In the Stars for March

In the Stars for March

The winter season winds down this month with the transiting Sun moving through Pisces and entering Aries on March 20th at the Spring Equinox. Pisces is an emotional intuitive sign so this energy puts us in touch with our dreams, visions, intuition, and compassion. Two major planets to highlight this month are Saturn will shift into Pisces to start its 2-year trek and Pluto will shift into progressive Aquarius for 2 months starting March.

Pisces Sun signs are intuitive, quick-witted, charming, compassionate, and sympathetic. They like to identify with their surroundings and associates therefore their moods change like the chameleon. They do have a depth of personality and most live for the arts and music. If they are indifferent to anyone it’s because they are being protective of their deep insecurity which they can hide by being evasive.  The symbol of the fish swimming in opposite directions is symbolic of Pisces’ duality. They like to escape the harshness of life or practical responsibilities. Although, they are productive and most want to make money before they get around to their spiritual or artistic aspirations. They love romance and have friendships but they can suffer from heartache due to an unrequited love affair. They love dancing, fishing, movies, poetry, and anything that makes life enjoyable. Happy Birthday Pisces, for those of you born later in March, you may become more spiritual or visionary as Neptune crosses over you Sun., and for those of you that have already had the aspect, those who were born late Feb. – mid-March hopefully the fog and clouds have cleared. But all Pisces natives will experience the serious vibes of Saturn coming up which will strengthen you nonetheless. 

The Planetary Aspects for March
1st week, we are growing towards the Full Moon this week is the 2nd Quarter Moon in Gemini started on Monday, Feb. 27, the Moon will shift into the intuitive water sign Cancer on Wed. March 1rst Venus in fiery Aries joins Jupiter also in Aries this aspect can lend a lot of positive notes to this day and benefits the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer Libra, and Capricorn, this can be a good week to get things decided and completed. Mercury in Aquarius conjoins Saturn in the last degrees of Aquarius on Thursday bringing in the completion of new reforms before Mercury goes into imaginative Pisces. The transiting Moon travels through Leo this weekend, which is positive for joy and fun with friends.
2nd week starts with the Moon in Virgo on Purim. This lunar energy increases our capacity for conscientiousness on the Full Moon as Virgo is detailed orientated on Tuesday. This is a good day to focus inwardly on compassion as big old karmic Saturn starts its trek through illusory Pisces. Hope, fears, and compassion are some of the themes we will face karmically while Saturn transits through intuitive Pisces for the next 2 years approximately. Some people could have more phobias therefore getting in touch and overcoming one’s fear is one of Saturn’s tests, especially for Pisces natives who will be tested and strengthened by this aspect. This weekend brings better energy for socializing with the Libra Moon but things change on Sunday when we start Daylight savings time with the Moon moving through deep instinctive water sign Scorpio the Moon opposes erratic Uranus of Sunday morning some may have a restless early morning. Things calm down by the afternoon when the Moon in Scorpio trines intuitive Neptune in Pisces relax and enjoy your quiet time.

3rd week, of March 20th, is the Spring Equinox the Sun enters fiery Aries. This picks up solar energy like more light and more energy for all in the northern hemisphere. The New Moon follows on Tues in Aries charging us up to begin new projects or plans. The big planetary shift this week along with the Sun is that Pluto goes in progressive Aquarius for only two months then back into Capricorn until January 2024. It will finish its reconstruction of economics and government structures which it has been doing for the last 16 ½ years since 2008. In Aquarius, we have hope for new reforms on a global level. Most Capricorn natives were the most influenced to transform their ego selves during this time. Mars planet which represents energy, war, and strategies goes into the water sign Cancer on Sat. March 25; this will help us to promote family values, home repairs, and gardening. We move forward with our subjective emotions. And this will energize the USA natal chart with its planets in Cancer in the 7th house and Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd; expect challenges to our partnerships overseas.

4th week, March 27-31 the month ends with the 2nd Quarter Moon in the emotional water sign Cancer. This energy can help us focus on work around the home, and gardens and to insure our family’s security. New inspiring ideas can come through with Mercury joining Jupiter in Aries on Tues. March 28th.
Venus in Taurus joins erratic Uranus on Thursday the 30th this can disrupt some relations where folks are looking for freedom, and it can affect change in the banking industry.
And that’s the astrology for March in like a lion out like a lamb, maybe.
Peace and Blessings