In the Stars for September


In the Stars for September

The summer season winds down now that the transiting Sun is in Virgo and will shift into Libra on Sept. 22 at the Autumnal Equinox. The Sun’s force starts to diminish as the days grow shorter and cooler and the night grows longer. Nature starts to wind down in expectation of the rest of winter. Each year these cycles repeat themselves with consistency and we count on nature to maintain these celestial cycles. The Sun in Virgo brings us to the process of the evaluation getting to the critical details and gestation of the year’s production. This is a good time to evaluate your work productivity, clean up the garden, and spend time sorting what is useful from what is no longer relevant.
Virgo being a strong analytical earth sign focuses the energy on what is methodical, productive, and sensible. Doing a perfect job, taking a logical perspective, and acquiring facts and data are strong characteristics of the Virgo native. Virgo ruled by Mercury, stands for purity, and a discriminating mind as they love to sort and organize things. They are modest, efficient workers, and loyal friends: being of service makes them happy. They are fond of nutrition, gardens, pets any volunteer service. Writing provides them with a great outlet for their organizational talents. A serene countenance makes them approachable and they are likely to be thoughtful and serviceable. Happy Birthday, Virgo, let your creativity flow this year Saturn lends a beneficial trine to give you security and good opportunities will come if you have waited for that promotion. Uranus in Taurus lends more of an electrifying change to Virgo seeking to express in a new way, and Pluto in mid-degrees Capricorn continues to help transform those limiting belief structures.

The Planetary Aspects for September
1rst week, 9/1-9 Labor day celebrations are a good time to evaluate ones hard work for the summer, and the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, is a good time to work through any ideas and to fashion a new perspective going forward this month. Mercury now direct shifts into its own sign Virgo where it works the best with information and planning, plus a trine with Saturn this mid-month increases productivity. On Wed. 9/5, on Thurs. 9/6 Saturn stations direct in Capricorn this is a significant station as Saturn represents the time track to follow for the next 6 months. Decisions on what course to take on matters are likely to happen this week. This means that you can plan on working in a certain way moving forward with your ambitions and organizations. The last quarter moon ends the previous monthly cycles and is a good time to clean up and ready oneself for the new burst of energy next weekend when the New Moon occurs in Virgo on Sunday 9/9. Venus shifts into the intense water sign Scorpio, a time to get deeper into the value of relationships and cleanse any dark emotional stuff this month while Venus moves through Scorpio.

2nd week, 9/10-16, Mars moving forward now,  shifts into the progressive yet fixed air sign Aquarius where it focuses us to bring in the new, innovative and or weird strategies those that support freedom.  Venus opposes Uranus planet of rebellion and change, this aspect may affect current monetary values, compulsions, or any psychological processes that are up for cleansing. Sudden changes could end relationships that just don’t grow any longer or may end abruptly or contracts don’t hold well.   Thursday 9/13 may be good for creative work that allows your imagination to soar, as Mercury, in its own sign, Virgo opposes mystical Neptune in Pisces this could be a dreamy type of day. The First Quarter Moon arrives 9/16 Sunday in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius and we may find ourselves motivated to pursue forward moving causes, travelling in order to find something fascinating as Sagittarius likes to roam around. This is likely to be a good weekend for parties, celebrations, rallies or to travel to new places.

3rd week, 9/17-23rd, Tues. 9/18may bring up some challenging energy Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus challenging our patience and tolerance of others views. Some may experience sudden movements it can lead to being accident prone.  The energy shifts this weekend Friday Mercury shifts into Libra where diplomacy and sensible reason influences our mentality. The Sun shifts into harmonizing air sign Libra ushering in the Autumnal Equinox fall arrives and we can enjoy the equal balance of daylight hours and night, yin and yang, male and female; equality for all.

4th week, 9/24-30th, the Full Moon occurs at 2 degrees Aries, this fire sign will stir up the forces between the fire and air, Aries and Libra which represent the balance between the individual and the group, finding a balance is the goal of this Full Moon, imagine being on a sea-saw –it takes cooperation to move it up and down between two poles. A fun creative time which culminates this cycle, the bigger shift this week is Pluto in the serious sign Capricorn turns direct motion, this may signal the processes of change and transformation to begin, the cycle of birth, maturity and death continue and life undergoes the re-birth each spring. Pluto stations can be intense times for souls to leave the earth plane close to this planetary station those souls ready for the next adventure.

As always astrology shows us the celestial influences through the zodiac, we get to choose how to use the energy by understanding the aspects and characteristics through the signs.
Peace and Blessings

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