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Virgo/Pisces Full Moon Mercury turns Direct


The Virgo Full moon represents the height of this lunar phase and augurs the completion of the winter season and the start of spring. The full moon in Virgo is good for organizing, spring cleaning and finishing up projects. This Sun/Moon polarity helps to look at the details and also bring in more inspiration and faith into that which holds your attention. Service, multi-tasking, troubleshooter are Virgo qualities, while the Sun finishing up in Pisces fixes our attention on compassion, faith and imagination. It is best not to fall victim to the mass consciousness fears going on about the virus but stay practical by focusing on healthy routines ruled by Virgo and having the faith to feel that this too shall pass.

Mercury which rules Virgo stations direct today and begins its forward movement in the air sign Aquarius this week where it is strong in intellectual and humanitarian concerns especially those we are facing now. Mercury will shift into Pisces March 17th, again where it was when it turned retrograde last month and re-visits some of those emotional intuitive energies that concerned us then. This may be a time to clarify any confusion or messes that you have going on with your plans and projects and use caution while doing things and driving as the energy may still be erratic with unexpected surprises, schedule changes and or delays with travel plans. Some people find things that were lost during this phase of Mercury’s direct station, still, some things may still feel like a standstill but by the end of this week expect an increase in the flow of activities and commerce.

Author: Yahaira Volpe, Clairvoyant Medium

YAHAIRA is a nationally known clairvoyant medium with 30 years experience helping people heal and expand their lives. With the help of spirit guides, Yahaira shares insights on relationships, career choices, life lessons, past lives, future probabilities and deceased loved ones. Book a session by emailing Yahaira at or calling her cell at (928) 203-6461.

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