Full Moon Aries/Libra

owls-in-full-moonFull Moon in the Aries/ Libra polarity lots of aspect to outer planets Mars/Pluto opposition to Mercury/Pluto,some themes around individual initiative vs cooperation, teamwork, fosters independence and negotiates. However, words may fly out of the blue which could feel rebellious- this means it will be chock full of charging activity and busy socializing, Sun/Uranus will add that electrifying energy to the mix, it could very busy day, watch your driving yet the Moon trine Saturn can aid with some cautionary flow to the days energy. This is a good time to evaluate your activities and goals that have brought you to this present date. To review your plans and project during the full moon is a good way to intuit what you may further in this current   lunar cycle which ends Oct. 22nd at the time of the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer.

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