In the Stars for January 2022

In the Stars for January 2022
Happy New Year! A new cycle begins and the numerology for this year is the number 6 frequency which signifies family, security, harmony, sympathy, responsibility, truth, humanitarian concerns, traditions, order, routine conventions, and emotional balance. The world may come under more challenges due to earth changes and the pandemic but we may strive to create a more responsible economy and ecology under the 6 vibrations. Perhaps we will have cooperation and agreements with other nations around issues of global concern. For this year 2022 expect more of the same but perhaps getting better. Hopefully, we are growing in maturity as a collective, and Jupiter in Pisces can help inspire us to be sensitive, engaged, and compassionate.

Capricorn natives are serious practical souls here to learn from the lesson that Saturn informs us to be responsible and mature individuals. Capricorn natives take their life lessons seriously often times being workaholics who eventually learn how to play in their older years. Capricorn likes to organize, control, and take on the burdens of others much to their disappointment. They seek status and are ambitious people who work hard to get to the top of the ladder they are climbing. They are conscientious and will better themselves through discipline and by overcoming fear of limitations.  Saturn, the planet of time and limitation, exerts an inner pressure on Capricorn to accomplish worthwhile achievements. This gives them a sense of timing in all their pursuits. They may be thrifty and conservative always saving up for a rainy day. Most Capricorns work on their self-confidence through the pursuit of self-mastery.. They are loyal friends and can be cautious with regard to marriage. Happy Birthday, Capricorn most of you have gone through all the difficult Saturn and Pluto aspects and should start to feel a great sense of relief as 2022 roles in.

Planetary Transits for January
The transiting Sun in the practical conservative earth sign Capricorn can help with organizing practical and ambitious structures to replace whatever needs to be changed.  On January 21 the Sun starts its transit through the humanitarian air sign Aquarius. This will lift us up to a more positive outlook.
Mercury planet of communications turns retrograde on Jan. 14th in the erratic air sign Aquarius, then direct in Capricorn again on Feb. 4th. This can signify a time to restructure plans and projects that are already started. Schedules can change, be flexible and review contracts carefully but if you can wait until the retrograde ends to sign and make sure you got all the details correct. Usually, if things like computers are affected and or break down it’s because they need maintenance and usually reveal them during this time. Venus is also in Capricorn but retrograde is making for a conservative time for love relations, values, and financial spending or investing. Mars planet that represents energy moves through the exciting fire sign Sagittarius bringing in the desires for new adventures and playfulness for some Sagittarians. Mars will square Neptune in Pisces once again as it did back in Jan.2020 when the news of the pandemic began to spread; this is happening again starting Jan.10th, 2022 for about a week. It’s a time for faith in our well-being rather than to go down into the rabbit hole with drugs or delusional thinking. 

Jupiter the planet of growth, wisdom, and benevolence moves into the mystical and compassionate water sign Pisces which can help us increase our compassion for all that is. It will transit through Pisces until Dec. 20th when it will shift into assertive fire sign Aries.  Jupiter co-rules Pisces with Neptune and this conjunction will bring in an expansive time for our luck, spirituality, sacrifices, imagination, compassion, and sensitivity, and earth changes that involve water increasing around the globe perhaps due to the icebergs melting. Also, it could bring on an increase in the spread of the viruses around late March and through April of 2022.

Saturn continues its trek through the innovative air sign Aquarius where it is demanding that we reform our structures with innovative changes and inventions as it demonstrates to us our fears and limitations with improving our energy systems. Perhaps it can help us understand the necessity to create new solutions to the energy and resource problems around the globe especially as the earth changes continue to increase globally.
 We will have sudden shifts and changes as Uranus in Taurus, a planet of erratic change moves forward on the 17th of January. This can stir up all types of challenges with rebelliousness on the increase in society. The Uranian challenge will continue to affect things ruled by Taurus like the status quo, earth changes, banking, and economic and security systems. Well laid out plans can suddenly change this month. If you are expecting a change look at your natal chart to see where Uranus in Taurus is transiting, that house shows where most of the action is taking place in your natal horoscope. For the nation the Uranus in the 5th house of creativity, willpower, and children on the USA natal chart. New programs, inventions are likely to
be revealed at this time.

Pluto planet of transformation and upheaval continues its trek through the practical earth sign Capricorn conjoining with the Sun in Capricorn around the 16-20th of January. This can bring in strong changes to Capricorn sun signs and to the 2nd house of finances in the U.S.A natal chart affecting the economic outlook to be conservative. Pluto in Capricorn continues to demonstrate that our government needs to reform and change its financial programs.

The Moon’s Nodes will start to transit through the signs Taurus and Scorpio this transit will put us in touch with our need for security and transformation. It will directly affect Taurus, and Scorpio Sun signs to seek a new direction this year.

The Lunar Cycle for January
On Sunday, Jan. 2nd, the year starts off with the New Moon energy in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn which can push you to start your resolutions and put your plans together for the New Year. Mercury goes into Aquarius for a short stay until Jan. 26th while it retrogrades until Feb. 4th in Capricorn.

2nd week on Sunday 9th the 2nd Quarter Moon occurs in the fire sign Aries this is a good day to organize and push your plans on paper but wait to start those plans that you can finish in February when Mercury is direct. This week starts the shadow time of Mercury retrograde so write things down and revisit launching them later in February.

3rd week Mercury retrogrades on Jan. 14th – Feb. 4th., Highlighting this week is the Full Moon in the water sign Cancer occurs on  Monday, Jan.17th.  On Tues. Jan. 18th Uranus goes direct bringing in big changes and increasing the energy. The Sun enters into the air sign Aquarius shifting and stepping up the energy for this week.

4th week, the fourth Quarter Moon in the intense water sign Scorpio heightens our drives to decide and finish projects. The Moon in Scorpio will trine Neptune in Pisces making things dreamy, imaginative, and out of this world for some who are out there working on artistic projects. Venus goes direct on Saturday, Jan. 29th in the conservative earth sign Capricorn perhaps things will start to move forward in the area of love affairs, and business relations with others. Finishing up this month with the New Moon on Jan. 31 in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius on Monday which helps to lighten things up.
 And that is the energy for this January 2022,
Peace and Blessings