In the Stars for October

In the Stars for October
Happy fall season the transiting Sun is moving through the air sign Libra.  This energy is concerned with harmony and balance, the day on the Autumnal equinox is an equal day to night, Libra is connected to Aries, it’s opposite, in that it wants to restore the balance between the self and the other. Teamwork is a keyword for this sign, during this time until Oct. 24 when it will move into the mysterious water sign Scorpio.
The holiday season starts this month with Yom Kippur Oct. 4th, Sukkot Oct. 9th, Indigenous Peoples Day Oct. 10th, and later Halloween Oct. 31. There are many planetary aspects to pay attention to this month.
The fall season is the transition between summer and winter a great time to enjoy nature’s array of colors, as most people like to go out hiking and leaf peeping during this month. Libra is co-ruled by Venus ( arts) and Saturn (karma). Justice is another theme of Libra where the scales are the symbol of the fact that justice is objective. And this month of October we may see more of that in the news. Mercury will go direct on Oct. 2nd and things function better, but give it about a week. Mercury moves back into Libra on Oct. 11th and this will aid communications. Saturn will move direct on Oct. 23 in Aquarius and Pluto goes direct on Oct. 9th in Capricorn late degrees. That means that major life cycles are affected this month, what you plan to do for the next 5 months is determined by the Saturn cycle going forward everything gets a push forward depending on the energy of your chart.
Libra Sun signs folks like to be aware of their social interactions especially when they can be charming and helpful to others since they like teamwork. Libras like cooperation, action, problem-solving mentally motivated effort, and impartial views. They want to stay impartial and promote peace rather than conflict. Some are able to do that as they can be objective with respect to others’ points of view. But they do enjoy a debate on intellectual topics and like to strategize around any debates. Therefore they are skillful in the art of persuasion and fair play. They have an aesthetic sensitivity that makes them good fashion and home designers. They can charm others and socially they are hardly crude or coarse in their manners. They prefer a life mate rather than to be alone and will dedicate their lives to their chosen mate as they are loyal. They can have wealth but they mostly like what money can buy to enjoy this may appeal to their artistic sensibility. Happy Birthday Libra, Saturn’s transit through Aquarius has been supporting you giving you strength around any major change and transformations that Pluto in Capricorn has brought on. Jupiter transiting through Aries opposes your Sun sign causing possible distortions in self-aggrandizement or personal extravagance so watch your spending at least until mid-November when Jupiter goes direct.

The Lunar and Planetary Transits for October
The first week, Oct, 1-9th, the Moon is the 2nd Quarter in the earth sign Capricorn makes for a work type of day plans may be instituted now that Mercury goes direct in the earth sign Virgo clean up the mess or finish up the details from this retrograde cycle and review what is still in process to be completed. Pluto goes direct in Capricorn on Saturday, Oct. 8th. This Pluto station can release a lot of energy and which oftentimes brings a termination to things at a time of transformation. On Oct. 9th we have the Full Moon in the fire sign Aries brings in some balance to your sense of self and relationship with others are they just and fair? This is a good theme to meditate on during this full moon.

2nd week, Oct. 10th -16th,  on Monday people observe Indigenous Peoples Day while the Moon moves through the charging fire sign Aries bringing in a dynamic for inspiration and action with Mars in Gemini strategies for plans are concocted. Mercury enters Libra which increases our capacity for fair relations and helps with negotiations. On Tues. Mars in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces this is not an easy transit for it can bring in deception and delusion with regards to motivations and action. Mercury will also be in Libra opposite Jupiter in Aries also can help to inflate or exaggerate our plans. On Thursday, Oct. 13th, Venus in Libra trines Saturn in Aquarius this can bring stability to our relationships. This can be a good day for communication and networking whilst the Moon is in Gemini. On Sunday, Oct. 16th you can sort through all the ideas and thought forms from the previous days when the Moon was in Gemini, try to feel what you really want.

3rd week, a challenging week, Oct. 17 -23rd.  On Monday the Quarter Moon in the water sign Cancer continues to help us feel our way through this heavy energy day while the transiting Moon makes aspects to Saturn, Venus the Sun, and Pluto. Venus in Libra in-conjuncts Neptune in Pisces the Sun in Libra trines Mars in Gemini. It will feel like stop and go all day. On Tues. Oct. 18th the Moon in Leo mellows us out but on Wednesday, Oct. 19th this day is packed with transits: like the Sun in Libra squares Pluto, Moon in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus, Mercury opposite Chiron, and Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. It can feel explosive or difficult to get things done on this day. Thurs Oct. 20th the Moon enters Virgo and we get to focus on our work and details.  Then on Saturday, Oct. 22 Saturn the lord of Karma, goes direct in Aquarius, this is a big shift this weekend, especially for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius Sun signs who will feel this transit strongly. The transiting Sun moves into the intense water sign Scorpio this will enable us to go deeper into our feelings and motivations while the Sun goes through Scorpio for most of mid -October through mid-November.

4th week, Oct. 24th– 31rst, a Solar Eclipse on Tues. Oct 25th will challenge some to awaken as the New Moon in Scorpio moves us forward for a new lunar cycle. A good time for insights and if you are already awakened. For Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius natives to have greater insight into their motivations, Eclipse cycles wake us up and bring issues to the surface. On Wed, Oct. 26 Mercury in Libra trines Mars in Gemini stirring up ideas, communication, and strategies. This energy can lighten us up. Jupiter retrograde goes back into Pisces on Oct. 27th it will bring into our awareness the need for compassion and to grow energetically perhaps more spiritual insights will come in and it helps all the water Sun signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Mars goes retrograde from Oct. 30th until Jan, 12th 2023. This is a very long Mars in Gemini transit. In general retrograde planets can strengthen the energy so it may turn out to be good for planning, strategizing, and research. This can be a competitive and aggressive time for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius natives and perhaps a difficult challenging time for Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces which Mars will square in aspect. A general restlessness may prevail with this aspect and for the U.S.A. it can stir up more aggression amongst the disconcerted perturbed populace. On Oct. 31rst Halloween the 2nd Quarter Moon moves into  Aquarius and will bring in altruistic energy to the evening hours for those who celebrate this holiday and for those who like to plan it can highlight altruistic egalitarianism concerns for all.
And those are the energies for this month; Astrology teaches cycles and influence that we can choose to direct our destiny.
Peace and Blessings