In the Stars for March

In the Stars for March

The winter season is coming to a close this month as the Sun in Pisces finishes the last cycle of the Sun’s passage through the zodiac. The Sun will enter the fires sign, Aries, on March 19th at the Spring Equinox and we begin a new cycle around the zodiac.
Pisces energy is dreamy, imaginative, hopeful and at times confusing since it is now being influenced more strongly from Neptune its ruler also moving through Pisces. This has lent more inspired energy to Pisces natives those born between March 1rst through the 18th, are feeling the full impact of Neptune on their Sun. This aspect increases spiritual inclinations, those of you who are Pisces may be feeling like this world is not as spiritual and are seeking for that illumination that most mystics search for, thus giving up some of the ego focus for a more transcendentally inspired life. For those who meditate or pray may actually experience those glimpses through interdimensional planes, and for Pisces artists and musicians may create their more inspired works during this time. If you are not leaning towards the transcendental through spiritual practices watch out for a tendency to want through escape reality through drugs, or other forms of escapism. You get to choose which reality is the most nurturing for you. The ego must surrender to the higher self and perhaps through sacrifice evolve to a new plane of self -understanding. As Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac signifying completion of the round of incarnations. Pisces natives can swing between joy and sadness quite easily depending on the influence of friends, and the environment. They can be quite sensitive to the emotions of others and are naturally empathic and psychic that is how they are wired. They love art, music and dance as they are finely tuned into the subtle energies of inspiration and universal faith in an abundant reality.  They are usually complacent, caring individuals but if they feel fearful or threatened they may shut off all in order to be self-protective that is why they often wear a mask to conceal their true feelings. They strive to be happy and are tenderhearted souls. Romantic, loveable and serviceable they make great partners and friends. The keyword for Pisces is “I Believe” faith and inspiration are what drives this sun sign. Happy Birthday, Pisces.

The Planetary Aspects for March

Mercury will turn direct March 10th, in the water sign Pisces, has been perhaps causing us to tune into our inspiration and faith in so far as we may have been feeling lost at sea with what truly drives our purposes. This has been a good time to review our life path and those plans and projects that needed to be finished before we start a new phase of exploration of our creative impulses. The week it stations may be taxing as things may have an unusual flow before it starts to move forward and establishes its rhythm this takes about a week so by March 15th things will move more easily.

Venus planet of love and relationships moves out of the ardent fire sign Aries to its own sign Taurus. Venus in Taurus encourages security, beauty, love of fine things, romance, food and money. This being the springtime, Venus would help with gardening and attention to the quality of food, relationships that are growing, and to one’s financial security. And for the earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn Sun signs this aspect will lend a beneficial aspect this month.

Mars, the planet that represents action, war, and strategies, is moving through the ambitious earth sign Capricorn where it is conjunct expansive Jupiter also in Capricorn early this month. Then Mars conjoins with Saturn and Pluto towards the end of the month when it can be more difficult to get things done. The earlier part would be more beneficial to promote one’s agenda as it conjuncts expansive Jupiter as Mars in Capricorn is exalted which increases one’s ambitions those with Mars in Capricorn in their natal charts will benefit the most as they want to start new jobs or strategies to move things forward. The earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in the early degrees of their signs will also feel the thrust of this energy beneficial to their egoic purposes.

Jupiter in the earth sign Capricorn lends an influence towards a more conservative outlook, since it’s in its fall, as Jupiter does not expand as well in this sign. Conservatism may be on the rise this year; however, the financial markets may gain the most that are practical and frugal. For those born in the earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn benefit the most from Jupiter this year. Jupiter in Capricorn will square the signs cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra bringing in some challenges to those sun sign natives. Jupiter catches up to Pluto in Capricorn at the end of the month this is a powerful conjunction involving these two heavy hitters, perhaps more explosive awakenings and restructuring are in store for the financial markets which have been erratic lately.

Saturn planet of time, karma, restrictions has been testing our strength and fortitude in the earth sign Capricorn which it rules. For those born Capricorn Sun sign natives have felt the most of the influence that this aspect as it brings up like our shadow self, fears and limitations to learn from and overcome then as it leaves our Sun’s orb we feel our faith and strength renewed. Capricorn knows perseverance and this trying time too shall pass. The important aspect here is that Saturn leaves Capricorn on March 23rd it will enter into the air sign Aquarius and stay there until July when it retrogrades back into Capricorn for the last time this year. Saturn in Aquarius has an agenda for developing detachment, order and reform for the benefit of all. Aquarius natives born early in this sign will feel the most of its influence. The fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will also feel the full strength of Saturn’s transit as they try to order their lives. Saturn tests us to order, discipline and work for the things we want.

Uranus planet of erratic changes, revolution and rebelliousness moving through the earth sign Taurus, has been helping Taurus sun signs to wake up and change things, invent new things, open up to new possibility also as it squares the fixed signs Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius who are feeling those challenges to move with the changes.

Pluto planet that in astrology represents psychological transformation, death, and renewal continues its trek through the conservative earth sign Capricorn. For Capricorn sun signs this aspect encourages a total change in ego identification, surrender, renewal are the themes that bring about the transformation into a new life perspective. For Capricorn natives, the keywords are: change, rejuvenate or die, transform yourself into a new persona, which is the benefit. Pluto in Capricorn challenges those cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer and Libra to also heed the call to transform your life.

Chiron the asteroid that represents healing the wounded self is moving through the fire sign Aries, the warrior, and for those born in the 1970s may be feeling this influence known as the Chiron return. This helps you get in touch with your true identity. Questions abound like: why am I here on earth, what is the purpose of this incarnation, how do I resolve identity issues. As they are special beings and need to have their reflection recognized in this time, known as the mid-life crisis Chiron in Aries folks may change their life path direction for something closer to the heart. If you feel the call to know thyself, know that you are a courageous, spirited warrior that can be a trailblazer in your chosen path. A new beginning starts this year.

The Lunar Cycle for March

The month starts out with the First Quarter Moon in the air sign Gemini on March 2nd, this phase of the moon focuses our energy towards communication, networking and socializing and helps us grow our projects and plans. It would be good to check and review your information and communications especially while Mercury is still retrograde.

The Full Moon occurs March 9th in the analytical earth sign, Virgo, opposite the Sun in Pisces. This lunar phase is the height of the energy for this month as we see the culmination of our plans and projects. It’s a good time to strike a balance between the outgoing energy of faith and imagination represented by the Sun in Pisces and the inward energy of service, details, critical analysis represented by the Moon in Virgo. This is a good time to review schedules, clean up your diet, and organize your concerns by prioritizing what works and what doesn’t.
Mercury goes direct at 28 degrees of Pisces. This station of Mercury will put us in a kind of suspension for this week as things may still be in a sort of holding up in the air energy. There may be still contradicting and nebulous communications and information around the fears vs the facts of the Corona Virus: is it a scare, a cover-up, or moving into a pandemic? Perhaps this will clear up more towards the end of the month as Mercury moves past its conjunction with Neptune that rules over viruses and confusion.  
The Last Quarter Moon in the fire sign Sagittarius squares the Sun in Pisces. This challenging aspect signifies a finishing up of the winter cycle and the lunar phase as the Sun moves into the fire sign Aries on the Spring Equinox March 19th first day of spring.  
The New Moon in the fire sign Aries stirs up the energy for new beginnings on March 24th.  This week can be very energetic to put plans and projects into action.
And that is this monthly report; astrology is a way to navigate the influence from the stars, as we get to choose how to direct ourselves through the passage of time.

 Peace and Blessings
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