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New Moon Virgo



New Moon in Virgo we start a new lunar cycle for growth this month. Virgo focuses our energy towards the fine details of things, love of home and gardens. Great energy for analysis of all kinds. New projects started this week will have a good chance of growth and development, just don’t get lost in the details. Saturn in Capricorn helps focus the energy for plans created now for the next 5 months.

Author: Yahaira Volpe, Clairvoyant Medium

YAHAIRA is a nationally known clairvoyant medium with 30 years experience helping people heal and expand their lives. With the help of spirit guides, Yahaira shares insights on relationships, career choices, life lessons, past lives, future probabilities and deceased loved ones. Book a session by emailing Yahaira at or calling her cell at (928) 203-6461.

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