In the Stars for May

In the Stars for May

Spring is here and the transiting Sun is moving through the earthly practical sign Taurus, this is a mellow energy to appreciate while it lasts. The Sun in Taurus favors security issues, money values, and holding onto old security structures.   Venus rules Taurus and it is a feminine sign this energy helps us to appreciate things and people yet we may feel compelled to be cautious and safe concerning taking any risks as Uranus also in Taurus may want to stir things up with rebelliousness, sudden changes, innovations or new belief structures.
Saturn in Aquarius shifts into retrograde at 13 degrees on May 23rd and Mercury goes retrograde on May 29th in the air sign Gemini. This month may present us with decisions that will affect our processes and goals for the next 6 months going forward. Also, planets in fixed signs are in square challenging aspect to one another affecting the Sun signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The transiting  Sun, Venus, and Uranus all in Taurus square Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius for the first two weeks of May. It’s a tense decision-making time.  The energy although difficult affects our ongoing themes of security, abundance, structure, order, and control of our society’s value structures; these are the topics that continue to emerge during this month. Have patience, reticence, and as always go with flow towards the positive energy that leads us.

Happy Birthday, Taurus!  Sun in Taurus natives are reliable, responsible, honest, and practical for the most part, they can be stubborn and jealous seeking power and control. However, despite working a lot they can be fun to party with as they do seek the luxuries of life. Love, romance, beauty, and comfortable surroundings appeal to them. They are hard workers who never give up until there is no other recourse. Most of the time Taurus individuals are usually mellow and accepting of others and situations however they can become explosive with temper tantrums and rigid attitudes at times then they are sticks in the mud unable to see another’s point of view. This year Taurus continues to feel the stirrings of change and disruptions due to Uranus in Taurus bringing in those energies for Taurus Sun signs to rise to the challenges of these times.
Planetary Aspects for May
1 week, May 1-9th, The Last Quarter Moon occurs Monday, May 3rd in the aloof air sign Aquarius, there are squares today between Mercury in late Taurus and Jupiter in late degrees of Aquarius, challenging our ideas about security and values, then Mercury shifts into its own sign Gemini, lifting up our capacity to multitask within our field of thinking up ideas and plans. The Sun and Saturn and the Moon join Saturn making decisions and could be weighty for the next few days, Cinco de Mayo celebrations on the 5th while the Moon is in Pisces a boost of spiritual energy as it conjoins with Jupiter and Neptune this aspect could give a break for those who are worried; enjoy and celebrate the your imagination. The Moon moves into the fire sign Aries for Friday thru Sunday, the energy picks up for Mother’s Day a bit troublesome early in the afternoon as the Moon squares Pluto;  watch your tempers but later in the day as the Moon sextiles benevolent Jupiter

2 week, May 10-16th, The New Moon boosts the energy on May 11th in the practical earth sign Taurus. Thursday benevolent Jupiter moves into its exalted position in the water sign Pisces. Both Jupiter and Neptune will influence one another for the next few months you can expect an expansion of spiritualism perhaps like in the 1800s with the age of enlightenment. Some nice changes come in with this New Moon in Taurus and Jupiter shifting into compassionate Pisces it may feel like the puzzle pieces are coming together. Good luck is in the air. The Moon shifts into the emotional water sign Cancer for this weekend we may feel moody on Sat. as Mars feels insecure in the water sign Cancer, it in-conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius this can be a tense day. Sunday as the Moon in Cancer joins with Mars this may pick up the energy fueling our desires forwards and inspiring our plans as the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces this aspect increases our imagination.

3 week, May 17-23rd, Moon in Leo on Monday could stir up ambitions in leadership, the Sun in practical earth sign Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn this adds to stir up authoritarian rule and willpower. The First Quarter Moon occurs May 19th in Leo this could bring up decisions in leadership, later in the evening, Venus trines Saturn adding a note of security and cooperation to teamwork. The Moon shifts into the analytical earth sign Virgo where we get busy sorting and sifting through our stuff. The transiting Sun enters into the witty air Sign Gemini picking up the energy for networking, communications, and a faster pace to life in general. Towards the weekend the Moon in busy analytical Virgo moves into the harmonizing Moon in Libra picks up the pace for socializing this weekend. However, the Sun squares Jupiter increasing our optimism or our indulgences.  On Saturday Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces stirs up mental confusion, with chattiness and indecisiveness are in the air, however, the Moon in Libra and Saturn give a good dose of balance and harmony to any foolish thoughts or illusions that come up today. On Sunday the mood changes as the Moon shifts into intense water sign Scorpio and Saturn lord of Karma goes retrograde affecting decisions for plans for the next 5 months. If you are making major decisions during this time Saturn in Aquarius retrograde intensives the energy for you to carry out those plans.

4 week, May 24-31, Moon in sensitive water sign Scorpio on Monday opposes Uranus in Taurus, another square to Saturn starts the week in a challenging way, best to be busy at work, the Moon trines Jupiter which can lift us up on Monday and also on Tuesday the Moon in Cancer trines Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, this could be an auspicious time for most who are inspired by their feelings. Good for art, poetry, and music. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shines the light on Sagittarius and Gemini natives we can balance and gain insights regarding what we know or think we know, This Moon in Sagittarius opposes the Sun, squares Jupiter, inconjuncts Uranus and sextiles Saturn, a big day full of contradictions of opinions, projections, and revolutionary ideas. Misunderstandings abound so stay practical and focused in the evening. On Thursday, the Moon shifts into the practical earth sign Capricorn toning down all the noise,  Mercury goes retrograde on Saturday in the air sign Gemini this gives us a good 3 weeks’ time to go over our ideas and plans, review and research, and pace yourself during this time. Signing major contracts can be difficult while Mercury is retrograde make sure you have all the facts as things will change after the retrograde ends June 22nd. The Moon shifts into the aloof humanitarian air sign Aquarius on Sunday lifting us out of the mire of the previous few days. On May 31, we celebrate Memorial Day with the Moon in Aquarius which helps us maintain our objectivity for this day as we honor those who go to war.  Mars planet of war and action, in the water sign Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces helps to inspire our compassion and spiritual inclinations. It’s a good day to relax and appreciate what we have.

And those are the energies of the stars for this month. The stars help us navigate but ultimately we decide our destiny by making the right choices.
Peace and Blessings
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