In the Stars for April

In the Stars for April
The transiting Sun in the fire sign Aries awakens us in the northern hemisphere. Its springtime and new forms, growth, and enthusiasm can step up our courage so we can brave this new world order which is upon us. Aries represents leadership, individuality, new enterprises; a pioneering spirit. This energy has a strong drive to express creativity as inspiration, for Aries Sun signs can be competitive, outgoing, driving, self-centred, confident and decisive no matter what the consequences are, for them it’s all about quick thinking solutions. Patience is a virtue, as Aries Sun signs can be quick to act then lose interest once the inspiration changes. They need to learn to follow through and choose their battles. They are warm, caring and compassionate people and like their opposite sign Libra they need teamwork and cooperation as a way to support their views. Happy Birthday Aries, shine your light keep overcoming those current challenges as Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto all in Capricorn have been creating challenging squares to your Sun. However, this week of April 1rst, the energy should feel less stressful as Mars and Saturn move into Aquarius.
Generally speaking, Mars planet of action, strategies and war conjoins with Saturn planet that represents structures, limitations, time, Karma, and obstacles both planets moving through the cool and detached air sign Aquarius, may lend a radical change to our world order, new ways of governing, new structures, strategies, for instance, some totalitarian world leaders grabbing for power and control under the guise of the COVID-19 crisis, issuing a new world order due to necessity and Radical change to the monetary systems, social services, socialism as Uranus in Taurus squares Mars and Saturn is what is happening for all as structures, business, governments; all systems of control and order are undergoing the challenge to change because of the necessity for all to be provided for while it appears to be a time for new inventions perhaps with credit from future labour as part of that economic reset.  For cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are the most tested this week. So if you have felt angry, bottled up and frustrated now things should lighten up by end of April for most cardinal signs in the last degrees of their sign. The harder you try the worse it gets, have patience find new ways to express your creativity, around the house. This month will be tough but towards the end, things will lighten up as the Sun enters Taurus bringing in more mellow solar drives for relaxation, gardening, enjoying nature and security as the government assurances support with forthcoming aid that will arrive for taxpayers.

This first week of April 1-5th – we have major planetary shifts which include Mars and Saturn conjoin in the air sign Aquarius and square Uranus in Taurus, the planet of erratic change, inventions, and rebellion. This could be the energy breaking up the social order sudden dramatic, extreme changes to the prevailing security system with governments having to issue more social type handouts in order to maintain peace and balance as things could tip over in the collective mind. Jupiter in Capricorn conjoins with Pluto also in Capricorn this week. This aspect can increase our capacity for spiritual regeneration as we hold on while the system is collapsing and new types of governments form and systems take on a new order. This aspect can reveal more of the truth of what is going on. Venus in Gemini until Aug. 8th, will trine Saturn in Aquarius this week which helps us out with detachment, friendliness and commitments to the on-going plan for our survival. Perhaps this placement of Venus in Gemini until Aug. will increase our use of the internet and social platforms can be developed as one of the new forms of business, trade, and networking now more than ever as Venus rules over relationships. This can be an inventive time. First Quarter Moon in the emotional water sign Cancer can help us with staying at home and nurturing ourselves, find alternatives for health and healing. Plan projects that can be completed by the mid-month.

April 6-12- The Libra Full Moon on Tuesday, April 7th illuminated by the powerful fiery Aries Sun is the energetic high point for this month. Libra loves cooperation and teamwork, while Aries strives for independence yet the two forces work in tandem to achieve that sense of balance between self and others. We are all in this together is the keynote of this full moon. Mercury finally moves out of emotional Pisces and enters into the fire sign Aries stirring up our passions, inspirations and the capacity for invention. Things will be get connected faster as Mercury’s role is to bring things together on the physical plane. Mars and Uranus square bringing in those forces that can disrupt things if we are not cautious and in control of our passions. This can be an accident-prone type week especially if you have natal planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius as the fixed signs are stressed this week.

April 13-19- Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn squares the Sun in Aries, plus Sun in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn square on Tues. April 14th A difficult week perhaps as tensions rise and we are anxious to finish up the quarantine, yet the Sun in Taurus helps us mellow out and feel secure and more grounded.

April 20-30- Tues. April 22 The New Moon occurs in practical security-minded Taurus, the Sun in Taurus will square Saturn in Aquarius, this aspect encourages decisions and perhaps new ideas for humanitarian causes that will give more financial security to all. This is good for new beginnings and for earth day celebrations. Mercury shifts into Taurus perhaps giving practical concerns priority on our lists of things to do. Pluto planet that represents transformation, death, and rejuvenation and recycling goes retrograde motion on April 25th until Oct. 3rd, things that are hidden may surface, the details of the pandemic are reviewed, this transit does affect larger political systems, climate change the global economy; all up of changes, transformation and renewal. These are Plutonian themes to be aware of it, as this can bring finality to our current dilemma with the structure and processes of our governments and other systems of control. A new awareness is growing as we experience a change in consciousness worldwide this year.  Sun and Uranus in Taurus conjoin forces to enable new inventive causes to emerge collectively which enable more freedoms, unexpected changes, and a push beyond comfort zones. Mercury in practical security-minded Taurus squares Saturn in detached, cool Aquarius on April 28th this aspect could make for difficult communications this week. Or things are being put out there for decision making that is not easy to understand. The First Quarter Moon enters fun-loving Leo for decisions as it squares the Sun, Mercury and Uranus, and faces obstacles as it opposes Saturn not an easy day for fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.
A lot of dramatic changes and challenges this month, be aware of alternative treatments concerning the flu and stay positive and inventive.
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