Sun in Sagittarius, Mercury Direct, Winter Solstice


In the Stars for December
This is the last month of the fall season, as the Sun moves through the fire sign Sagittarius. This fire sign brings in the energy for aspiration, enthusiasm and self-expressiveness. Ruled by Jupiter the ideas of grace, joviality, friendliness, versatility, adventure, philanthropy and it’s no wonder we anticipate a jolly old man with toys during this season. Morals and ethics, religions and spiritual concepts are linked to this sign.

Sagittarius Sun signs are folks who can aim for many different goals, they may be armchair philosophers, travellers, revellers; freedom loving people. They make good teachers since they like to espouse their dogmatism, versatility of ideas and points of view. Jupiter bestows the energy of grace, optimism, good luck and faith. The love of nature, adventure and pleasure are hinted at by the centaur shooting its arrow reaching for higher goals. As every sign has its upside, the downside is they can be arrogant, dogmatic, tactless, irresponsible, indecisive and capricious. Sagittarius natives are high-minded individuals who are honest and straightforward. They seek the truth in the most profound sense and speak the truth as they believe it to be. They are free spirits who are outgoing and friendly yet sometimes candid and short on tactfulness.  Happy Birthday Sagittarius, this year Jupiter which rules Sagittarius is in its own sign bringing in the forces of confidence, vitality, and optimism, so try not to indulge too much this year as Neptune in Pisces squares your Sun which is good for inspiration but maybe not help with decisions as you may feel dreamy, and for some there can be a loss of vitality and unrealistic expectations.

The Planetary Aspects through December
1rst week, Dec. 1-2nd. Mercury still in apparent retrograde motions moves into the intense water sign Scorpio and so does Venus both these planets in Scorpio can deepen our thought processes and relations as we are encouraged to deepen our sense of intimacy, inner resources, and we may feel secretive or jealous and try not to be blunt and sarcastic in relationships.

2nd week, Dec. 3-9th, The New Moon occurs Dec. 6th in the fire sign Sagittarius; this may bring lots of plans and ideas to the surface. Mercury turns direct motion in Scorpio but be aware that things may not flow as easily yet until around the 9th. if you are planning to start projects this would be the time to move forward as things will flow more easily.

3rd week, Dec. 10-16th, Mercury moves into Sagittarius stepping up the energy for ideas, and reforms. The First Quarter Moon occurs Saturday, 12/15 in the mystical water sign Pisces. A dreamy day good for creative work like music and art making. We may feel foggy minded best to avoid big crowds if you’re travelling about making purchases.

4th week, Dec. 17-23, The Winter Solstice on Friday 12/21 The transiting Sun enters Capricorn, and we start the winter season, celebrations with the lights and adorning the evergreen tree. A time to hope for the light to return in the spring especially in the northern hemisphere. The longest night and shortest day. The transiting Sun in Capricorn brings in more grounded energies and we may feel more ambitious and constructive to embark upon our tasks and projects.  The Full Moon in Cancer occurs Sat. 12/22 a good time to balance between sensitive emotions and practical considerations. A high energy weekend as Moon opposes the Sun and Saturn both in Capricorn.

5th week Monday 12/24, the transiting Moon in the fun-loving fire sign Leo will benefit those celebrating the holidays this Christmas, most will feel like having celebrations this week, especially if you are travelling and enjoying the gift exchanges.  The Last Quarter Moon occurs Sat. 12/29 in the harmony air sign Libra, some may feel like resting or finishing things up as we get ready for the New Year celebration the Moon shifts into the secretive quiet water sign Scorpio and Mars enter its own fire sign, Aries, both will intensify the energy on the 31rst, New Year’s Eve.

This year has been intense but we continue to push forward with our ideals now that Jupiter is in Sagittarius, we may feel more courageous and optimistic while Saturn in Capricorn strengthens us for any task we must engage in.
And that is the report for this month as we continue to live through the cycles of time. Happy Holidays.
Peace and Blessings