In the Stars for December

bjasmine-cm-sagittariusIn the Stars for December
The fall season with its many beautiful colors and crisper cool weather ends this month as the Sun will move out of the fire sign Sagittarius into the earth sign Capricorn on Dec. 21rst, the Winter Solstice. It is the longest night of the year as the Sun reaches 0 degrees Capricorn in our Northern Hemisphere. As our ancestors did in olden times, traditionally we light candles as a sign of hope that the light of the Sun will return again in the spring and summer months. We honor nature’s green forests which have provided us with nurturance, shelter and warmth by adorning our homes with wreaths filled with berries and the lighted evergreen tree.
The Sun in Sagittarius lifts up our energies towards the inspirational, enthusiastic and hopeful forward moving energies. We look forward to the pursuit of our goals. The symbol for Sagittarius is the archer-shooting his arrow towards greater heights.  This mutable sign favors self-expressiveness towards the positive. Outdoor sports and activities are favored during this time.

Sagittarius sun signs are versatile folks with a sunny disposition ruled by expansive Jupiter. They love travel and philosophy. They are friendly, open-minded, outgoing, jovial and optimistic for the most part. However, they can be outspoken to the point of being tactless, irresponsible and capricious. They can appear to be on a “high-horse” or arrogant, if this energy is not tempered wisely. These encouraging people do light up a room, party or event with their broad expansive outlooks.  They make for good lawyers, theologians, teachers, diplomats, advertising agent to name a few occupations that suit their temperament. They love their freedom and may be flirtatious but settling down for them may come later in life if at all. If they are settled down they need plenty of room to be independent. Because they are restless, they may choose to be self- employed more often since they dread rigid routines and a sedentary life. Happy Birthday Sagittarius. This year may feel like you are more disciplined, dutiful and focused since Saturn aspects your Sun.  Neptune squares your Sun, challenging your focus and determination to be more practical and discerning. Some aspects of reality may be blurred so self-analysis will soften any deceptive tendencies. However, these aspects can usher in an inspiring time for you to bring forth your talents.

Mercury planet of communication is moving forward from optimistic and inspirational Sagittarius to the ambitious yet practical earth sign Capricorn. Pursuing ambitious yet practical affairs take the forefront for Dec.

Venus planet of love, relationships and values has focused our attentions through the graceful and socializing air sign Libra, and will now move into the secretive and intense water sign Scorpio on Dec. 5th. Venus will conjoin with Neptune, Dec. 6th through 20th. This aspect can throw a highly romantic yet secretive and clandestine energy to relationships. The water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will be feel more compassion and romanticism abounds.

Mars planet of war, action, strategies and sexual love will continue its trek through the diplomatic negotiating air sign Libra. Perhaps this placement of both Venus and Mars in Libra has tempered down the temperaments in the current geopolitical tensions towards patience and peaceful negotiations rather than rash outbreaks of war. However, Mars, Uranus and Pluto form a challenging T-Square which may continue to stir things up unexpectedly this month in terms of the world’s political affairs especially tension between governments. This energy continues to rise up to bring forth a challenge to the usual assumptions parties hold onto dearly. Uranus which rules sudden changes, rebellions and revolution turns direct station on Dec. 26th right after the Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas. This aspect will challenge the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn Sun sign natives to take action and grow through current struggles. On the world stage, this will heighten our emotional awareness of the current world collective struggles currently impinging on our minds since the Moon rules the mass consciousness. We may find ourselves wanting to be protective of loved ones, patriotic and somewhat fear based as Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces form a square to this energy adding a dose of fear and anxiety and challenging us to consider our beliefs, moral codes and ethics as we sort through this energy. On the one hand, we are forced to face reality and on the other Neptune deceives by confusing the issues. Turning towards escapist activities will not soothe this energy, best to intend through prayer for solutions. This aspect may alert us to face the true issue of the nature of the problems today rather than just to deceive ourselves with quick remedial strategies which are ineffective in the long run. This month will prove to be challenging in that it will force us to face ourselves as a collective in which we have to work on our inter-dependent relations world-wide. The nature of these struggles will somehow enrich our collective mind to have more of a pull towards world unity and harmony rather than focus on the differences that divide us. In short we are in the building blocks towards a more enlightened world this is an exciting time on the world stage.

Jupiter the planet that rules, wisdom, wealth and expansion is moving through the analytical earth sign Virgo helps to bring about the details of service. However it can heighten the discriminatory tendencies. We can see people getting bogged down in the details with no real solution towards harmony yet. Jupiter forms aspects to the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo and Pisces by challenging these signs towards expansion and growth.  Jupiter will move into the harmony and justice concerned air sign Libra in September 2016.

The Lunar Cycles for December
The month begins with the finishing up of the lunar cycle as the Last Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 3rd in the analytical earth sign Virgo. A difficult aspect on this day to sum things up, the Moon opposes Neptune which can make for a confusing time, yet a Moon/Saturn square may help to make decisions. Stay positive.

The New Moon occurs on Dec. 11th in the sunny inspirational fire sign Sagittarius. Bursting with energy we start a new lunar cycle full of optimism and verve. Getting new projects underway is the key for this lunar phase. Adventure, travel; we can go in many directions try to stay focused.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 18th in the mystical water sign Pisces.  The first quarter moon urges us to evaluate our progress on our projects yet this can be a dreamy day in which it’s best to put off decisions and contemplate the ephemeral and the beauty that surrounds us. The moon in Pisces can attune us to the psychic and imaginative realms.

The Full Moon occurs Dec. 25th in the emotional water sign Cancer. The Cancer/Capricorn polarity is great for sorting through intense emotions and sensitivities. We may feel vulnerable, sentimental for the good times and indulgent on food and creature comforts. Sun in Capricorn focuses us to blend that sentimentality with practicalities and realistic expectations. Perhaps this Full Moon will really bring out the best of both. The Uranus station will bring in unexpected surprising events and clarity.
Challenging times are always the best time to grow and change as we desire better for all of us- solutions will be at hand.
Astrology shows us the movement of the planetary cycles through the tropical zodiac. We can always choose the better path as we are conditioned to grow and evolve.
Let there be peace on earth.
Happy Holidays