In the Stars for February

Sun in Aquarius 
In the Stars for February
The winter season continues with the transiting Sun in the air sign Aquarius. This energy uplifts our spirits to seek higher perspectives and inventive ways of thinking about life. There are no retrograde planets this month, everything is flowing forward. the Sun signs in the last degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will receive the last difficult hit from Saturn and Uranus in Taurus for Taurus natives. Venus and Jupiter will benefit the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Mars in Gemini charges the air sign Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius to move forward. Neptune in its own sign Pisces continues to challenge the mutable signs, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces to ground themselves. Pluto is in the critical last degrees of Capricorn where it intensifies the need to break down old orders and create something new when it moves into Aquarius in mid-March 2023.
Aquarius Sun sign people are intelligent looking and always seeking an original way or a different perspective on all things. They appear eccentric, proud, distant, and sometimes dominating as Aquarius is a fixed air positive sign. The symbol of a man pouring water from a vase means that the energy he pours out into the earth is cosmic. That means it’s a symbol of raising consciousness with kinetic energy. In the age of Aquarius, we can do more with energy as we are starting to see technology evolve towards free energy. Aquarius Sun signs are ruled by Saturn and Uranus, this makes for a quick-witted yet discipline nature. They like their freedom to be who they think they are. Most participate in community groups helping others as they tend to think of themselves as humanitarian and fair-minded by nature. But they are a paradox as they can be stubborn, selfish, conceited, tolerant rebellious, erratic, and difficult to understand let alone try to please them. They like to help others but from a distant perch as being impersonal towards their many friends is more comfortable to them. They can be inventive and always tinkering with new ideas which they like to share with others. Happy Birthday, Aquarius, Uranus, and Saturn continue to aspect your Sun. This month,  they are making the last aspects to your Sunlike a last jolt to continue to change your ways and grow.

The Planetary Cycles for February
1st week, 1-5, the first week of the month starts with the energy increasing, Ground Hog day the Moon in Cancer can bring in more clouds perhaps winter will last another 6 weeks or it will be shorter.  A square from the Sun to Uranus in Taurus can make for an erratic day on Friday, Feb.3 rd. Then the Full Moon occurs on Feb. 5th in the fire sign Leo. This can be a positive week for most folks, especially this weekend while the Moon is in party-loving Leo.

2nd week, 6th-12th, the Moon in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius on Monday this aspect could cause depression for some folks and or a difficult day. Then Mercury in practical Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces this can help if you are inclined to imaginative thinking and work that inspires you, On Tues Feb.7, Venus planet of love in is transiting through the compassionate water sign Pisces forms a sextile to erratic Uranus in Taurus this aspect can benefit peoples love life and friendships.
On Friday the transiting Moon in Libra trines the Sun in Aquarius this aspect helps to raise the positive vibes. Mercury in Capricorn conjoins with transformative Pluto on Friday bringing in the power to think positively and change things where needed. On Saturday, Feb. 11th Mercury moves into the air sign Aquarius focusing on broadening new inventive ideas. Mercury moves quickly through this air sign and aligns with the Sun on the 18th . Saturday can be a tricky day, be aware that the Moon is void of course not great if you are buying big items. The Moon will square Pluto perhaps causing intense emotional outbursts and also not great for purchases. Then the Moon in secretive Scorpio squares Mercury Aquarius this can be difficult for communications. Sunday, Feb. 12 may be a good day to be quiet and work on things.

3rd week, 13-19, the last quarter moon occurs in the intense water sign Scorpio. This is a good time to finish projects and summarize the lunar cycle’s productivity. Then later in the day, it shifts into positive Sagittarius lifting up our spirits. A nice romantic aspect occurs the day after Valentine’s, from Venus and Neptune, this aspect can brighten up Wed. morning for those whose Sun is in Pisces. This is a good morning for poetry and creativity. Duty prevails on Thurs, Feb. 16 as the Sun conjoins with disciplinary Saturn in Aquarius time to get to work. Friday can be a creative day as Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in Aries, this aspect can increase fun and spontaneity for most. This energy is highlighted again on Saturday and the Moon in Aquarius sextiles expansive Jupiter in Aries this aspect benefits the Sun signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The solar energy shifts as the Sun enters Pisces on Sat. 18th. The transiting Sun in Pisces can bring in moodiness, imagination, and compassion to most who are intuitive. The energy picks up on Sunday, Feb. 19th as the New Moon increases the light in the mystical water sign Pisces. This can be a dreamy day, also as  Venus planet of love and fine things charges into fiery Aries on Sunday and will charge up the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

4th week, 20-28th, a positive day on Monday with the new Moon energy in Pisces on Presidents’ Day and while Venus is in Aries it will charge up relationships with positive energy. Happy Mardi Gras, on Tuesday the Moon in Pisces can be good for music lovers, and Mercury squares erratic Uranus on Tuesday so you may want to watch your words on this day. On Feb. 22, Ash Wed arrives with the Moon in compassionate Pisces which is a Christian symbol to practice lent before Easter. For modern folks, it’s a good time to start a cleansing diet. The Moon in secure-minded Taurus this weekend helps you to appreciate what you have and then the Moon shifts into witty Gemini finishes out the month and starts the 2nd Quarter Moon on Monday, Feb. 27th starting off this week with a time to build your network and connect with others on Tues. 28th The Moon squares Neptune, but then trines Mercury and Saturn this can lend positive energy, and discipline to this last day of the month.
A regular month with not a lot of drama, use the energy to work on your creative projects, and for those who travel this can be a good month to take that spring break.
Peace and Blessings