In the Stars for September



In the Stars for September

The end of the summer season is upon us once again within the cycle of the zodiac, with the Sun transiting through the practical earth sign Virgo. This sign is symbolized by the virgin holding a hyacinth in one hand and a stalk of grain in the other. The flower for the purity of mind and the grain represents the potential for fertility. This month will be a time to be busy, working out the details of projects and being of service. Cleaning up the gardens as we ready for the harvest time on September 23, the Fall Equinox.

Virgo Sun sign natives are practical efficient and process orientated. They may lose themselves in the details of things as they do get very involved with their projects. They have an eye for detail and at times vigorous critics. Virgos are modest gentle and somewhat reticent individuals yet always wanting to be of service and help their friends and colleagues.  Some more often worry too much, about everything diet, health and hygiene are important to them. The powers of discrimination are almost a talent of Virgo and they can discover what most people miss in the details. They are more often intellectuals wanting to share ideas with most whom they regard in high moral esteem. There is something about the purity and wit of their minds that makes them irresistible to engage ideas with. Happy Birthday, Virgo. This month is an important time with the Jupiter/Neptune square and Saturn Pluto trine affecting most Virgos born around Sept. 7-14th. Be aware of delusional thinking; get rich quick schemes that this aspect can incline one to believe blindly. However, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in ambitious earth sign Capricorn can auger great changes but with caution and discipline vs destroying and letting go of things. For those who are stuck in a rut, this energy can certainly help to dispel the myths and clear the way for practical action.

The Planetary Energy Shifts for September
All of the planets Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are transiting through Virgo for the first two weeks of September that is a strong focus of energy, called a T-square involving a square by Jupiter and an opposition by Neptune. This can be felt like busy energy doing things yet not totally clear on where things are headed. Remember Virgo likes to keep busy analyzing and categorizing the details but may not quite see the big picture as Jupiter and Neptune can cause a blurring effect this month. These aspects affect mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.
However, Saturn/Pluto in the earth sign Capricorn will continue to lend a cautionary hand to Virgo’s impulsive energy to keep doing things in a practical and efficient way.
The earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are affected most strongly by Saturn/Pluto affecting them to pursue the course of change and transformation and restructuring their lives.

Uranus continues its trek through the fixed earth sign Taurus. This planet of revolution and dramatic change is affecting the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius mostly to wake up and shift their egoistic perspectives. On a bigger stage, Uranus will bring changes to global economies in the next several years particularly the value of money and the cryptocurrencies are more evident now. But Uranus likes dramatic change so beware of the innovative until it becomes accepted by all the powers that be.

The water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are more apt to find enlightenment or dissolution as Neptune transiting through Pisces the sign it rules increases imagination, creativity, psychic perception, dreams and more, be aware that not all is as it appears to be with Neptune. Yet surrender is a good way to release energy that is no longer useful and thereby gain a more mystical perception.

The energy shifts mid-month as the planets move through the air sign Libra and we observe the Fall Equinox a turning of the forces as the Sun moves towards the southern hemisphere.  Saturn in Capricorn turns direct motion on Sept. 18th this shift for Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn sun signs will set up what structure, discipline or tasks you will follow for the next 6 months. /Pluto so we can expect more energy of action, communications and swift decision making. Libra energy likes to weigh things and negotiate what is fair to all, perhaps better communication information and negotiations late this month.

The Lunar Cycles- when to grow your projects and plans this month.

New Moon Aug. 30th starts the lunar cycle in the practical earth sign, Virgo. The weekend is better as the new energy focuses through Libra which likes to be social and pleasant to all. This is the time to start projects and launch them.

The First Quarter Moon on Sept. 5th focuses the energy through Sagittarius bringing in a charge to follow up on goals or setting them forward. Try to keep a focus on which ones as Sagittarius energy can scatter on too much all at once.

The Full Moon, Harvest Moon on September 13th will be high energy for Pisces/Virgo. Lending illumination to those who are focused on being faithful, hopeful and dedicated to service for the good of all are characteristics highlighted by this Full Moon.  For those who are health conscious, this is a good time to fast and cleanse.  The Full Moon energy can reveal a great many things through the agency of dreams, psychic impressions, and imagination. Tread cautiously this weekend as all may not be what it appears to be.

The Last Quarter Moon arrives September 21rst in the witty air sign Gemini. This energy steps up the mental forces for networking, making decisions and finishing up projects.

The New Moon cycle starts September 28th, in the harmonizing air sign Libra a time to apply one’s ideas for better relationships with close ones and associates. Libra loves teamwork.

Happy Fall Season
Blessings Yahaira