In the Stars for April

In the Stars for April
April brings the beginning of a new 12-month cycle of the tropical zodiac. The Sun is transiting through the fire sign Aries’s leadership, initiatives, and competitive action are characteristics of the cardinal sign. We can feel the push forward this spring as lie the seeds we sprout in our gardens can start their growth cycle. The transiting Sun in Aries joins with Jupiter in Aries this month adding energy for growth and expansion, we may feel like pioneering, go-getters, and impetuous this month full of ideas and initiatives to pursue.
Aries Sun sign people can be courageous and headstrong not always patient with others. They can start projects but lose sight of them and move on to the next inspiration. They need to learn to finish what they start. They can be conscious and aware of appearance some may be bold and straight talkers, outspoken people who are not always tactful.  This year Jupiter in Aries will help you charge ahead with plans for expansion. Happy Birthday, Aries! This is the time to spring ahead, especially if you have been quietly working behind the scenes in the last few years.

The Planetary Aspects for April
1rst week, April 1-2, the Moon in the fire sign Leo charges this weekend’s energy on April fool’s Day this Saturday starting the month on a weekend which may feel like a holiday, and on Sunday Palm Sunday observance makes for a more conscientious Sunday while the Moon moves into analytical Virgo.

2nd week, April 3-9. this is not an easy week, Monday starts off the week with the Moon in Virgo, and a good time to plan and clean- up projects the Full Moon on April 5th, builds the energy mid-week in the harmony and justice-seeking air sign Libra. The Moon will form some difficult aspects with Venus in Taurus and Uranus and Neptune things may not seem quite in balance on Wed. but later on Thursday the Moon enters the intense water sign Scorpio and squares Pluto in Aquarius this may be challenging on the emotional level for Scorpio and Aquarius individuals. Some folks will start to display the urge for freedom and rebellion if they feel they are in an abusive situation, this is a day to be cautious around people who are trying to cause rebellion and or riots. This difficult and challenging energy continues with the Moon in Scorpio aspects to Mercury in Taurus outspoken about uncertain events or ideas, communications may be difficult on Friday but the Moon trines Saturn in Pisces giving a stabilizing effect to the day’s energy. Moon in Scorpio continues on Saturday trines Neptune adding inspiration to our emotions Mercury in Taurus sextiles Mars in Cancer adding constructive energy to our ideas for security. The Moon shifts into the inspirational fire sign Sagittarius on Easter Sunday this will help lift up the collective energy.

3rd week, of -April 10-16th, this week looks energetic while the Moon in Sagittarius starts Monday, April 10th, and Venus moves into intellectual air sign in Gemini. This can be helpful for communications and friendships. Venus in Gemini trines Pluto in Aquarius bringing in negotiations around collective reforms- this can also represent the strength in the power of Love for reforms on Tuesday the Sun in Aries conjoins expansive Jupiter which helps bring in more courage and independent action to most cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn can take a constructive approach to projects, while the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius can be inspired during this week.  All of this high energy gets put to the test when the Moon enters the serious ambitious earth sign Capricorn on Thursday, April 13th,  is the Last Quarter Moon a time to trim the fat, get things cleaned up, and finished up and get ready for a new lunar cycle. Passover ends on Thursday and the Moon enters Aquarius trines Venus in Gemini and joins Pluto in Aquarius late Thursday and into Friday. We will feel the collective pulse on ideas about reforms and France being a Leo nation carries the torch once again history can repeat itself as Pluto moves into Aquarius as it did after the events of 1776 people pushing for reforms. On Friday Venus squares Saturn in Pisces challenging relationships, Saturn in Pisces will be adding pressure to the Sun signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. It brings tasks and responsibility to those folks as well as an accounting of their Karmic actions. Saturday may feel serious and sentimental as the Moon in Pisces joins with karmic Saturn. Keeping busy is the best way to use this energy.

4th week April 17-23, lots of dynamic energy this week starts off with the Moon moving into the fire sign Aries, charging ahead, and the Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees of Aries conjuncts the Moon. The  Solar Eclipse/New Moon often wakes us up to new insights and in Aries, it will affect all the fire sign planets at the late 29 degrees in your natal chart like most people who were born around 1956 the baby boomers will get their Pluto energy activated. This can be a powerful aspect for fire Sun signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius born late in the sign this is a wake-up call for all either psychologically or environmentally.  On Thursday, April 20th the Sun enters Taurus which helps to ground the eclipse energy.
On Friday, April 21st, Mercury in Taurus goes retrograde while it joins with Uranus in Taurus. This aspect can signify shifts, changes, and reviews especially around securities, and the banking industry. Expect there to be a review between now and early June concerning money, value, and security issues. Mercury will turn direct motion on May 15th.
Whenever Mercury goes retrograde expect things to not function well or they break down, especially around the beginning and the end of the transit. Plan and give yourself plenty of time while traveling, or finish up projects before starting something new. Basically, it’s a good time to review ideas, plans, and projects. The Moon in Taurus will add more energy and insight into Earth Day activities and a good weekend to enjoy the spring flowers and share reform plans to join groups who want to clean up the earth while the Moon shifts into witty Gemini on Sunday joining Venus and Mercury in Taurus sextiles Mars in Cancer

5th week Monday, April 24-30th, The Moon in Gemini shifts into the emotional and moody Moon in sensitive water sign Cancer feelings and emotions take precedence. The 2nd Quarter Moon begins the increase of light and energy on Thursday, April 27th in the proud fire sign Leo.  The square between Sun and Moon will add some tension to this day as you figure out your decisions. The weekend can be more even keel after the Moon in Leo squares rebellious Uranus in Taurus on Friday. We may need to work on our self-esteem this weekend the Moon opposes Saturn in Pisces on Saturday bringing a serious sentiment to our awareness.
And that is the report for this month,  a breakthrough is likely mid-month with the Solar Eclipse/ New Moon

Peace and Blessings