In the Stars for July


In the Stars for July

It’s that time again in the year when we celebrate our country’s birth date on July 4th with the transiting Sun in Cancer. This year Saturn opposes Cancer and will bring up all kinds of tasks, limitations, obstacles and Karmic responsibilities to the surface some of what is happening may be difficult for most of us to digest and to ascertain as to whether our leaders are doing what is right for the collective since security minded Cancer is ruled by the fluctuations of the Moon who has rulership of this sign.

Cancer is a water sign meaning its mode of action is like the flow of water through the agency of one’s intuition. Cancer Sun signs are concerned with home, security, and protection of one’s own resources.  Cancer Sun signs tend to pursue their goals in definite ways yet appearing to be secretive or unconscious. Like their symbol the crab, they can appear hard on the surface and soft and vulnerable on the inside and at times overly sensitive and easily hurt. They may be evasive withdrawing inside their shells and it, therefore, takes time and effort to get to know them well. Cancer is ruled by the Moon giving this sign its flowing emotional nature and perhaps an abundant fertile imagination.  They tend to be affectionate and caring for others comes naturally to them. Family and friends are important to them. This year the outer planets Saturn and Pluto are making hard aspects to their Sun signs meaning they need to flow with the processes of transforming that which they feel is limiting their self-expression. Happy Birthday, Cancer, things will improve soon as the limitations and obstacles clear up.

Planetary Aspects for July

1rst week July 1-8th, Mercury and Venus are traveling through Leo, makes for more fun and plan, creativity in relationships, then Mercury in Leo will oppose retrograde Mars in Aquarius this can feel like tension between the individuals where there can be aggressiveness around communications like the individual vs the collective what is good for the one is part of the many. Later on the 6th, we will have the Last Quarter Moon in the fire sign Aries which allows us the clarity to decide which passions we will like to pursue and which we want to shelf for another time.

2nd week July 9-15th, Venus goes into analytical Virgo bringing in the forces of details, perfection-seeking and critical attitudes with values and relationships, Jupiter in transformative Scorpio goes direct motion this transit will start things moving forward as we are seeking change, transformation and expansion. A partial Solar Eclipse/ New Moon occurs July 12 in the water sign Cancer at 20 degrees this will be a significant aspect for all the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. You may feel a big push forward, an awakening and a new sense of self. Direct your energy towards new beginnings.

3rd week, July 16th– 22, First Quarter Moon occurs in the harmony seeking air sign Libra, relationships and negotiations are highlighted this mid-week could be a time for decisions towards harmony and peace. The Sun shifts into the fire sign Leo on Sunday bringing in the energies for enthusiasm, passion, and leadership. We reach the mid-summer, a time to rest and relax in the sunshine. The Sun in Leo opposes Mars pushing energy forward but with some delays or tensions.

4th week, July 23-29, we have the greater shifts this week the Sun in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus this can be challenging time some folks may experience bursts of unregulated energy, anger or rebelliousness, as the disruptive forces of Uranus can difficult to handle without the agency of caution. What appears to be stable may not be what endures. Mercury the planet that rules communications and the way things fit together goes into its retrograde phase. This time in the fire sign Leo, we can use this time to allow for creative flashes of inspiration, opinions may reflect one’s own bias, and there are always delays, things break down if they are likely to do so as computers slow down. Pace yourself if you are travelling or schedules may change with little notice. Mercury will go direct Aug. 19th and life will flow smoothly once again. This is a good time to learn about your own mental creativity, and passions. Always consider other’s point of view or “walk a mile in my shoe” as the song goes. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs Friday, July 27th in the fixed air sign Aquarius; this high energy could be good for social events, gatherings and parties that gather around humanitarian concerns and goals on this weekend. Sun in Leo opposes Mars in Aquarius can cause some fixed energy so manage your energy with caution. That is the planetary energy for this month which could feel like delays and tensions in terms of getting things done or finishing up projects. Summertime can be a time of evaluation of one’s work and direction in life, things will smooth out later in August.

Astrology teaches us how to handle the energies that are flowing as we get to choose how to handle them.

Peace and Blessings