In the Stars for February


In the Stars for February

Winter progresses forward while the transiting Sun moves through the air sign Aquarius, the water bearer.  The energy that is being poured out from the vase is representative of the creative energy of the universe. Aquarius represents humanitarian concerns, knowledge, innovations, progressive actions, and electromagnetic radiations. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus.  Aquarians those born between Jan.20th-Feb.18th, are friendly to all yet detached and aloof. Some appear to be spacy busy within their own minds. They are concerned with what is best for humanity and like to share their knowledge and compassion for others; it’s a duty with some of these folks. They like to be part of reforms, community programs those that share a futuristic vision. They are effective in overthrowing outdated conventions. Paradoxically, they can be stubborn, inconsistent, selfish, intolerant, impatient, rebellious, and conceited or concerned,  compassionate, caring peace-loving individuals. They have a large assortment of friends from all walks of life. They like groups that think like them. Yet they can be difficult to understand as they are often erratic, and hard to reach as Aquarius is a fixed air sign perhaps their minds are in the stars. They can be egoistic exploring new gadgets, ideas, as they are looking for the innovative in all things. Happy Birthday Aquarius, this year, for most you born in late January, can be challenging as Uranus in Taurus, your Sun’s ruler forms an action stress aspect. This is challenging you to change and shift your priorities, and it can be bringing changes in what you focus on, like work, purpose in life, etc. Resistance is futile so it’s best to go with the flow.

The Planetary Aspects for February- challenging new beginnings 
1 week, Feb. 1-7th, we are still basking in the Full Moon energy which occurred Jan. 28th, Mercury in free-wheeling airy Aquarius, turned retrograde on Saturday, Jan. 30th until Feb. 20th. While Mercury is retrograde; slow down, think before you strike, check machinery, as computers tend to run slow for the first week, make repairs, communications systems run into difficulty during this time. Pace yourself and all will be well.  We start Monday off with a Sun square Mars this will charge up the energy, some tempers may flare, with erratic out of the blue energy all around, watch your driving movements.  Moon in Virgo can be helpful with tasks and details but prioritize and tone down the energy. Groundhog Day may be peaceful on the 2nd, but midweek on Thursday the Last Quarter Moon in sensitive Scorpio may help tone down the energy so you can make decisions. Venus moves into Aquarius bringing in uplifting energies and unconditional love to relationships. However, clashes can happen with Venus in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus on Saturday bringing in more eruptive fixed viewpoints; moderation can help get through this day. Indoor seed planting on this weekend may bring in nurturance.

Good Fortune the Chinese New Year of the Ox
2 week, Feb. 8-14th. Monday Sun-Mercury conjunction good day for busy brainstorming, finishing tasks, Then on Wed, Mercury squares Mars in Taurus and we could get feisty, or industrious with projects and on Thursday Venus joins with Jupiter two benevolent planets helping out with love, peace and abundance. The New Moon comes in to play on Thursday 11th, charging up the energy for the start of a new Lunar cycle in the air sign Aquarius.  Friday, Feb. 12th, The Chinese New year celebrates the year of the OX a symbol of fortune and abundance. This looks like a creative Saturday with Mercury/Venus conjoining in airy Aquarius and Mars in Taurus sextile to imagistic Neptune make art, love and or dream on this weekend. Mercury Joins with Jupiter making it a highly communicative romantic Valentine’s Day on Sunday.

A Busy Active Week
3 week, Feb. 15th -21, Presidents Day charges forward with the transiting Moon in Aries stirring up the energy, back to work and action after a dreamy weekend, On Wed, Mercury in Aquarius Retrograde squares Mars in fixed minded Taurus, could bring in some more clashes with power-hungry zealots be cool as the week shows difficult transits between the Moon in Taurus squaring off with Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn will square Uranus on this Ash Wednesday. Some of the themes of freedom, power, restrictions, and limitations come to the foreground during this week. The transiting Sun shifts into the compassionate imagistic water sign Pisces on Feb. 18th hopefully bringing in mellow vibes. The First Quarter Moon occurs Friday in the air sign Gemini, a good day for ideas, review new plans and nurture what you are working on. Latter on Friday, Venus in Aquarius urges diplomacy as it squares off to war-making controlling Mars in Taurus so be aware of fixed views, debates, stay in a moderate place.  A good time to pray, meditate, rest, be self-aware on this weekend, as Mercury moves direct motion on Saturday, Feb. 20th, the Moon in the water sign Cancer helps us turn our energy inward on Sunday, Feb. 21.

Restful energies during this Full Moon
4th week, 22-28th a short month culminates with a Moon in Cancer for Mon.-Wed. helps us be more loving nurturing protective of the family loved ones and country. Mars in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn perhaps we will see the new government taking hold and strengthening itself. This aspect may show us the balance of transformation and power a hopeful stable future is underway. Mercury starts to gain momentum yet some things still need to be sorted through this week. Venus planet of diplomacy, relationships and healing, goes into the compassionate water sign Pisces, where it’s exalted. This placement exalts Venus’ power to bring in love and compassion and service. The Full Moon in the earth sign Virgo opposite the Sun in the mystical water sign Pisces brings in the drive for considerate service. This Full Moon can highlight the need for love and compassion to imbue our minds and hearts for a more harmonious healed humanity.
The stars can indicate the path but we choose how to use the energy.
Happy February,
Peace and Blessings
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