In the Stars for February

In the Stars for February

The transiting Sun is in the air sign Aquarius the water bearer. This energy is focused on uniqueness in things and in other others. The symbol of a person pouring what are waves of energy out of a vase this represents the message that all energy is around us and there is knowledge to share and to attune to in this universe. This represents the Age of Aquarius were we do perceive at a Quantum level.  During this time we can promote original ideas that promote the well-being of humanity. This month can be a great time for reformations, creative expression and learning about alternative energy sources, as we see the ongoing Saturn/ Pluto conjunction in Capricorn continues to demonstrate the needed changes we face with our governments, resources and energy systems. Change is in the air! 
Sun sign Aquarians are friendly outgoing folks who love to share their ideas and concepts. They are usually friendly in a detached way, which means they don’t get too attached to their relationships. As they like to be centred in their minds. Every Aquarian is a rebel at heart: These air signs despise authority and anything that represents conventionality. Free-spirited and eccentric, they can often be identified by their offbeat fashion sensibilities, unusual hobbies, and nonconformist attitude.  They are interested in unusual things and can be principled about their beliefs. Some of them like to play games and can be witty friends. Uranus has been forming a challenging square to those Aquarians born between Jan. 21rst thru Jan. 31. This sets up a challenge to move with the changes needed and to break free of old beliefs that no longer serve your growth. This is a good time for Aquarians to break free and expand their awareness. This also affects Aquarius rising signs. Uranus planet of sudden changes, wake up calls and out of the blue energy, can cause dramatic, or crisis type situations it depends on whether you get the message and accept the new possibilities and move forward. Happy Birthday, Aquarius!

Planetary Aspects for February
It’s that time again for Mercury Retrograde, this time in the water sign Pisces. This placement steps up our imagination, dreams and faith. Strengthen your beliefs in your dreams as Mercury moves through Pisces.  Mercury will retrograde until March 10th where it will be moving through the last degrees of Aquarius. During this time it’s good to finish up old projects, research, work at organizing or fixing things that do tend to break down. Plan ahead if you are travelling give yourself plenty of time as schedules can change or people change their minds, so expect delays. Often it is not a good time to start things, or sign contracts as things or details may change later after Mercury goes direct is the best time after March 10th.

Venus the planet that rules relationships and values, is moving through the imaginative water sign Pisces for the first week of Feb. where it has been in aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This colours Venus’s urge to be compassionate and empathic towards others. Then on Feb. 8th, Venus will shift into the fire sign Aries where it can charge our passion, romance and leadership in relationships. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.   

Mars planet of action, energy and force is moving through the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius. Bringing forth many goals to pursue, and charging up the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will benefit from this placement this month. Mars squares Neptune so this may represent low immune functions concerns with viruses continues. Some may be experiencing low self-esteem and negative feelings of guilt or shame. Neptune urges us to rise to the spiritual plane to shift these negative energies. Mars moves into Capricorn Feb. 16th it gains more power under this sign this will increase our ambitions and drives.

Jupiter planet of growth, expansion, luck and wealth is moving through the conservative earth sign Capricorn.  It will come into aspect with Saturn and Pluto later this month. Some may find that their finances are curtailed or that their desires to expand their ambitions are up in the air. Saturn will move into Aquarius in March bringing great relief to most Capricorns, as they are likely to do better once this aspect as passed. So if you are not doing as well under this aspect preserver as it will pass. Saturn calls for caution and Pluto for transition and transformation. Saturn can magnify your internal fears about the future or whatever you are engaged in.  Most Capricorn natives are experiencing this aspect the most out of all the other signs. So it can signal a time to wait and see what is most important to change or to simplify one’s expenditures and interests. Capricorn is a conservative sign although ambitious. Plan ahead this year Capricorn. This month’s planetary energy may still be still causing you to feel sluggish as these planets exert intense energy some may experience a dulling yet tense energy, fears, difficult health, or lack of opportunity. Best to follow good health routines this winter.

Uranus planet of sudden changes in the materialist earth sign Taurus is challenging Taurus and Leo and Scorpio and Aquarius natives to change with the times. New values are forming within your consciousness about monetary values, leadership and transformation.

Neptune in its own water sign Pisces continues its trek now through the mid degrees affecting Pisces natives born between March 1rst through the 10th. So if you were born during this time you can feel dreamy, inspired, or just confused about reality. It’s a good aspect to let go of your ego and accept the spiritualizing force Neptune bestows on your Sun. A time of awakening to the spirit within you.

The Moon Phases
February 1rst we begin the month with the First Quarter Moon in the practical earth sign Taurus. The Moon squares the Sun in Aquarius so there may be a drive to take action, reform and look after one’s security. 

Full Moon in the fire sign Leo Feb. 9th, this is the highest energy this month the moon illuminates the night sky. This is a good time for the evaluation of leadership concerns, creativity and having fun this weekend. 

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Feb. 15th in the intense water sign Scorpio, this is a good time to meditate on decisions, things are deeper are revealed. The solar energy shifts as the Sun moves into the mystical water sign Pisces Feb. 18th. This increases our awareness of our feelings and mystical leanings. This is the last phase of the winter season, therefore, finish your winter hibernation and get ready to plant new seeds for the spring season ahead.

New Moon in Pisces Feb. 23rd ushers in a new beginning, in Pisces the vision and inspiration will come into play. This is a leap year, so we have an extra day on the 29th the Moon in Taurus stabilizes the energy for those born on this day. 

Peace and Blessings 
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