In the Stars for September

In the Stars for September
The hot summer season is winding down as the Sun transits
through the practical service-orientated earth sign, Virgo. We have unusual weather patterns which are hard to predict in some areas of the globe, as I can see that astrologically speaking Uranus in Taurus energy is affecting the earth’s magnetic patterns as it receives a hard aspect from Saturn in Aquarius. This pattern may be causing friction with electrical systems, and Teutonic plates, as Uranus has rulership over the magnetic field of energy connected to electrical and magnetics on the earth and the circulatory system in the human body. On a personal level, it is affecting the Sun signs Taurus, and Aquarius those who were born mid-month of their sign challenging them to shift their consciousness which fixed signs are not always willing to do.  
The Autumnal Equinox occurs on Sept.22nd, as the transiting Sun in Libra starts the cooler fall season in the northern hemisphere. Mercury in Libra turns retrograde opposite Jupiter in Aries starting Sept. 10-24 these two planets represent communication and wisdom it may affect the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, and in the houses, the aspect falls in your natal chart. However, generally speaking, it may cause some to experience sluggishness, with thoughts and ideas, poor planning, and projecting blame on others. Whenever Mercury goes retrograde it can bring to the surface any underlying problems with communication, contracts, schedules, relationships, and computer systems or machinery tend to break down. So, pace yourself and pay attention to details.  Mercury goes direct on Oct. 1rst in Virgo. This will be a long 4 weeks of uncertainty coming up this month, so pay attention to details as the saying goes, wait on the will of heaven.
The transiting Sun is now in the practical analytical earth sign Virgo ruled by Mercury. Virgo enjoys analytical projects, methodical action, and dedicated effort which drives this intellectual earth sign. They like to be serviceable and they tend to be down-to-earth, busy folks with lots of plans and projects. They must learn to finish up and organize their ideas since they are ruled by Mercury. Some strive for perfection which may get in the way of objectivity and they can be obsessed with the details. This may manifest as insecurity and indecision. They can be loyal friends more practical than romantic. They are meticulous in all they do and are concerned with health and hygiene some like to work in their gardens or caretaking pets.  The parts of the body they need to watch are the abdomen and intestines, also the female reproductive organs.  With Neptune moving in the late degrees of Pisces this square to your Sun for those born in mid-Sept. may continue to challenge your perception of reality. Neptune may be influencing your consciousness to be inclined towards the spiritual realms or it can wreak havoc with deceptive suppositions so be aware of self-deception. Happy Birthday, Virgo.

The Lunar Cycle for September

The first week Sept. 1-11, starts off on Thursday, with the waxing new Moon in the mysterious water Sign Scorpio forming numerous difficult aspects to Mars in Gemini, Jupiter in Aries, Chiron in Aries, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn in Aquarius- perhaps a difficult day of frustration and Venus planet of love in Leo in- conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn which may affect Leo Sun signs or any planets in your chart with this opposition which can bring on power plays, drama, and disputes. On Saturday the  Quarter Moon charges the weekend energy with the Moon transiting through the enthusiastic fire Sagittarius this will be a good weekend to go on hikes and discharge all the previous frustrating energy.
Monday the 5th of  Sept. starts with Venus shifting into critical Virgo, the Quarter Moon is a good time to start projects but with Mercury retrograde, it is better to refine and evaluate your plans this month. The Moon shifts into serious earth sign Capricorn on Labor Day; you may want to get down to business or work on garden clean-up on this holiday. Mercury officially goes retrograde Friday, Sept. 9th in Libra so relations and communications may be difficult plus it in-conjuncts Jupiter in energetic Aries. Be aware of boastful, self-centered exchanges with others. Also, Aries and Libra people may feel inclined to over-calculate their projects. The Full Moon highlights the sky in the water sign Pisces on Saturday, Sept. 10. This mystical Moon will increase our compassion and imagination this weekend, this is a good time to meditate, create beauty all around you and aim for a higher perspective.

2nd week, Sept 12-18, Moon starts the week off in the fire sign Aries, pushing our agendas but pace yourself as it forms a square to Pluto and in-conjuncts with the Sun in Virgo, you can expect frustration as Mercury retrograde opposes Jupiter retrograde. This aspect can cause difficulty with negotiations, exchange of ideas or plans can fall apart during this transit for the next few days effective from Sept. 18-23rd.  Pay attention to the details of contracts. The Last Quarter Moon in witty Gemini can increase our intellectual conversations and socializing this weekend. Finish up projects and plans during this last quarter Moon. 

In the 3rd week of Sept19th-25th, the Moon starts off in the emotionally sensitive water sign Cancer and it forms a difficult in conjunct to Saturn in Aquarius; if you are at work plow through this day. Venus in detailed orientated Virgo trines Uranus this can help our relationships and creativity and can aid the confidence of Virgo and Taurus natives. . The energy lightens up with the transiting Sun moving into Libra as the Fall Equinox occurs on the evening of Sept. 22. The Sun in Libra joins with Mercury in Libra retrograde,  perhaps we can find harmony and balance as we may be seeking justice and harmony while the Sun transits in Libra. This energy can motivate or be difficult for the cardinal Sun signs Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn who may feel challenged this week. Sometimes a challenge is a good thing to grow from. The New Moon occurs on Sept. 25th in the harmony-seeking air sign Libra. We may feel inspired to drive our plans ahead.

4th week we starting Monday, Sept. 26th with the Moon in airy Libra, trine to Mars in Gemini, and Saturn in Aquarius this is helpful to launch new plans and projects but with Mercury retrograde, you may want to look over them with wisdom and wait for October before launching big projects. You can use the energy to refine or define your plans. Use this air energy for structure and strategies with Mars and Saturn forming a beneficial aspect. Gemini and Aquarius Sun signs are powered up by this aspect. Venus in practical Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn this aspect can help with transformation and healing. Mercury retrograde in Virgo conjoins with Venus and Pluto to help gather or research on relations and health issues. The Moon transits into the mysterious intense water sign Scorpio this may bring caution and quiet the midweek. The Moon in Scorpio squares Saturn Aquarius on Thurs. 29th pushing Scorpio issues around intense emotions versus discipline and authority. Venus moves into Libra which it rules so it adds objectivity to relationships. The Moon moves into enthusiastic Sagittarius and forms a pleasing sextile in Libra to most benefitting the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius folks.   The last week of September may drag on as Mercury slows down and stations direct.
Patience with all things this month
Blessings Yahaira
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