In the Stars for December


In the Stars for December

This month offers something new this holiday season, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” and “Tis the season to be jolly”  songs we sing to welcome the holiday season all these well-wishing tidings are representative of the Sun in the enthusiastic positive fire sign Sagittarius, which is ruled by expansive benevolent Jupiter. We may be more at ease this month and able to look on the bright side of things with hopeful uplifting energy coming in mid-month.  Also, this is a good month to evaluate the ending of this stressful year and let go of all the serious sober tones generated by Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, a new beginning will start to come in after Dec. 14th  A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius points to a new way, and major shift with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius ruled by Uranus, this shift changes the ambience when these two planets shift into humanistic air sign Aquarius. New opportunities will be on the horizon in January 2021. The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius influences the month’s energy; we want to pursue forward-moving thoughts, ideas, goals and to share them with others.  Short trips are probable under this New Moon’s influence as the Sagittarian eclipse may bring about restlessness and a search for an enlightening approach in how we evaluate the passing year and look forward to the new year 2021.

Sagittarian Sun signs like to be forward-looking, outward and honest for the most part and direct in their manner. They tell it like they see it. They do see things in broad terms, boldly aiming for the stars for their success, and they tend to be confident. Jupiter rules this sign so they tend to love wisdom, philosophy, ethics, law, travel, and sports. Being goal-oriented they like to pursue their ideals fervently and can be uncompromising until they realize those ideals plus many more. They can be overreaching, confident, daring, courageous exploring life, with passion. They like to share their knowledge as they are friendly outgoing and flirtation but they desire their freedom even when they are in committed relationships. They can be flexible and co-operational with partners. This year most of them born around the second week of Dec, are receiving a spiritualizing aspect from Neptune in Pisces. This may cause them to feel confused, spaced out, or very dreamy it may be best to rest, meditate, or do creative things to channel this energy as it attunes your ego to surrender to the higher spiritual force that is tapping your consciousness now.

The Planetary Aspects for December
Week 1, Dec. 1-5th,  last night Nov. 30th, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the air sign Gemini energy brightens up the evening sky, Mercury shifts into expansive forward-looking Sagittarius, it may be hard to focus your thoughts but new ones are in the air. Venus in deep intense Scorpio trines Neptune on the 5th, this can be good for creating art, music, deep psychological discussions group healing are possible and letting go of dramas.

Week 2, Dec. 6-13th, the Last Quarter Moon on Monday in the analytical earth sign Virgo helps us to sift and sort whatever needs to be cleared up and put into place. This is a good time to make decisions if you need to be precise and finish up old projects and plans before the new moon next week. However, Wed. can be challenging to our self-esteem or vitality as the Sun squares nebulous Neptune,  things my seem blurry so go with the flow this midweek. On Thursday the solar energy picks up as the Sun trines Mars in Aries which gives us the courage and a positive streak. Mercury in Sagittarius squares mystical Neptune on Sunday, Dec. 13th, words may not match our sense of the truth on this day, as deception is possible under this influence so wait until this aspect passes to make decisions or communicate with others however writers can be inspired with words.

Week 3, Dec. 14th-20, lots of activity this week Solar Eclipse new Moon in Sagittarius will awaken those folks born mid-month between the 12-19th in the signs Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces may feel a lot of energy this week. Mercury in Sag. trines Mars in Aries on the eclipse day adding to the action and energy flow on this day. On Tues. 15th, Venus planet of love, relationships and values, moves out of intense Scorpio and into the ardent fire sign Sagittarius, stepping up the feelings of love, romance adventure and travel. Saturn shifts into the air sign Aquarius on Wed. and so does Jupiter on Saturday new energy comes in for humanitarian concerns, this is a big event for these two planets to ride together as they represent contrasting forces of expansion (Jupiter) contraction (Saturn) the last conjunction was 20 years ago;  what were you doing then? The year 2000 did bring many social-cultural changes with the increased use of cell phones, laptops and an increase in our internet communication habits while Jupiter and Saturn were in Gemini ruled by Mercury. Now in Aquarius, the planetary energy that influences Saturn and Jupiter is erratic Uranus and karmic Saturn in the first 10 degrees of this sign, between Dec. and March 2021, expect there to be an increase in innovations, progressive and unpredictable changes which can be ethical, broadminded social reforms and movements around the globe, the way by which we govern and order our systems will come hopefully under progressive innovations. We got about 2 years of this planetary change to look forward to. We may find new ways to work with free energy like Wi-Fi that Nikola Tesla left for us to use and develop.  These technologies might have more to say about the nature of “the Age of Aquarius” being about social reforms in the order balance and connect organizations due to changes in technology and with the climate, energy resources and other innovations. Jupiter shifts into Pisces May 2021 while Saturn stays in Aquarius until March of 2023. Mercury enters Capricorn Sunday, Dec. 20th a more practical approach to doing things are in order.

Week 4, Dec.21-27th, the Winter Solstice, the longest night is when Sun enters 0 degrees of Capricorn in the northern hemisphere, the first day of winter, and a First Quarter Moon in fiery Aries steps up the energy to launch projects and plans, exercise patience under this lunar phase. We continue to celebrate the return of the light, by putting lights on the evergreen tree of life, as in the old Nordic traditions which are part of our Holiday season.  On Dec.24th,  Mercury and Uranus trine bringing in more innovative ideas and erratic energy so pace yourself on this Christmas eve. Christmas Day the Moon in Taurus brings in mellow and comforting energy for us to slow down and appreciate what we have and to share our goodwill with others.

Week 5, Dec. 28 – 31,  the major aspect is the Full Moon in the emotional water sign Cancer, bringing in the intuitive ability to empathize with others and review the type of history we made this year, a good time to appreciate and evaluate, your home, security, family and ancestors. New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31rst has the Moon opposite Pluto square Mars and then Saturn and Jupiter major aspects while the Moon is in Leo, we may not be jovial as we take stock of our feelings looking back then forward to the new year’s challenges and changes to come.

Happy Holidays
Peace and Blessings

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