In the Stars for July



bjasmine-cm-cancerIn the Stars for July
The hot summer season persists with lots of restless emotional energy with the transiting Sun moving through Cancer. Happy Birthday USA 241 years old! And still a young nation with lots of young souls to work out the American dream. The U.S.A. chart shows  major changes coming for the U.S.A. perhaps disruptions in our identity how the world sees us and we present a very erratic façade to our world partners as Uranus in Aries transits the first house of the solar return. The Sun Mars and Mercury all in the cancer in the fourth house does mean that we want to put our energies in our own back yard and develop new systems for creative investments in the future. Expect more of the same chaos, changes, deception and confusion making coming from our leaders until September 1, perhaps we can start to come to our senses as Saturn starts to transit the first house of the USA natal chart and the process of rebuilding comes into play for a good 2 year cycle. We had the Summer Solstice and now each day will be a little shorter as we move through the half way mark of the celestial zodiac. Cancer is a cardinal water sign meaning it is action oriented; though it is very inward focused, deep and protective of its intuitive awareness and secrets.  You may be experiencing a more intuitive time as you may find your-self being more inward focused and sensitive to others energy.
You may notice that Cancer water sign natives those born between June 21 and July 22nd are:  caring, loving, protective and somewhat secretive in their personality.  They crave security for themselves, family and loved ones some for their country as Cancer rules over patriots. They may pursue their goals however unconsciously through the feeling nature. Some Cancer natives will be quiet, touchy or evasive because they fear being hurt or hurting others so they remain quiet about things or side step the issue. They are ruled by the Moon giving this sign its flowing, emotional nature and its abundant fertility of imagination. They must overcome over emotionalism, fear of security and lack of confidence. They are warm and affectionate and may be at time self-sacrificing. They love food, music and growing things. Cancer has rules over the stomach and digestive system. This is why our emotions can affect our digestion.  Happy Birthday Cancer! You are all changing and growing perhaps with dramatic events which will help you  face up to  the inner transformation which continues to help you change and let go this year as Uranus squares and Pluto opposes your Sun.  Other Sun signs affected are Aries, Libra and Capricorn to let go of the illusion of control. It’s always best to flow like water.

The Planetary Cycles for July
The first week of July promises intensity and opportunity as Mercury moving through Cancer conjuncts the Sun and Mars all in Cancer forming a cardinal Grand -Square to Jupiter planet of growth through negotiations in Libra and Uranus in Aries which inspires the new, bold, and erratic changes and opposing transformative death and re-cycle orientated Pluto; this is a recipe for strong tensions in the air which can come out of the blue this early week of July. Some may experience this as a time of frustration around change and growth of plans and projects. Cancer can be restless and this is a take charge aspect like heroism, valor and aggression to disrupt, belligerence over exertion in order to expand personal interests.  At best this time is good for the collective to realize that out of chaos comes new ideas, growth and a direction forward is divined full of opportunities.  The cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are mostly affected by this transit.

Mercury goes into the fire sign Leo July 5th and this helps us gain more energy to step up and form better connections but not a great placement for Mercury. However, it does help to channel our energy towards the more creative and dramatic. The downside is it can foster more arrogance then we need these days.  At least it’s not moving retrograde until Aug. 13th.

Venus moves into Gemini July 5th which will pick up the social vibes for the holiday week. Venus fosters communications, learning and networking through relations this month.  Later in the month Mars moves into Leo where it functions better around leadership and strength while Saturn in Sagittarius retrograde continues to bring us a review of our philosophical, ethical, moralistic codes of law. Neptune continues in its own sign Pisces influencing our imagination to grow and stretch in search for the more mystical and spiritual meaning in life or fall prey into the abyss of deceptions, delusions and illusions  coming from the astral plane due to Jupiter /Neptune in-conjunction for most of the next two months.  Neptune teaches us that through suffering we grow spiritually the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are mostly affected by this transit.

The Lunar Cycle for July
The first Quarter Moon in Libra wants to establish good relations and harmony. The month starts off with the weekend in Libra great for socializing. The first quarter moon is when we get to decide and evaluate what things we want to keep or let go off.  This is the growing phase of this lunar cycle.

The Full Moon in the cardinal ambitious earth sign Capricorn brings the energy to the height of its growth for this cycle. This is a good time to enjoy the fruit of your labors and in this summer season to feel the power of your vitality and body. Re-align your energies and to balance your chakras for the completion is on its way within two weeks. We have just completed 6 months around the zodiac, as we enter into the second half of Sun’s movement towards the southern hemisphere of the zodiac belt.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs July 16th, in the fire sign Aries makes strong contacts with Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, the Sun and Mars and conjoins Uranus- that’s six planets! An action packed week ahead for this the ending of the lunar cycle. You may want to assess all your decisions over this week use caution since this energy can be reckless and impulsive.


Sun enters Leo July 22nd the energy shifts the more enthusiastic and positive influences, a time to be active and forward striving. The Sun in Leo is at its most strongest of all the signs.
The New Moon occurs July 23rd in the fire sign Leo. The Sun now moving through Leo helps us to start a new lunar phase with plans and projects towards the more enthusiastic, affirmative avenues in life. Enjoy your time while both Sun and Moon in Leo for the vitality it can bring. New lunar cycles are the time in the lunar phase to start new projects and plans as it can give clarity about the key influences coming up in the month.

Astrology is the study of the celestial bodies around the 12 month zodiac. It’s a mystical and scientific system of perception of the cycles around the map of the heavens.
Peace and Blessings