In the Stars for June

In the Stars for June

Strong changes and shifts occur this month while the Sun transits through the air sign Gemini. The Sun transiting through Gemini encourages communication, networking and socializing. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which gives this sign the quality of quicksilver. Gemini loves intellectual debates, sharing information and gathering knowledge. Their minds are busy entertaining many overlapping interests and friends. They can be nervous and restless as Gemini rules the hands, arms, nervous system and lungs. Lighthearted and carefree the Gemini personality remains witty and charming throughout their lives. They can be good speakers, entertainers and sales agents as they have great conversational skills. Teaching and coaching may appeal to them as they love to express ideas on a variety of subjects. Forever youthful they and witty they like to remain active in the pursuit of new ideas. If you are a Gemini your sense of intuition and inspiration is heightened now that Neptune is squaring your Sun and helping you to perceive new ideas which Gemini loves. For those of you born around June 11th, this aspect may seem like you are breaking through the fog of confusion as this aspect moves on, it will allow you to feel aware and enlightened; this is a year for spiritual growth. Happy Birthday, Gemini!

First week in June 1-7th
The Lunar Eclipse on June 5th in the fire sign Sagittarius enhances this full moon and charges up the first weekend in June. If you are fed up being indoors this is a good weekend to travel and explore new vistas. However, be aware that many people are riled up seeking justice and so ideals are pursued without forethought but like throwing caution to the wind; the spirit of revolution is underway.  This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon has a finishing or completion point on Dec. 14th. That  New Moon in Sagittarius in Dec. has similar themes which will arise as we face the challenges of our belief systems and how to up-level them for the good of all cultures.
This is an important week full of insights and awakenings for Gemini and Sagittarius Sun signs. Sun and Venus help the first week of June with relationships; the past may seem important to some relationships as one looks back on their qualities. The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 5th heightens the energy for evaluation and making important decisions as some things are ending while others carry through to the last quarter Moon on June 12th, that can be a time you are prone to summarize life events or awarenesses.  The Sun squares Mars June 6th this aspect can bring to the collective heated tempers and competitive drives to the surface. Mars and Neptune can bring deception and illusions to or actions so be careful or avoid escapist tendencies like using drugs and alcohol however making art may be a better way to channel this energy.

Second Week June 8th -14th
This month is a time of awakening for us all as the transiting Sun in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces on June 11th it appears we are in a challenging time of uncertainty which prevails as we try to navigate through uncharted waters, so look out for confusion, illusions, deception and disappointments, and continue to take care of your immune system with both the Sun and Mars making aspects to Neptune which rules over viruses. Then on June 13th Mars in the water sign, Pisces conjoins with mystical Neptune and our actions may be coloured by imperceptible foreign forces with more to sort through after Mercury goes direct in mid-July.

Third week June 15th-21rst
Mercury goes retrograde in the emotional water sign Cancer June 18th through until July 12th. This placement will promote absorbing information and awareness through ones feeling centre or intuition this can be profound during this retrograde, perhaps idealism and memories of better times may be prevalent as well as historical memories that assail our collective at this time concerning freedom and justice for all as our nation’s Sun sign is Cancer. During Mercury retrograde phases it’s best to study, research and go with the flow rather than push the energy around major decisions. Pace yourself as schedules can change, and communications can be misleading or just hazy during this time.
Then on June 21rst, we have the Solar Eclipse/ New Moon in Cancer at the Summer Solstice the longest day in the northern hemisphere. The transiting Sun in the water sign Cancer helps us feel more deeply about family and home. This Solstice energy brings families and communities together to celebrate the return of the light to the northern hemisphere. That’s when we have the Sun’s Midsummer celebrations from the old Norse traditions which continue to this day. Its the celebration of the return of the light the as promised in Dec. 21rst  during the Winter Solstice the darkest night of the year.
This year with Mercury retrograde in the water sign Cancer, which can help us to seize the opportunity to awaken the vital role that family contributes to society and to our evolving communities. The water sign  Cancer helps direct our motivations towards home, family, patriotism and country.
This month 6 planets are in apparent retrograde motion, this adds to the intensity occurring now within the collective mind which is demanding change, reform, and freedom from the status quo as Uranus in Taurus rings the wake-up call to the authority systems of government to shift their perspectives regarding order and control. Planet Jupiter and Pluto both in Capricorn, which rules governments are conjoined magnifying the deeper transformation that needs to take place for the wholeness of our planet to prevail. These aspects can help to deepen our focus so we may learn from current events that preclude the ongoing revolution/ evolution in our collective consciousness.
This all expansive Jupiter/ Pluto in Capricorn conjunction brings into focus the demands of the collective versus the autocracy of the ruling classes as it stirs up the need to restructure our cultural belief systems and perhaps the current shake-up helps us as a collective to come to a better place to rebuild a positive paradigm to live by that includes justice for all human beings. Pluto symbolizes the processes of death, transformation and rejuvenation.

Fourth week June 22nd-28th
Neptune in Pisces turns retrograde motion June 22nd it symbolizes Illusions, fantasies and the collective unconscious. This can be felt like a dreamy time and a time for inspiration for those folks with planets in Pisces in their horoscopes.
Venus moves direct Wed. June 24th in the air sign Gemini this helps relationships improve as this transit encourages making social connections in a positive way by sharing ideas and information.
Saturday, June 28th Mars planet of energy, war and strategies charges into its own fire sign Aries and this can be felt strongly by Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn folks born in the early digress of their signs. The Moon is in the 2nd Quarter in the intellectual air sign Libra negotiating and balancing those projects and plans is a good way to use this energy. Don’t sign contracts still as Mercury is retrograde and all the facts are not in.

A dynamic month in June we get to see what our family and friends really matter to us as we have the sun in Gemini rules friendships and communications and Cancer rules families and country.
And those are the stars for this month,
Peace and Blessings

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