In the Stars for January 2021

In the Stars for January 2021

Happy New Year! The transiting Sun is moving through the practical earth sign Capricorn as this is the start of the winter season is here in the northern hemisphere. There are major aspects this year involving expansive Jupiter, restrictive Saturn and rebellious Uranus all in fixed signs Aquarius and Taurus which can be constructive or just difficult at times.  This planetary energy has brought in new ideas, perspectives and initiatives to help humanity during this difficult time globally. We can hope to see the new solutions come to the fore this year. In numerology 2021 is a number 5 vibration, which means, that one change leads to another. To put it simply, we can expect to get out of the global rut and move into inventive activities. Look for more discoveries and alterations in the values system of wealth and aid to those in need. A welcome change from 2020’s dire challenges and limitations as both Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn together were stewing restrictive and heavy energies which were hard to manage. Now, 2021 may give us the ability to broaden our perspective as a collective, yes there may be more unusual earth changes, rebellions and with it shifts in our consciousness. As this air sign, Aquarius is representative of new knowledge and energy being poured onto the earth and it is a hopeful sign.

Capricorn natives are solid stoic individuals ready to get to work and do their part as they are mostly reliable souls. This is not an easy Sun sign as Saturn rules this sign and the pressure is often felt by these individuals to overcome many difficulties as they climb to the top of their ambitions. Along their path, Capricorn natives must overcome fear and gain self-mastery; not an easy task. Capricorn natives tend to be to organizers and executives, they love the challenge that ambitions their gives them. They are logical and old fashion and they respect traditions. They use caution and discipline to slowly climb up the ladder of their goals.  Some of these folks are calculating and materialistic, while others aim for clarity, purity and discipline. They can be fun and but have a dry wit. They prefer to be busy with their hobbies instead of frivolous activities. They are born looking mature and serious but as they age they gain a youthful countenance. 
Dear Capricorn, this year should be less heavy and serious for you as Saturn your ruler as moved onto objective Aquarius. Perhaps you will demonstrate a detached perspective.  However,  feel grateful for the lessons learned and the tests that you passed within the last two years. You may feel less burdened now after your birthdate this year. Some of you may still be changing and transforming your ego as Pluto goes over your Sun this year so go with the flow.  Happy Birthday, Capricorn.

The Planetary Aspects for January –Keep your Cool this month

1rst week, Jan. 1-3rd The Moon in Leo ushers in the New Year we want to celebrate, party, relax and some may need to rest all day, if you are hangover, others may feel the urge to rebel and try something new while the Moon in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. Inspiration may come in early in the morning as Mercury and Neptune form a nice sextile this weekend for ease and flow while the Moon in Virgo lends that analytical organizational energy for a busy Sunday.  The Full Moon energy is still affecting us this week. It occurred on Tues. Dec. 29th in the sensitive emotional water sign Cancer; staying at home and being safe with family and friends is a smart theme of the Cancer Moon energy.

2nd week, Jan. 4-10th, Moon in Virgo with Mercury in serious Capricorn joins with transformational Pluto in Capricorn this aspect can help with restructuring and organizing. Action orientated Mars moves into practical security centred Taurus on Wed. Jan. 6th, this may bring up conflicts and rebellions in the masses,  as it joins with erratic inventive Uranus;  a call for breakthroughs is underway. The Last quarter Moon on the 6th, in the air sign Libra starts finishing up this lunar cycle, perhaps this is the week to formulate those new year plans and projects and launch them next week on the New Moon in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. Mercury in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus this represents impatience and arguments are typical of this aspect, so communications can be difficult to sort out this day. The weekend energy shifts and promises to be more productive as loving Venus moves into Capricorn on the 8th in the security and serious ambitious earth sign Capricorn which forms a trine to action-orientated Mars in Taurus.  Saturday, Jan. 9th, Mercury conjoins with Saturn in the air sign Aquarius perhaps instituting constructive communication systems and new plans and ideals are delineated, envisioned and underway for the near future. Mercury in Aquarius helps to bring in the new restructuring Saturnian tasks.

4th week, Jan. 18-24th, Monday charges in with the fiery Moon in Aries, the Sun transits into the humanitarian air sign Aquarius. We get more uplifted this week. Then the Sun squares the First Quarter Moon in Taurus on Wed. Jan. 20th, then action-orientated Mars in Taurus conjoins with rebellious Uranus in Taurus. This aspect may give some Taurus folks to feel more inventive around money values and finances while fear rules others who cling to the old dying order. Rebellion may ensue, as extremist and radicals have their say, however, the new directives try to find their way on this inauguration day.
This week could bring in new ideas around the security and value systems. That may be more constructive, that boost practical plans and disciplines to follow. Venus in Capricorn sextiles mystical Neptune this aspect brings good ambitious creative energy and inspiration. On Saturday, the Sun teams up with serious taskmaster Saturn in Aquarius this could bring in new disciplines; authority emerges to implement the new order.

5th week, Jan. 25th-31, Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus, on Tues. Jan 26th while the Moon is in the sensitive water sign Cancer;  this is a time to look at our problems with detachment, and compassion. The Full Moon on Jan. 28th beams in the energies of transformation and change that can be healing and transforming with Venus planet of Love joins forces with cleansing Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun conjoins with expansive Jupiter to bring in hope, enthusiasm for humanitarian concerns. Mercury at 26 degrees of Aquarius goes retrograde until Feb. 21rst. During this time, it’s best to go with the flow finish up old plans and projects, which may go in a different direction, some machinery and computer systems act up or break down as well as communication systems.
Four planets in Aquarius lining up around the 30th;  Mercury retrograde joins in the dance with the transiting Sun, Jupiter and Saturn,  We may get a better sense of life being organized in a new order amidst all of the chaos.  We must grow and mature to co-create a better destiny for humanity going forward in 2021. We are the One.
We can look at the stars for guidance but we choose to create our destiny from the knowledge gleaned from the movement of the stars.
Peace and Blessings
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