In the stars for February

In the Stars for February 2022

This New Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, Feb. 4th kicks off the year of the Tiger,  it is a water element sign and will help with the predatory nature of this majestic animal adding a spirit of compassion and sensitivity to our ambitions, perhaps it will help those nations involved in the present struggles and saber-rattling around the globe.

Aquarius Sun sign people are helpful, progressive, and humanitarians who want to reform the world. Aquarius ruled by Saturn and Uranus represents progressive actions. Aquarians like to help others, they are a friend to all and are inventive people. They want to invent reforms, gadgets, and ideals to help their fellow man or community. They can be paradoxical as they are friendly, progressive, conservative, and fixed in their opinions. They are genuinely interested in others but are friendly yet in an impersonal detached way. Aquarius symbol is the water bearer but it’s really pouring energy waves because its co-ruler Uranus represents waves, quantum physics, and all technological inventions that harness energy. Happy Birthday Aquarius Saturn and Uranus continue to aspect your Sun ushering in changes, wake up calls to those stuck in a pattern for progressive growth to follow this year.

The Planetary Aspects for February
The transiting Sun is moving through the humanitarian air sign Aquarius. This air sign lifts up our spirits out of the pessimistic practical energy of Capricorn that we are now leaving behind. The lessons we gathered as Venus and Mercury were retrograde may be apparent now as these planets move forward which is why everything feels slow and sluggish; that is life with limitations to put bluntly.  It is winter so what are we to expect but to do the internal work the season is good for. However, as these inner planets Mercury and Venus turn direct motion and pick up speed this first week of February and join with Mars planet of action, also transiting through Capricorn the energy can pick up and we can move forward with our ambitions around Saturday, Feb. 5th.
Jupiter is now moving through its sign of dignity the water sign Pisces is a welcome change. This transit will stir up our passions, emotions, imagination, and compassion for the welfare of others at its best.  However, it can increase the level of illusions people are hooked into these days especially all the false narratives as people who are vulnerable can be victimized by all types of escapist cults. Jupiter will conjoin Neptune the ruler of Pisces in April. An increase in the earth changes can be signaled by the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction more so in April. Also, we can be more susceptible to viruses around the planet perhaps due to the increase in the earth changes primarily water type disturbances.
Saturn in Aquarius continues to form a square pattern with Uranus in Taurus now moving direct motion. Uranus wants to change the security structures and Saturn wants to reform them. This aspect can affect the economic markets, for instance,  with nations feeling threatened by others who are seeking to further their economies like China and Russia by disrupting and challenging the minor nations. The old war-making strategies to further one’s resources are at hand here. Perhaps other nations will continue to band together to help reform and renegotiate the distribution of resources and promote how we can share them that may be the best way to use this Saturn/Uranus square. For individual horoscopes look at the houses triggered in your own chart where Taurus and Aquarius are located that is where the tension will occur in the affairs of these houses. For instance, the 10th and 7th houses would engage us in career and changes with partnerships. This square is challenging to Taurus and Aquarius sun signs.
 Pluto continues its trek through Capricorn bringing in those challenges to Capricorn sun signs and promoting life changes to Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn sun signs. Pluto in Capricorn has been conjoining with the USA natal chart’s Pluto in Capricorn for a few years it will continue to impress upon our consciousness the need for governmental reforms. 

The Lunar Cycle for February
1rst week, The New Moon on Tuesday in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius kicks off the Chinese New year of the Tiger, which features water and compassion.  Mercury in Capricorn goes direct on Thursday, Feb.3rd and the Sun joins Saturn in Aquarius on Friday making for an intense first week, perhaps we feel like awakening from a dull energy pattern.

2nd week, The First Quarter Moon in Taurus conjoins Uranus and squares Saturn and Mars in Capricorn trines Uranus charging up the air, this aspect initiates a time we can think clearly to make some decisions and execute plans.

3rd week The Moon in Cancer makes us sentimental on Valentine’s Day. Mercury shifts out of Capricorn and into progressive Aquarius where it steps up the communications and makes available new inventions this month. The Full Moon in the fun-loving fire sign Leo shines forth on Wed. 16th, highlighting relationships as Venus and Mars both in Capricorn conjoin adding a concerted effort to our ambitions, negotiations, and strategies. The transiting Sun enters the compassionate water sign Pisces on Friday, Feb. 18th. Pisces Sun will change the frequency to attune us to the intuitive realm and other dimensions are imagination gets a boost during this time.

4th week, Monday starts this President’s day holiday with the Moon in harmony seeking Libra. Moon moves into Scorpio and trines the Sun in Pisces for a dreamy mid-week. The fourth Quarter Moon occurs on Wed. in Sagittarius squaring the Sun which can help us to pursue our goals and interests Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Chiron in Aries this can reveal an independently spirited dash to communicate something unique or inventive. During the last quarter moon, it is a good time to organize clean-up or finish projects and get reading for the next lunar cycle.
Peace and Blessings