Sun in Leo, Mercury Retrograde



In the Stars for August

The transiting Sun moving through Leo in the zodiac this transit increases the solar fire as the Sun is exalted in Leo. The Sun has reached its point of exaltation and we feel the effects of this high energy with the weather being hot, muggy and long days and short nights are still to be experienced in the northern hemisphere.  Leo energy can bring into play a more fixed, rigid view to our perspectives. The more obvious traits of Leo are, a burning enthusiasm of fire coupled with the powerful expression of its fixed nature. As Leo is ruled by the powerful Sun, Leo natives feel they need to be the centre of attention. They are creative, graceful, dignified, proud, determined and dramatic individuals. The more evolved ones are generous, enthusiastic, and concerned for the welfare of those they lead. They can be warmhearted and shine forth their light as they can be noble in the causes they promote, and excellent organizers. However, they can be, if not as evolved, conceited, snobbish, intolerant, patronizing, dogmatic, needy, loud and pompous. The challenge this year for Leo natives is Uranus squares Leo for those born later in July this can bring into play the energy needed to move forward and shine in your spotlight. Jupiter squares Leo natives born in Aug. this aspect can help grow and expand your consciousness. Happy Birthday, Leo!

The Planetary Transits for August

1rst week, Aug. 1-5th, Mercury in the fire sign Leo is retrograding until Aug.19th, this is a good time to get things organized, do some research on things you may want to investigate or consider for future plans, evaluate this summer’s awareness and growth patterns within your own life, pace yourself with appointments, schedules can change, tempers may flare as Uranus in fixed earth sign Taurus squares Leo later this week as it starts it retrograde motion. Stay flexible if you can during this week. The Last Quarter Moon in fixed earth sign Taurus likes the status quo and fears change so it’s hard to break free of restrictions; however, Uranus always seeks to cause the friction needed to move energy forward. This week is good for evaluation, summing things up and waiting on the will of heaven for further plans to be revealed to you. The Lunar eclipse may have brought up issues to evaluate before all the information is in while we are in Mercury retrograde.

2nd week, Aug-6th-12th, Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus, Venus shifts into Libra bringing in more rational balanced energy good for relationships and negotiations. This is possibly a hot week as the Solar Eclipse heats up the New Moon in Leo on Aug. 11th. The solar eclipse can be a point of waking up as an awareness dawns on you, perhaps a new beginning, creative in nature, and a spark of new interests and enthusiasm. Mars planet of energy, actions, war, and strategies goes into the ambitious earth sign Capricorn calling for efficiency, focus and completion. Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn can use this energy best to move forward with your work.

3rd week, Aug.-13-19, The First Quarter Moon in the intense secretive water sign Scorpio lends the persistence to moving forward on plans and projects.  If you have been waiting for Mercury to go direct motion before making a major decision, it does on the Aug. 19 in the fire sign Leo. This week’s energy can be odd with unexpected twists and turns as Mercury slows down to station direct give things about another week for the natural flow to be established. This is a good time to take stock of what you learned in the last 4 weeks of this retrograde cycle as Mercury rules over thoughts, ideas, and communications.

4th week, Aug.-20-26 the major shift this week is the Sun moves into Virgo Aug. 22nd, ushering the last few weeks of summer as we get ready for the harvest in the fall.  Sun in Virgo stirs up the energy for practical, organized, detailed action. The Full Moon in Pisces makes for a dreamy weekend let your imagination find a focus, it’s a good time to envision a better future, meditate and relax. Full moon phase is good to evaluate, balance the polarity presently between Virgo details of service, and Pisces -the faith in service.

5th week, Aug. 27-31, Mars has been retrograde perhaps building up reserves of energy which can now be realized as Mars moves direct Aug. 27th in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn where Mars is at its best executive level of energy. This could be the week to get things done and finish up projects you had going on all summer.

Astrology is a way to look at energy and cycles as we move through the celestial zodiac. We always have a choice on how to perceive and utilize the energy.

Peace and Blessings