In the Stars for January 2020



In the Stars for January 2020

The New Year 2020 ushers in a new decade which resonates with the number 4 in numerology. This number 4 stands for organization, structure, and grounding. The 20 stands for spiritual breakthrough being the number of awakening. The outer planets set up a strong force that will continue to manifest planetary earth changes and openings in the expansion of our consciousness through whatever calamities force us to change our ways of using the planet’s resources. Thus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus form a beneficial aspect. We will continue to see the status quo changing, perhaps collapsing in governments, rebellions, as we restructure our values given the challenges humanity faces in this decade. Some of the keywords are: change through destruction, re-structuring, salvaging of resources. We will see this, particularly in governments, perhaps the monetary systems of some countries. This winter will be intense weather-wise especially the first weeks of January particularly so with Saturn and Pluto forming a tight conjunction. The North and South Nodes of the Moon will also plug into this energy causing uncertain changes in direction. So hold onto your seats as we move forward in this New Year. As more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions continue to increase. Nature does have a way of speaking that is in finding its balance, watch for solar activity to be at the heart of matters concerning the earth changes. On a scarier note, countries where despots rule will increase their saber-rattling as nations strive for better conditions. This winter rise above the chaos and turn your energy inwards and listen to your intuition.

Capricorn, the sea-goat, is primarily a cardinal earth sign ambitious, disciplined, and executive action, shrewd and forever climbing towards the next challenge to overcome. The fishtail of this sign represents its origins in water, being sensitive to feelings, currents, and energy,   the sea represents the subconscious of the re-incarnation mind or Jiva mind as described in the Vedas. Capricorn knows how to use all the resources in order to make the best of all things. This sign is ruled by Saturn the lord of crystalline structures, time or karma, limitations, restrictions, discipline and the ruler of the tenth house of career in the natal chart. Capricorn urges the soul to better itself regardless of the conditions it is born into.  To use caution before proceeding Capricorn waits for the right opportunity before taking action. This Sun sign has strong instincts, status-seeking drives, materialism depending on the soul’s age, and possibly conservative attitudes. For those born between Jan.1rst and the 20th are still receiving the intense energies of the Saturn Pluto conjunction which urges them to change and surrender to the higher self and let go of the ego. Some may experience frustration and limitation whilst others let go and surrender to their higher- self. It’s a time to cleanse, simplify and restructure one’s life purpose. Happy Birthday, Capricorn!

The Planetary Aspects for January

In the first week of January, both Mercury and Jupiter are in conservative Capricorn this aspect may broaden our practical constructive concepts and intellectual insights. Jupiter now moving through the first degrees of Capricorn may give more conservative views and carefulness with money matters. Investments that are practical are likely to benefit. Venus moves through the humanitarian sign Aquarius enhances caring for others’ welfare by being objective and perhaps detached with our interactions. Mars finishes its trek through its own sign Scorpio where it can amplify our actions and drives with forcefulness and power and forms a beneficial sextile to Saturn and Pluto this first week of January. This is an energetic first week. The Moon is in the second quarter phase in the charging fire sign Aries adding energy to our plans and project.

The second week January 6th – 12th, we gear up for the strong Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in the water sign Cancer. This full moon increases our feelings for home and country; it opposes the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. Perhaps we sense our true feelings about the way the collective feels. Then Uranus planet of sudden changes, rebellions, unusual dramatic energy charges turns direct in the earth sign Taurus. Jupiter and Uranus conjunction can bring about challenges with the economy and environment.

The third week January 13th – 19th, Mercury planet of communications moves into Aquarius where it is exalted, lifts up the energy which is likely to increase our inventiveness and ability to be objective see the whole picture from a progressive point of view. This will increase the flow of communications and networking. The Last Quarter Moon occurs in the air sign Libra which gives us a more balanced view of our relations and values. Then moves into the intense water sign Scorpio and opposes Uranus this may increase ill-timed changes based on unclear emotional reactions, so use caution on this day as it erratic energy moves quickly. This is a good time to finish projects as we get ready for the new lunar cycle starting next week. Venus planet of love and values moves into the compassionate mystical water sign Pisces where it can increase our feelings and sensitivity towards others in a loving way.

The fourth week January 19th – 25th, The Sun moves into the intellectual air sign Aquarius bringing in the progressive, humanitarian compassionate and generous energy of this sign. We may feel uplifted from the heavy energy of Capricorn earlier this month. This is a progressive positive air sign increases our awareness of social reforms and the community. The New Moon occurs January 24th in the air sign Aquarius and forms a challenging square to Uranus planet of sudden changes. This can step up the energy for collective reforms this month. The Chinese New Year occurs January 25th it’s the year of the Rat,  a sign of wealth and good fortune.

The fifth week January 26th – 31rst, Venus in Pisces joins with Neptune in Pisces strong currents are created for romance, compassion, imagination, and caring of others,  this may help our relations and spiritual aspirations good for artistic projects where we may drift off into a beautiful picture of life and not see the illusions.

Astrology teaches us about cycles and how to understand the celestial energy of the zodiac as we choose how to use the energy.

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