In the Stars for May

In the Stars for May

The transiting Sun is moving through the practical earth sign Taurus. This is a great time to enjoy the great outdoors as the trees and flowers are blooming signaling a new cycle around the zodiac. Spring can also inspire us to work on our projects and plans.
The Sun in Taurus represents fixed energy meaning that things don’t move as fast because Taurus is concerned with practicalities and security. This month the Sun will join the North Node in early Taurus may bring up a lack of direction or a strong sense of destiny for some Taurus folks born in April while those born in May will feel Uranus, god of rebellion and change in Taurus urging them to change. Generally, for all these people these aspects may bring up all kinds of security issues around the global economy, money markets, and agriculture. Any new plans would be best evaluated during this time and may need to be re-evaluated and worked on before launching as Mercury is retrograde until May 14th.  Saturn in Pisces continues to reveal more deceptions, Uranus in Taurus breaks up security banking paradigms, and Pluto in early Aquarius is adding a square aspect to Taurus, Scorpio, and Leo Sun signs which challenges the status quo of some who will lose their status and be forced to change as we see of late in the media. But more when Uranus transits Gemini in 2025 which rules the media outlets.

Sun in Taurus people born April 20-May 20, are steady strong determined workers who like to achieve their goals for status and wealth. They can be industries persevering and are not easily discouraged from pursuing their goals. They think before they jump and once they choose a course of action they stick to it. They may have melodious voices, love music, and will want to buy the real article.  They look for value as they are ruled by Venus goddess of love and this may be one important thing for them which is to be in romantic love affairs. They are generally generous people who come from the heart but they can be possessive and jealous like their opposite sign Scorpio, but are warm-hearted however watch out for their outbursts of anger. They may be slow to anger but a formidable unrelenting foe. They like to make things be it art, music, or gardening, and make good managers. This year will continue to bring opportunities for changes some may be necessary but continue to follow your heart.

The Planetary Aspects for May
1rst week, May 1-7th, The Moon in analytical earth sign Virgo, starts this week with a focus on the details Monday has Pluto in Aquarius going retrograde back into serious Capricorn putting us into a review of our collective patterns on how to change the governments is still on the table until Jan. 21, 2024. Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces on Thursday this can be either inspiring or deceptive for relationships.  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs Friday, May 5th in Scorpio at 14 degrees, during this time powerful subconscious forces come up to the surface for light and evaluation, mysteries are revealed during the Eclipse, and it will affect the fixed signs like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius more prominently. Eclipse energy brings things to the surface not necessarily bad luck as the folk tales predict. Practice moderation with all things Scorpio Full Moon is great for meditation and transformation. Venus enters the water sign Cancer on Sunday, May 7th producing more loving energy for relationships. However, Venus forms an in-conjunction with Pluto in Aquarius which can produce uncertainty for some relationships.

2nd week, May 8th-14th, on Monday the Moon in fire sign Sagittarius adds a kick start to this week as we evaluate goals and then implement them on Tues as the Moon moves through ambitious earth sign Capricorn.  We can get much accomplished this mid-week but things may slow down or go in different directions toward Friday the 12th, as we are in the Last Quarter of the lunar cycle and Mercury is slowing down to go direct motion. Venus in Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces, this beneficial aspect can give strength and perseverance to some relationships but may be challenging for Pisces Virgo, and Sagittarius Sun signs.  On Sunday, Mercury goes in direct motion on Mother’s Day.  But give it about a week for things to move better while Mercury resumes its speed.

3rd week, May 15th- 21st, Monday starts off with the Moon in imaginative Pisces then shifts into Aries in early in the am, then Mars planet of action in the water sign Cancer trines deception producing Neptune in Pisces; not all is as it seems early Monday morning, Big Jupiter goes into security conscious Taurus on Tuesday it will form a square aspect to Pluto in reforming Aquarius releasing or expanding magnetic energy perhaps more earth changes occur this mid-week or people will work towards new programs for monetary security, as it will be aspecting the USA natal chart in the  2nd house of wealth. Friday starts the weekend with the New Moon in the earth sign Taurus a good time for implementing new projects, go out, and enjoy nature. The Moon moves into talkative Gemini on Saturday but watch out for Mars which enters into proud Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius. This aspect can bring about arguments and disruptions for people who do not share the same point of view. On Sunday you may want to plan some fun time with friends as the transiting as the Sun moves into witty Gemini. The Sun in the air sign Gemini trines Pluto in Aquarius;  you may wake up with new ideas as reforms are in the air. The Sun in Gemini picks up speed and moves quicker than in Taurus. 

4th week, May 22nd- 28th, Monday starts off with the Moon transiting through the emotional water sign Cancer we want to be protective of ourselves and our family. Mars in Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus another challenging aspect for expansion of energy like tempers or a reckless or wasteful expenditure of energy. The energy settles mid-week while the Moon moves lazy Leo; people may just want to take it easy this week. The 2nd Quarter Moon in the analytical earth sign Virgo occurs on  Saturday.  We may want to keep busy and not worry too much on Saturday while the Moon opposes serious Saturn in Pisces. Keep busy and wait for the energy to change. Sunday also features a difficult or challenging aspect from the Sun in Gemini to Saturn in Pisces, it may be difficult to make decisions or your ambitions are frustrated; try to take it easy.

5th week, May 29th– 31,  on Monday the Moon in Virgo helps with details at work, but it will oppose nebulous Neptune early in the morning perhaps our dreams may be intense, then it transits into the air sign Libra until Wednesday the last day of this month it will shift into intense Scorpio.
 And those are the planetary energies for May based on the Tropical zodiac.
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