In The Stars for October

 bjasmine-cm-libraIn the Stars for October

The Autumnal Equinox and Mercury direct are good news to start the month of October. Fall initiates the festivities we plan for the next 3 months, as we move into the last quarter of the movement through the celestial zodiac. With cooler breezes and a florid of fall colors nature beckons us to move our forces inwardly and prepare the ground for the winter slumber.  The Sun in Libra fosters cooperation, harmony and balance in relationships which helps us with social networks, negotiations and the need to offer our best services towards others. The Libra symbol expresses the Sun setting establishing the balance between night and day, between self and others. The theme for this month is harmony and balance as the planets Sun, Mercury and Jupiter trek through Libra. 

Libra is a cardinal air sign meaning it enables Libra natives to take action and to associate well with others and share their aesthetic skills by creating a harmonious balance in whatever they are doing.  These skillful communicators are adept at promoting events.  These peace loving graceful individuals will stand up for the rights of others as they are great debaters and strategists who can outsmart their opponents with their subtle powers at persuasion as they can suggest and tip the scales in the direction they feel is the most satisfying and harmonious. They make the best of friends as they are gentle, courteous but they are not push overs, if they sense any intimidation that’s when the iron hand comes out of the soft glove. Libra natives will be the most pleasing and helpful mates as they crave companionship and are happier and productive as part of a team or in their marriage at which they remain romantic and devoted to their loved ones.  Happy Birthday Libra! This year benevolent Jupiter makes a positive aspect to your Sun bringing in more confidence, hope and possibly wealth.  Uranus and Pluto continue to add tension and friction to get you to move on to a greater awareness and excitement in your life. This is a good year to grow confidence and expand your interests.

The Planetary Transits for October
Mercury now direct motion shifts into the harmony seeking air sign Libra Oct. 7th, this transit helps move things along now with grace and ease especially around networking, parties, and social events, This transit will help all those who made decisions during the retrograde phase in September to fit things into place and find balance and grace.  Communication systems, exchanges, negotiations will fare better now.
Venus continues its transit through the secretive, mysterious and intense water sign Scorpio adding some drama in relationships. Venus transits through Sagittarius Oct. 18th intensifying the need for freedom, adventure and outspokenness in relationships.

Mars moves now in Capricorn where it does ambitious work charging the forces for rebellion as it aspects Uranus and Pluto mid-month. We must watch our words carefully as faster manifestations are a direct result of this aspect Sun/Mercury in Libra opposition Uranus squared by Pluto. A dynamic week is in store for us around Oct. 12th.

Jupiter planet of expansion, wealth and growth starts off in the harmonious air sign Libra where it functions well to ease the flow of debates and social paradigms that seek justice for all during its trek over the course of  this next year.

Saturn the planet that teaches us through restrictive structure, discipline and Karma continues to move through the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius where it demands discipline through the awareness that our conceptual religious and philosophical perspectives do affect the whole collective to be wanting in freedom to explore other perspectives for ethical conduct, testing our individual beliefs. During its 2 year trek through this fire sign we can evaluate our belief systems and experience the restrictions we place on ourselves thus seek a change towards a new perspective this would establish a new footing going forward of tolerance and conscientious intellectual responsibility if we are too moralistic and restrictive we squash our potential for creativity and adventure in life for it is a personal journey.  Saturn and Neptune still in aspect square to one another were responsible for the stuck-ness we felt this summer by wondering which direction to go in. Getting out of the rut is the best use of this energy.

Neptune fosters imagination in Pisces and an acute sensitivity towards our environment. Searching for a new perception and direction has been the theme for most due to this aspect impressing our minds all summer soon there will be a release of energy which follows later in Dec. when these two planetary bodies are no longer in aspect. The path will be clear once again.

The Lunar Cycle for October
The New Moon cycle started Sept. 30th in the harmony seeking air sign Libra. This is a time to start new projects and clear out of old outdated ideas find new social outlets for your enthusiastic goals.
The First Quarter Moon occurs on Oct. 8th in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn can kick start the decisions you are making and adds strategic focus has it conjoins with Mars also in Capricorn.
The Full Moon in the fire sign Aries occurs on Oct. 15th this lunation will focus on the harmony between our self-interests as we find balance relating with others Libra Sun. The awareness gained from positive interactions in sharing initiatives may be the best result of this lunation.
The Last Quarter Moon in the water sign Cancer brings things to a close Oct. 22ndjust as the Sun enters into the intense water sign Scorpio. We are in the fall season and feelings are strong during this day. A time for transformation and inner integration while the Sun moves through Scorpio gets us to access our feelings after all the social events while the Sun moved through Libra.
The Black New Moon occurs this month on Oct. 30th in the mysterious intense water sign Scorpio. As we prepare for the fall festivities like Halloween, this is a good time to ponder the mysteries of the cycle of life, death and rebirth which the seasons represent as nature now turns its forces inward here in the northern hemisphere. The Black Moon means there are two new moon cycles these months to initiate a new growth cycle.
Peace and Blessings