In the stars for January 2023

In the Stars for January 2023

Happy New Year! This year the vibrations shift to the number 7 which represents peace and solitude. We may find ourselves seeking perfection and peace and finding the time to specialize in our chosen fields.  Some may seek to work quietly or behind the scenes where research can benefit from these energies. Analytical work and independent action can increase this year,  perhaps we may seek more intellectual development, and some may improve their intuitive psychic abilities as dreams will be enhanced this year. We can benefit from introspection and meditation on what has occurred and passed in 2022, this month. Thus we may want to develop plans first before taking action this year. Our wisdom will help us this year as gratitude and reflection will help us as we face more difficult earth changes, and political conflicts up ahead. The Uranus and Saturn square is impacting us in this last go-round this winter be challenging in some areas but this aspect can help us learn to rebuild practically; as things seem unstable, especially regarding the weather. Overall 2023 starts out with several planetary shifts between January thru March. Pluto ends its transit through Capricorn and enters into the air sign Aquarius in late March, Saturn in Aquarius moving to Pisces, and Jupiter moves quickly through Aries and then goes into Taurus where it will lay down more pragmatic foundations for the rebuilding in the near future. Hopefully, more egalitarian movements will emerge in 2023, as plans will be important to inseminate new ideals for society to move forward, as we can get creative during a crisis. The month starts with difficult shifts and changes mid-month and gets better. 

 We start this cycle with the transiting Sun in the earth sign Capricorn. We may tend to feel more serious and focused on our ambitions while the Sun transits through this earth sign because it is ruled by Saturn who represents time, discipline, limitations, and Karma. Capricorn Sun signs know the value of working within imposed limitations. These folks are born old and become younger in old age since they do learn to lighten up. Some Capricorns are eager to gain status and power by climbing to the top of any organization. They can appear to be conscientious and dedicated to their objectives, but most feel an inner need to accomplish something worthwhile at any age. They seek a place in the community, hierarchy, or corporation. However,  seeking financial security is in itself a lesson for some who must overcome the fear of poverty and learn to trust that the universe provides as long as you believe that it will. The Goat with the tail is the symbol of the goat climbing to the top and slowly but surely overcoming obstacles and the tail is the connection to the intuitive psychic realm.  Capricorn Sun signs can be intuitive and refined in their manners, seeking to be proper and appear respectable, they may dress like an executive wearing suits or even dressing up casual wear. They choose their friends wisely and are dedicated to their partners. One of their obstacles is not to be so controlling of everyone and things in their life and to have faith in the future and in their abundance. Happy Birthday, Capricorn, this year will be better for change and expansion due to a trine from Uranus and a square from Jupiter to your Sun. Get out of the rut in 2023, clear out closets, give away what you don’t use, and open up to the inflow of knowledge from the universal vibration of this 7 year.

The Planetary Transits for January 2023
1st week, of Jan.1-8, the shift in energy occurs Monday as Venus planet of love moves into Aquarius lifting up the energy. The Moon while in Taurus encourages practicality in all matters. Venus forms a nice sextile to expansive Jupiter on Wed. the 4th while the Moon in Gemini engages us in networking and conversations. The Full Moon illuminates the skies on Friday, Jan. 6th in the water sign Cancer a good weekend to focus on your creature comforts, at home with family. During this Full Moon, it’s good to share and appreciate the comforts you do have, as gratitude goes a long way this winter season.

2nd week, of 9-15, Monday starts out with the Moon in fun-loving Leo but it receives tough energies from Saturn in Aquarius this could feel like life is hard, but Venus in Aquarius trines Mars in Gemini and this helps to focus in a more positive direction. Moon in Virgo for the mid-week stirs up the need to organize and pay attention perhaps to the new diet and follow through with your new year resolutions and on Thursday, Jan, 12th, Mars in Gemini goes direct motion which helps to move us into new strategies. For the weekend the Moon in harmony-seeking Libra opposes Jupiter in Aries and can put a damper on grandiose schemes and cause excessive emotional outbursts but take heart as the Sun in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces this aspect can inspire creativity and psychic sensitivity. The Last Quarter Moon in Libra helps to make decisions to clean up and finish projects.

3rd weeks, of 16-22, we start Monday on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, with the Moon in intense Scorpio. Some may feel intense emotions on this day as the Moon opposes Uranus’s planet of change and also squares to Venus in Aquarius, something like a clash of emotions and ideals. Mercury in ambitious Capricorn in-conjuncts Mars in Gemini can cause irritation and disruptive communication, and instigate some folks to quarrel. Mercury in Capricorn goes direct on Wed. 18th and starts its forward motion but expect it to move at its rate of speed by next Monday.  Still, there will be time to sort out any messes you created while Mercury was retrograde. However, the transiting Sun moves into Aquarius on Friday the 20th and the New Moon energy brightens the day on Sat.2rst also in the air sign Aquarius. Aquarius wants to shine by sharing knowledge with all, as this sign encourages objectivity and an increase in our awareness of group work. You can start new projects on this new moon now that Mercury has gone into direct motion. Another strong change this week is Uranus in Taurus goes direct this may affect a lot more people and things since it’s in the earth sign possibly more around the earth changes. On Sunday, Jan. 22, starts the Lunar New Year which is the Rabbit. The sign of the Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity in Chinese culture. 2023 is predicted to be a year of hope.
4th week, 23-31, this week starts with the Moon in the humanitarian sign Aquarius the Moon shifts from objective air to the Moon in sensitive water sign Pisces. The transiting Sun in Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in fiery Aries on Tuesday, Jan. 24, some may feel like things are getting better so we may want to push forward with goals. On Thursday Venus the planet of Love, shifts into sensitive Pisces this transit encourages us to be more compassionate towards others. On Sat. Jan. 28th, The Second Quarter Moon is in the earth sign Taurus and can help us to start practical projects.
This new year feels overall to be bringing in better opportunities to change our patterns so we may continue to evolve as a society.
Peace and Blessing