as Jupiter moved in the compassionate water sign Pisces.

Peace and Blessings,
Astrology helps us understand the choice we can make as we filter the planetary energy in our life.