Winter Solstice, Sun in Capricorn


Yule time tidings for this Winter Solstice, the transiting Sun is in Capricorn and the Uranus square to Saturn hits for the last time this year marking a time of shifting structures in society and the world changes. Today is the shortest day of the year here in the northern hemisphere. The ruler of Capricorn, Saturn continues in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius ushering the need for humanitarian paradigms rather than the old structures. Uranus the planet of sudden changes and challenges treks through the practical earth sign Taurus which continues to create shifts and change to our materialistic world views and societal structures. Some say it signals more of an emphasis on the Aquarian Age agendas coming to the foreground, perhaps more inventions with energy and global systems to organize the masses and our resources.  2022 will bring in more positive changes for humanity’s sake as we come out of the old paradigms into the new to resolve our past experience of limitations and fear. Happy Solstice everyone.