In the Stars for July

In the Stars for July

July is the mid-point of the celestial zodiac as the Sun transits through the intuitive water sign Cancer until July 22nd  and then it moves into the fire sign Leo where the Sun is the strongest. This year, the 4th of July celebrations features a hot and heavy Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in the polarity of Capricorn/Cancer. This may help us sense what the direction is that we are going as a nation to transform the obstacles and limitations we face from our own cultural history now under the scrutiny of the social microscope. Cancer rules the U.S. A.’s natal Sun, and it rules over history, Capricorn Moon represents the masses and how they feel regarding government structures and mandates; our status as a democracy is in scrutiny as Cancer rules the status of family and home and national patriotism. Look forward to a powerful Full Moon this July 4th. The Sun in Cancer encourages us to feel things out and may cause us to be more self-protective and close to home and family this month. This may aid those willing to stay at home and continue to be cognizant of taking the self- protective measures around COVID 19.

Sun in Cancer natives are sweet, sensitive and caring individuals who like to be linked to family and friends. They may be cautious with regards to new friends as they like to feel others out first. They are empathic and intuitive seeking warmth and comfort always liking to protect and defend, they make great caretakers. They like to operate from their gut feelings when making major decisions and they take their time until they feel its right. Happy Birthday, Cancer! This month is a good time to be aware and to evaluate your home, family and finances as Mercury retrograde goes over your Sun and gives you more information on how to be secure in this changeable world. The Solar Eclipse close to your Sun last month perhaps awakened the insight that this year is one of new beginnings for you. For those born later in July the current Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto aspects opposite your Sun can still feel like there is tension and obstacles to face however patience and perseverance will ride you through. Strive to be more independent where you can and be less needy and vulnerable.

Planetary Aspects for July
Mercury is retrograding now through July 12th in the water sign Cancer allows us to be more in tune with our innermost feelings and intuitions. If machinery or communications break down its Mercury Retrograde,  a time to allow for changes, delays, upsets and to institute re-routing of any plans. It’s a good time to evaluate, assimilate your experiences and research interests. Finish up any old projects you got laying around before the next push forward with your plans. New projects are best launched and information and contracts will become clearer as to what direction to take after July 12th which is the best time to make decisions and whatever messes you made during the retrograde usually come to light this first week afterwards. So go with the flow.

Venus in Gemini is moving in direct motion now which should enable one to feel more social with shopping and engaged with networking activities at least for now despite the pandemic. However Venus in Gemini helps to lighten things up and we can be curious and engaged with new values, friends, and negotiations.

Mars has moved into its own powerful fire sign Aries gives us at best the courage to move forward or the impulsiveness to charge ahead without forethought. Action orientated Mars in Aries has moved away from nebulous Neptune in Pisces which may have really clouded some of our perceptions of reality now we may start to see more clarity. The conjunction of Mars and Neptune may have re-ignited the spread of COVID 19 Mars in Pisces rules the immune system and Neptune in Pisces rules over social drinking and partying and Viruses. These two planets were in a square aspect back in late January 2020 when it started to spread worldwide.

Jupiter expands and amplifies, Saturn consolidates, and Pluto revolutionizes these planets in Capricorn are moving together this month in apparent retrograde motion. This aspect intensifies our sense of limitations placed on us by our governments. The call for change and transformation of these forms of control, i.e., governments, continues to urge the masses to demonstrate their frustration with the status quo. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 4th brings this energy to a head.  People are angry at the unfair rules of authority prevalent today as the imbalances of our inherited caste system which is now overt. By transit, Pluto in Capricorn returns to Pluto’s 2nd house natal position of the U.S. A. natal chart of 1776, thus a review of the transformative power of the governing ideas which were detailed in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are now revisited.  We currently question; are they really the values we live by? And what needs to change. A new program is underway, only time will tell. Pluto will transit into Aquarius in November of 2024. This year 2020 is a dynamic time to choose and bring about the change we want to live by in our lives.

The Lunar Phases are the times to plant, plan or launch and finish up as the cycle and seasons change.
Full Moon in the earth sign Capricorn on July 4th is good for evaluation of where your concerns reside.     
Last Quarter Moon in the fire sign Aries inspires us to move ahead, Mercury goes direct on July 12th; this is a time to finish things up, re-organize and rest up.
New Moon in emotional water sign Cancer on July 20th is a good time to start new plans and to launch new projects.
First Quarter Moon in the water sign Scorpio July 27th a time to develop new plans and projects.
And that’s the Celestial movement through the Zodiac this month. And remember the Stars can compel us but we ultimately in our wisdom make the choices.
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Peace and Blessings