In the Stars for January 2016

bjasmine-cm-capricornIn the Stars for January 2016   Mercury Retrograde

Happy New Year!  This calendar year 2016 resonates to the number 9 which in numerology represents: completion, compassion, love, generosity faith, travel, sharing as we finish up and start a new program in 2017. We complete another cycle of our western calendar and the last cycle of the zodiac which starts the Sun’s transit now in Capricorn and ends the winter season in Pisces.

Capricorn is a practical yet ambitious earth sign ruled by Saturn which represents, time, longevity, restrictions, limitation and karma. This makes Capricorn a serious sun sign. This passage of the transiting Sun can influence us now to be practical and pay up our debts, (those incurred last month while the Sun was in optimistic Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter Saturn’s opposite) that’s why people can get depressed during this time. Capricorn teaches us how to be resourceful with few resources and to strive for the top of the mountain of our spiritual pursuits that’s why the symbol for Capricorn is a goat with a dolphin’s tail. Through Capricorn, a soul born in this sign, will learn numerous lessons in self –worth overcoming fear;  that is how we pass through the gate of spiritual initiation that Capricorn symbolizes. Time and perseverance are some of Capricorn’s attributes like being able to see its goals come to fruition in time. The older a Capricorn is the younger they become in spirit. That is a re-born Capricorn who has conquered fear. Capricorn rules the knees, which correlates with the Capricorn drive to keep climbing, to persevere and overcome obstacles. Most Capricorns are practical, efficient, prudent, patient, persistent and ambitious. There is a strong mystical component to the evolved Capricorn who uses there psychic abilities to converse with all that is and seeks out the clarity of the truth in any matter. However, negative Capricorn traits are that they are fearful,  cold, calculating, controlling, rigid, pessimistic and conventional. They make loyal friends and can be trusted to get the job done. They are organized, executive, materialistic and conscientious dedicated towards their objectives which may be the yearning for accomplishment and recognition within their community. They key word for Capricorn is ”  I Use”. This refers to their ability to take advantage of the right moment for them to have their goals come to fruition in time. Happy Birthday Capricorn! The major planets Uranus and Pluto have been aspecting your Sun bringing in lots of changes with challenges to transform yourself, find your own truth and purpose in life to please yourself thus gain inner self worth coupled with the joy and peace that brings. This year 2016 will add completion to most of your goals and  desires so get organized and wait upon the will of the heavens.

The major transits this month are Mercury goes retrograde Jan. 6th -26th and will turn direct right on the Full Moon, in Leo/ Aquarius polarity. Mercury retrograde is a good time to research, review, edit, fix things that usually break or malfunction because this is a good time to repair as Mercury does hold things together the retrograde it gives us the opportunity to  check things out. It may be difficult to launch things as they can go in different directions. Travel but give yourself time to get to your destination without too much stress as delays are likely.

Venus continues it the idealistic Sagittarius where we continue to get a good dose of wanting to be adventurous in relationships, make them perfect and fun. Mars the planet that symbolizes actions, marital arts, war, sex and passionate drives finishes its trek through harmonizing Libra and gets intense in its own sign Scorpio for most of this month. Mars in Scorpio is strategic, resourceful and a hard worker. Action is planned and carried out with courage.

Jupiter also goes retrograde starting Jan. 8th through May 10th. Jupiter which represents expansion, wisdom, wealth, optimism benevolence and generosity will strengthen these attributes especially the details of them through the practical analytical earth sign Virgo. Service, ethics, perfectionism, analysis, and discrimination, these thought-forms may be more present in our collective mind in that we are more efficient in taking care of things especially regarding health matters, the earth’s ecology. Also, fact finding in any issue and with regards to things ruled by Virgo like agriculture, health, some sciences, writing, textiles to name a few.  Generally speaking , the energy is intensified during the retrograde period and perhaps we will learn to be ethical and not superficially discriminatory.

Saturn continues its trek through idealistic Sagittarius, we can continue to pursue our philosophy yet karmic-ally gain insight as we look at strict moral codes or strict adherence to religions that no longer serve our more enlightened consciousness. Saturn in Sagittarius can strengthen our intellectual capacity to discern the positive aspects of our morality or where it has failed us so we can set things on a better course within this 2 year transit of Saturn. Look at where your religious, philosophical authority resides if you want to know if you are reaping a positive or negative karma. Guilt may also be coming from previous beliefs and now would be the time to ferret those out. The signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are the most affected by Saturn’s transit. The more positive aspect of this transit is that you may feel like dropping burdens, finding your own authority in life and therefore feeling more focused.

The outer planet Uranus in Aries continues to form that transformative square with Pluto in Capricorn; thus shaking things up, revealing those autocratic patterns that we no longer wish to follow in terms of the way our society organizes and issues out the power paradigms. On a more personal level this square is  helping those Sun signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn to become aware of their own uniqueness and create their path as they like it this is the challenge for planets in these cardinal signs.

Neptune affects our spirituality or lack of it. In Pisces its own sign it is strengthening our imagination, psychic abilities, healing with energy or creative visualization to name a few modalities. Neptune in Pisces will bring a period of peace where the better forms of the Aquarian Age will start to be noticed this transit lasts until 2025. The way to know if you are using this energy is by seeing how creative you are with any activity. Sun signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces may be most affected by Neptune’s spiritualizing vibrations.

The Lunar Cycle for January

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Jan 2nd in the harmony seeking air sign Libra. This Saturday will feel positively good if you are prepared to clean things up and get ready for the new moon before starting any new projects. Time to think over the pleasant holidays and set forth on the new regimes you want to follow this New Year 2016.

The New Moon comes in Jan. 9th under the energy of Saturn ruled Capricorn. New ambitions may be met with some restrictions in executing since Mercury is also retrograde in Capricorn and Jupiter turns retrograde today. Patience and perseverance will see you through.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Jan. 16th in the fire sign Aries. This first square of the Moon to the Sun will feel like taking those steps forward around the new initiatives. The cycle is forming now and you can see which direction things can grow.

January 23rd shines brightly as the Full Moon in Leo now opposite the Sun in Aquarius brighten things up Leo likes to party. Under this lunar influence, we may intuit quite clearly on how our creative expression contributes to the whole. Those are the attributes of the Leo/Aquarius polarity. We may glean during this full moon in  meditation what is the meaning of this new Age of Aquarius. What are some of the examples of it in our society. Are we becoming more inclusive of all that is, and how are these objectives developing , some things to meditate on during this full moon.

The Last Quarter Moon finishes up the month and lunar cycle in the intense emotional water sign Scorpio. People tend to be quiet, hidden or secretive under this moon. This is a good lunar time to finish up projects now that Mercury is going direct motion we can really tune into what we want to move forward with in the next lunar cycle.

As  always it is wise to know the stars and to work with the energies for further growth and spirituality.

Peace and Blessings