Sun in Cancer Summer Solstice


Summer is here today as the Sun enters the emotional water sign Cancer.  We will have the longest day of the year traditionally we honour this day with summer lights festivals at sacred sites like Stonehenge. The Sun’s transit through the water sign Cancer helps us to tune into our intuitive emotional nature. We shift our conscious energy towards the concern with our home security, family, and community. Cancer likes to prepare for shifts and changes and sees its goals come to fruition in unconscious ways. Perhaps appearing to be evasive, they go about their tasks utilizing their powerful intuition and take cautionary measures. These are caring, supportive friends and partners that will be loyal and reliable in upholding the benefits for all. Happy Birthday, Cancer!  You are the caretakers of the planet. Trust your intuition as your sun sign is ruled by the Moon, you can see the light more clearing this year as a better structure is being revealed to you.