In the Stars for October

In the Stars for October
The fall season is here with cooler breezes and changes in the foliage. Nature is so beautiful this time of the year, as the natural forces turn inward in getting ready for the hibernation time that is winter. The Sun in the air sign Libra marks the Equinox that is equal days and nights on September 22nd, around the Harvest Full Moon on October 1, The Full Moon will be in Aries, charging up the energy this first week of this month. Mercury goes retrograde mid-month and we have two full Moons lighting up the night sky.
 Sun sign Libra folks are generally active, social creatures who love to share their intellect with others. They stand for cooperative action, approval-seeking, and impartial attitudes as they know there are two sides to each story. They do seem to carry the scales of justice with them as they are always helping to strike that equal balance and arbitrate for others. They are pleasant, serviceable, and principled people. They are skillful arbitrators, persuasive and skillful opponents. Yet they rely on intelligence and diplomacy to get their way. They are romantic, playful mates who need companionship and do best with working in teams on most endeavors. They have a high sense of aesthetics and sensitivity for the Arts. Happy Birthday Libra, this year Jupiter and Saturn moving out of Capricorn will bring relief, and greater strength and ease next year when these two planets move into Aquarius and start to trine your Sun a beneficial aspect.

The weekly planetary aspects for October
1 week, 10/1-10/4th, Full Moon in Aries on Oct. 1rst charging up the energy with a theme of independence versus cooperation, Aries/Libra polarity. New ideas that involve the cooperation of others and their input. Friday, Oct. 2nd, Venus planet of love, relationships, and health it moves into Virgo giving us that extra dose of analysis, perfectionistic discriminating tastes with regards to business partners and associates. This may not be a good time for romance but one of the practicalities this month. Sunday, Oct. 4th powerful Pluto moves direct motion this may finish up those power struggles, things that need to be revamped, destroyed and re-birthed. In the ambitious sign Capricorn, it affects governmental structures on a global scale. This is also a time where some souls decide to transit to the other side, with both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are moving direct.

2nd week, 10/5-10/11, Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus this stressful aspect can be tough on us Wed. 10/7, perhaps expect unexpected results, watch your nerves, watch your mouth, and anxiety and going around the corner. Be patient with everyone for it can be a wacky tempo as Mars in Aries retrograde squares Pluto in Capricorn. On Friday, we have the Last Quarter Moon in the emotional water sign Cancer. Perhaps a time to finish projects, secure your home front, get ready for exciting changes as Venus trines Uranus on Saturday with the Moon in Leo some may find a bit of romance in the air. The Sun in Libra square Jupiter in Capricorn on Sunday, be aware that you may be over striving after desired results.

3rd week, 10/12-10/18, this may be a difficult week Mercury in Scorpio goes retrograde from 10/13 until Nov.3rd,  election day, so there will be miscommunications, delays, computer glitches for this time it’s best to go with the flow, fix whatever breaks down and stay away from all the conspiracy theories that are based on unsubstantiated fears and whimsical thinking. Also, on the 13th, The Sun in Libra opposes Mars in Aries retrograde, Sun squares Pluto on Thurs. 10/15 and the New moon in the positive air sign Libra may help us have some clarity to this weekend. On Sunday, 10/18, we have a lot of aspects that are difficult: Sun square Saturn working within or around limitations and obstacles, Mars in fiery Aries retrograde squares Jupiter in ambitious Capricorn means we need to curb our desires for the time being, but it can give us strength and courage and Venus in Virgo opposes mystical Neptune in Pisces makes for blurry, confusing perceptions around relationships,  some folks may want to find healthy escape hatches on this Sunday.

4th week, 10/19-10/25, Venus trines Jupiter on Monday brings some optimism later in the day Mercury retrograde opposes erratic Uranus in Taurus can bring unexpected events, surprises stuff coming up from the hidden realms regarding secrets, money, values, and strategies. Critical Venus in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn on Wed. 10/21. This can bring up patterns of obsessions with karmic relationships as you may be trying to exit them or find closure during this time. The Sun shifts into the intense water sign Scorpio Oct. 22nd this shifts the energy as water signs can make for more of an emotional intuitive time. Scorpio puts us in touch with the never-ending forces of nature of life, death, and renewal we see that in nature this time of the year. You may feel more of the mysterious forces around you this time of the year one of our favorite times we observe this is on Halloween.  Venus in Virgo trines Saturn in Capricorn on Saturday, this may help with keeping things in their proper perspective, and or organized and tidy. Sun in Scorpio and Mercury in Scorpio may be good for research into occult subjects or hidden information or self-help systems like meditation and yoga, on this Sunday.

5th week, 10/26-10/3, Mercury retrograde shifts into the air sign Libra and so does Venus, both in Libra may help us negotiate better, bring in more truth and justice to our communications and relations with others. On Saturday 10/31, The Full Moon in the earth sign Taurus on Halloween will make for an illuminated night sky if your trick or treating, Sun in Scorpio opposes erratic Uranus in Taurus can reveal something unexpected on this night. Stay safe as always on Halloween. Set your clocks to fall back one-hour Saturday night for Nov. 1.
And that is the celestial flow this month which looks challenging better shifts and changes in mid-November.
Peace and Blessings