In the Stars for December

Sun in Sagittarius, Winter Solstice, Mercury Retrograde
In the Stars for December
The fall season ends this month as the Sun in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius moves into the ambitious practical earth sign Capricorn on the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21st, Yule tide celebrations are observed.
When the Sun moves through Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, this adds more enthusiasm, and hope and helps us to expand aiding our motives. It’s good to have enthusiasm given the challenges of today’s world events,  perhaps more people will gather for peace meditations this month as Jupiter in compassionate Pisces moves forward to help expand wellness, and wishes for us all to be fulfilled.
Retrograde planets can deepen or focus the energy, this month we have Mars planet of action and strategies in the intellectual sign Gemini, Uranus planet of abrupt changes in materialistic Taurus, Mercury in Capricorn good for making plans for another day, while Neptune planet of mystery and illusions in its own sign Pisces at 22 degrees which affects Pisces Sun signs born in mid-March goes direct on Dec. 3rd hopefully helping those who are deep into illusory thinking to come out of the rabbit hole and wake up illuminated, but more of this next year as the greater awakening is when Neptune starts its transit into Aries in April of 2025.
Sun sign Sagittarius people are usually forward-looking enthusiastic and inspiring to be around. Some take on missions dedicated to making the world a better place. They like to promote ideas, morals, and ethics with zeal. Sagittarius is a mutable fire positive sign, this gives them an eager, adventurous, and philosophical attitude. They can be flirtatious and cunning. Daring to be the life of the party they reach out confidently making friends. They are always aiming to hit the bull’s eye of the goals. They need to remain physically active to be happy and to release tensions as they can be impatient with others who do not share their intellectual concepts and can be known to blurt things out which gets them in trouble . Happy Birthday Sagittarius, this coming year 2023 your ruler Jupiter in Aries will add a positive aspect to your Sun sending beneficial aspects perhaps increasing your confidence and eagerness for an adventurous life.

The Planetary Aspects for December
1st week starts the week on Wed with the first Quarter Moon in Pisces squaring the Sun in Sag, this is time to establish what dreams you are going to aim for this month, Venus in Sag. opposes Mars in Gemini retrograde, not good for couples as it can cause sexual tensions and upsets also extravagances with spending later in the evening. Creative challenges are met with Mercury in Sag, square Neptune in Pisces on Thursday, Dec. 1st try to stay centered as this aspect can bring on mental fog and confusion. As Neptune goes direct we can start to separate fact from fiction as if we awaken from a deep slumber. Neptune will square Venus this weekend, this aspect may be good for creating inventive work but be careful with love affairs and quick rich schemes. However, buying what you can afford as credit may be tricky and deceptive about the value of things.

2nd week Monday, December 5th we have the Moon moving through practical Taurus stay grounded for the next two days. The Full Moon occurs on Wed. in the intellectual Gemini opposite the Sun in Sag. This may increase and enliven the news and messages circulated while forward-thinking ideas emerge. The full moon is always a time of high energy and a culmination of the lunar phase which shows how things are growing and developing at this time. Mars retrograde in Gemini also opposes the Sun on Wed.7th, disagreements and competitiveness are in the air. A difficult square between Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Pisces on Friday can make some struggles emerge as to what to expand regarding ongoing projects. Try not to please others or watch out for extravagances with your spending. The weekend could be best spent at home while the Moon is in the water sign Cancer, we may want to seek nurturance and comfort on this weekend.

3rd week, the Sun sextiles Saturn on Monday, Dec. 12th, and the Moon in Leo makes for an inspiriting creative productive start to this week. While the Moon is in Leo people are apt to want to have a good time this is a good week for any Xmass parties or get-togethers this week. The 4th Quarter Moon happens in the industrious analytical earth sign Virgo on Fri. 16th, this encourages us to get work done or to plan details featured on this day. The weekend has the Moon in Libra great for socializing and being fair and just with others. Moon goes into mysterious Scorpio Sunday night when Hanukkah begins adding a serious tone to this Sunday evening.

4th week Monday, Dec. 19 the serious intense Moon in Scorpio continues for the next few days. The Winter Solstice occurs Wed. 21, the Sun enters the earth sign Capricorn, and the winter season is upon us. We can celebrate the return of the Sun as our northern ancestors have observed by burning lights and bringing the fir tree indoors a symbol of everlasting life. Capricorn is an ambitious and serious earth sign this brings a grounded quality to the energy of December through mid-January. On Friday, Dec. 23rd, the New Moon occurs in grounded Capricorn, a new beginning is ushered this Christmas evening and the Day will be buzzing with new exciting energy. The Moon shifts into the objective air sign Aquarius on Christmas Day encouraging us to be humanitarian with our views and a good time to socialize.

5th week, the week starts out with the Moon in objective air sign Aquarius, Mercury in Capricorn starts its retrograde phase on Thurs. Dec. 29th in Capricorn and will transit retrograde until January 18th, 2023. This can slow things down for this last week of the year so if you got major decisions to make wait until mid-January or early December before the retrograde as things can always go sideways, confusion abounds and schedules are delayed or thwarted, machinery, if it’s about to break, will do so and computers always are sluggish during this time.  The Last Quarter Moon in the fiery sign Aries will stir up our optimism and courage as we face another.  Give yourself plenty of time while traveling, and look towards a brighter year for 2023.
The stars incline us but we make the choice of how to use the energy.
Happy Holidays
Peace and Blessing